Do Electric Kettles Save Energy? (Here Are The Facts)

Investing in energy-efficient appliances for your home is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and your home’s energy bill.

Is it worth the cost, and will it save energy? In the case of using an energy-efficient electric kettle in your kitchen, this is what we have learned.

Here’s How Much Energy an Electric Kettles Use:

An electric kettle uses quite a bit of energy. Each time only uses about 1.5 kWh of power for up to an hour. The main way an electric kettle uses energy is when it comes to heating the water inside the drum. Each use equals less than $0.20 on your monthly energy bill.

Do Electric Kettles Use a lot of Electricity?

All appliances come with an energy-efficient score that gives you an idea about how much energy it uses. An electric kettle has an energy rating of 80%.

This means that while the electric kettle uses a lot of energy, it is only in short spans, so it won’t make too much of a difference to your overall energy usage.

This is because, to boil the water, the heating component located at the base of the kettle needs to get hot enough to get the water to boil. This uses as much energy as it takes to make a refrigerated run.

Most electric kettles will get water to a boil in roughly 4 minutes. Using your electric kettle will cost you about 20 cents per hour in your electricity bill.

So, if you only use your electric kettle a couple of times a day, it will only cost a few cents.

Is it Cheaper to Use a Microwave or Electric Kettle?

If you are trying to cut down on energy usage and save money, using an electric kettle is best.

An average home spends about $14 a year on electricity to run a microwave. You only spend a fraction of a penny with an electric kettle when you heat a cup of water.

A microwave uses much more energy than an electric kettle, and heating water in a microwave will take a little longer than it would if you were using an electric kettle. So, while putting a cup of water in the microwave may be easier, you will be paying for it.

A microwave, on average, uses about 1200 watts an hour, whereas an electric kettle uses less than 2.0 watts per hour.

So, even if you use your electric kettle for a full hour, the energy usage will still be far less than a microwave.

Is it Cheaper to Use a Stovetop or Electric Kettle?

Another option for boiling water is to use a stovetop kettle. A stovetop kettle does not need any extra plugs or cords because you use the heat from your stove to heat the inner components of the kettle, which causes the water to boil.

However, while an electric kettle has an energy score of 80%, a stovetop kettle has a lower energy score of only 70%. What does this mean for you and your electricity bill?

The main reason why a stovetop kettle has a lower energy score is that it takes far longer to boil water. On average, the water will get up to full temperature in about 10 minutes with a stovetop kettle method.

Another thing to note is that an electric kettle and a stovetop use about the same energy per hour. This means it all comes down to which method works faster.

So, while you may already use your stove every day, using an electric kettle specifically to boil water will save you time and money on your energy bill.

Which Electric Kettles Are Most Energy Efficient?

We learned that while there are plenty of ways to boil a great cup of water, the best way is to use an electric kettle. It is cheaper and more energy efficient, but most importantly, it is faster.

So, which electric kettle should you invest in? Here are some of our picks for the best electric kettles that are the most energy efficient:

Hamilton Beach 1.7 Liter Variable Temperature Electric Kettle (Budget Pick!)

The Hamilton Beach Variable Temperature Electric Kettle is a great option for anyone looking for a more energy-efficient electric kettle.

The biggest perk of this electric kettle is that it is ultra-fast when heating water. As mentioned, the faster the heating, the more money you save.

This Hamilton Beach kettle claims to heat a full liter of water in less than 5 minutes, making it fast and very energy friendly.

This kettle also has a lot of extra perks, which help to make your experience better. Six different temperature settings and special LED lights indicate when the water is heating.

Check Out The Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle Here!

But, perhaps the best setting that helps make this kettle energy-efficient is the “Keep Warm” option.

This will help to keep the water at a temperature so that you won’t have to reheat the water every time you want to make a new cup of tea which helps to reduce the amount of energy used.

Mueller Ultra Kettle Electric Kettle with SpeedBoil

When discussing the best electric kettle to save energy, finding one that heats the water fast is imperative because that’s how you save energy. The Mueller Ultra Kettle Electric Kettle is one of the fastest on the market.

This electric kettle promises to heat water faster than any other and will boil in less than 3 minutes. This means that you will not only save time boiling the perfect cup, but you will also be saving a great deal of energy.

Check Out The Mueller Ultra Electric Kettle Here!

Another great feature that helps to make this kettle energy efficient is that it has an auto shut-off switch.

This means that if you leave your kettle on for longer than a specific time, it will automatically shut off and start to cool the water.

This is important because the longer you forget your electric kettle is on, the more money you are burning through. 

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