Do Guys Enjoy Long Baths And/Or Showers? (Explained)

After a long stressful day, there is nothing better than kicking back and taking a soak in the tub. 

Whether you like to take a long soak with bath salts or prefer a little more fun with bubbles or a bath bomb, bath time is a great way to relax your mind and body.

Here’s Why Men Enjoy Long Baths:

Both men and women enjoy relaxing ways to clean up while unwinding after a hard day. Baths are considered stress-relievers and necessary for self-care and relaxation. There are many positive medical effects from taking a bath, such as muscle pain relief, skincare, and mental health relief.

Do Men Enjoy Long Baths?

When asked about their bathing habits, most men tend to shy away from the question, not wanting to divulge too much.

Many men do enjoy long baths. Some men like to shower quickly, but there is something precious about taking that extra time to focus on a little self-care. So, why should we be surprised that men can enjoy a long bath now and then?

Why Don’t Men Admit to Liking Baths?

Men shy away from liking baths because of how they think they are perceived.

Historically, men are seen as the “stronger” ones. So, picturing them kicking back in a bubble bath wearing a moisturizing sheet mask is considered “abnormal.” 

In reality, there is nothing wrong with men wanting to care for themselves and their well-being in the same way that many girls do.

So, why do some men like to take long baths? The answer is simple – because long baths are lovely!

Long and stressful days can do a number on your mental health. However, they also take quite a toll on your body. They can leave you with sore muscles and an overwhelming feeling of tightness.

Nothing can untangle those knots in your back better than a long soak in some hot water.

As you know, men also have muscles and stressful jobs. So, it shouldn’t be such a taboo thought to have a man loosen up his body knots in a tub. However, when asked, studies show that women are far more likely to take longer baths than men when it comes to the length of a bath.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Bath?

Taking a bath does much more for you than taking a shower. The number one health benefit of taking a bath is a natural stress reliever.

Men, like women, carry stress within their bodies. Even if their stress isn’t related to the physical, taking a bath helps soothe the body and mind.

Another major health benefit of taking a bath for a man is that they help break down hard minerals in the body like the ones that form kidney stones. Kidney stones are one of the most painful things anyone can go through.

However, they are the equivalent of a woman giving birth to men. So, if taking a long soak in a hot bath helps prevent kidney stones and help with passing one, most men would hop in that tub real quick.

Why Do Some Men Prefer Showers Over Baths?

While plenty of men loves to soak in a hot bubble bath, most men still prefer to take a shower.

Why would they choose to shower when baths are proven to have so many health benefits?

Using Less Resources:

The number one reason most men still prefer showers is that they are quick. 

Men are always looking for new ways to get things done quickly, no matter how efficient they are. 

From brushing their teeth in the shower to shaving in the car, if there is a quicker way to do something, surely a man will find it!

Another reason showers are preferable for men is that they save water and money. Almost everyone has those prime memories from their childhood of their father turning off all the lights and telling them to reserve water. It is like men are born with the natural urge to reduce water and electricity waste.

So, are we surprised that this urge will continue into their adult lives?

The “Ick Factor”

There is another big reason why some men avoid a bath at all costs. This has little to do with resources and more to do with the “ick factor.” 

Many men think that the longer you soak in a tub, the more you are just sitting with your dirt.

While they have a point, taking a bath is completely safe and clean!

Do Guys Like Bubble Baths?

There is nothing better than a steaming hot bubble bath surrounded by candles.

Bath experiences like bath bombs and Epsom salts are becoming more and more popular among the male community. Before we know it, men will finally give in to all the amazing self-care routines that women hold so dearly.

When asked, most men play it off as a joke but deep down, no one can resist the alluring pull of a rose-scented bath. Even medical professionals say that men should take more bubble baths.

Bubbles not only are fun to play with, but they also offer much more depending on the type you get! Oil scented bubbles like lavender or rose offer more than a squeaky clean.

They help to soothe the mind and body with gentle essential oils that directly link to the stress sensors in your brain. 

Avoid baths with sulfates and dyes. Stick with more natural scents because those artificial ones will strip your skin of essential oils and natural moisture.

Are Baths Generally Seen As Feminine?

Baths have always been seen as a woman’s luxury. 

When you look at any portrayal of a bath in movies or TV shows, you see the same thing. A woman with her hair wrapped, wearing a face mask, and gloriously relaxing in a tub filled to the brain with bubbles and flowers.

Perhaps the way baths have been portrayed has added to this misconception that baths are exclusively feminine. When we focus too much on gender roles, we exclude people from enjoying the little things in life.

So, how can you help to make your bath feel more like you if you’re a guy?

How to Feel Cleaner & Relax:

Take a short shower first. Cleaning off before jumping in a bath will help get rid of that “ick feeling” that guys get when soaking in a bath. 

Next, create the bath the experience that you enjoy the most. Whether you want to loosen up sore muscles or are looking for a way to put your mind at ease, there are hundreds of varieties to give you the best experience.

Customize your bath with bubbles, bath bombs, or even essential oils. There are plenty of ways to do this without using traditional “feminine” products. Many men-driven companies are expanding their product lines to include a relaxing bath experience for men. 

This is done by using more masculine scents like cedarwood. While there is no shame in taking a “feminine-style” bath, using strong scents and oils is a great way to make the bath feel like it was made for just you!

What Is The Normal Length Of A Bath For A Man?

On average, a man will sit in a bath for around 9-12 minutes. For a woman, it is much longer.

A woman will sit in a bath for an average of 30 minutes. This also means that they will be re-filling the hot bath water more often than men, which is to be expected since men avoid baths because they want to save time and water.

However, showers tell a much different story. Men, on average, take a shower for 5-7 minutes while women are at the 9-12 minute mark.

Western women have much more to do in the shower. Women take this time to focus on self-care and don’t skip the luxury. From shaving to doing a hair mask, women like to take the time to make sure all their needs are met.

At the same time, men want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Perhaps this is also why it takes women far longer to get ready in the morning.

While this has always been the norm for men and women, trends show that this is starting to change slowly, and it isn’t only bathtime that is taking a turn. Men are embracing the self-care trend without any shame – as they should!

For example, visiting the barber used to be a quick trip, but now men spend almost the same amount of time there as women. From getting hot towel facials to soft scalp massages, men are starting to enjoy the simpler things in life.

So, while the average bathtime for a man may seem short now, it is only a matter of time before they are turning them into a day-long event as women do!

Wrapping It Up!

There is so much controversy around why and when men take baths.

This is all due to how society views men in general compared to women. However, these gender roles tend to do more damage than good.

I like to believe that if something makes you feel good, you should do it as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. A bath certainly can’t hurt anything, except for maybe your water bill. After all, we are the masters of our destiny.

So, who can tell us how we should care for our well-being? 

Whether the guy is taking a shower or a bath, he is getting clean, and I call that a major win!

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