Amazon Keeps Delaying Orders? 5 Known Issues (Solved)

Using a delivery service like Amazon should come along with the confidence that your delivery will be made within a reasonable timeframe.

While Amazon does its best to keep orders on time and keep you informed on delivery status, things can still go wrong.

So, why does Amazon keep delaying orders and making you wait for your purchase?

Here are some of the most common issues other Amazon members face when it comes to Amazon delaying important orders:

Shopping During Peak Season

Along with processing orders, Amazon relies on workers to package, ship, and even deliver orders.

In the past 5 years, Amazon has been making the delivery process much faster by using their own delivery service as opposed to using USPS.

However, this means that to deliver Amazon orders without any delay, Amazon has to have enough employees to cover. This is especially true during higher-volume seasons.

So, in short, you may be experiencing constant delays with your Amazon order if Amazon is having difficulty finding enough employees to cover a larger volume of orders.

Item Is Currently Out of Stock

One reason why your amazon shipment may be delayed is that the item you ordered from a third-party seller is out of stock.

While Amazon does its best to facilitate these orders, Amazon is not actually in charge of the stock.

Luckily, sellers on Amazon tend to have pretty good communication with buyers and will let you know when the item will become available for shipping.

However, there are some cases where the item won’t be re-stocked; in this case, Amazon will issue a refund.

Amazon uses a combination of its warehouses and third-party sellers to fill and ship orders. Most of the time, Amazon does cover the shipping and delivery, but they don’t have control over everything.

If you are ordering through Amazon via a third-party seller, shipping times may not always be accurate. This is why instead of a specific date, Amazon will instead give you a small window of when you should expect to receive the package.

Bad Road Conditions

Depending on the area, intense weather storms will force towns to close roads to keep people off them. So, while Amazon does its best to ensure timely delivery, there is only so much you can do when you are up against snow and rain.

One certain thing is that this is always just temporary. The weather is sure to change. So, you can only reasonably expect a delay for a day or two.

Most of the time, when there is a weather delay with deliveries, Amazon will offer some sort of “kick-back,” like a $5 delivery credit, to show appreciation for your patience.

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Delivery Information is Not Correct

These days, Amazon uses special barcodes that, when scanned, contain all of the data regarding where the package is going as well as where it has come from.

One of the reasons you may be seeing a delay in your amazon order is that the information you entered was incorrect.

When you often order from Amazon, your shipping and billing information will be automatically saved. You can even flag certain addresses to make them your preferred delivery address.

However, many people forget to update this when they move.

So, if you haven’t updated your current address, Amazon will still attempt to deliver to your old address, which means that your package may bounce around for a little while before landing on your doorstep.

Your Order May be Low On the Priority List

While most days, Amazon will ship and deliver orders like it is no big deal, sometimes things take a much larger priority which can mean your order will be delayed.

In cases with an extreme event, Amazon will put non-prioritized orders on the back burner while they rush to fill more immediate needs.

For example, in 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak, Amazon had to label things as “low” or “high” priority based on community needs.

This means that personal protection equipment, or PPE, was considered the first priority. This included masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizer.

This meant that all other personal orders of non-emergent items had to be delayed while Amazon worked to fill orders related to the pandemic.

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General Pros and Cons of Amazon Delivery

While delays happen and can be frustrating, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to Amazon delivery.

The biggest perk of using Amazon delivery is that you can often get your orders within 24 hours with Prime shipping. This has changed the way that we get the things we need without even having to leave our homes.

Along with fast delivery times, Amazon has also allowed us access to things we wouldn’t normally find in our communities.

This is because Amazon works with sellers worldwide to offer products for sale. This not only allows you to try out new things, but it also keeps you from having to pay absurd shipping costs.

Lastly, Amazon delivery has made it easier to track deliveries so that you don’t have to guess when your package will be arriving.

Amazon’s tracking systems are one of the best for all delivery services.

Once your delivery is within range, you can also see a live-updated map of where your delivery driver is and how many stops they have until they reach your door.


  • Severe weather storms can slow or even delay Amazon shipments.
  • Low-priority orders may be put on the back burner during events like a pandemic.
  • Incorrect shipping information can force your delivery to be circled around before it can be delivered.
  • During peak seasons, a shortage of Amazon delivery drivers can lead to a delay.
  • Amazon won’t always let you know when an item you ordered is out of stock which can delay your order.

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Final Thoughts

Even mega-companies high-tech companies like amazon have their fair share of problems.

While Amazon deliveries aren’t perfect, they try their best to ensure prompt delivery. However, sometimes things are just out of their hands.

If the delay is cramping your style, don’t hesitate to contact Amazon’s customer service.

Most of the time, Amazon will do what it can to correct delivery delays by either offering credits or a replacement shipment.


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