Do High-End Kettles Ever Go On Sale? (5 Brands Checked)

Many high-end electric kettle brands can do much more than boil water if you can afford it. Some high-end brands can heat water to a certain temperature best suited to drinks like black tea, green tea, or oolong tea.

High-end kettles start from $70 and go up to as much as $200, depending on the brand and the features.

So do these high-end kettles ever go on sale? Let’s check out some brands.

1. Do Smeg Kettles Go On Sale?

Smeg is an Italian luxury brand of kitchen appliances. It is famous for making retro-inspired appliances with a hefty price tag.

As a renowned high-end brand, Smeg does not go on sale very often for its electric kettles and other kitchen appliances.

Smeg electric kettles come in a stainless steel body with a large. Each kettle can hold up to 1.7 liters of liquid.

It also has a cordless base, which is very functional and practical to reposition easily. These kettles are also known to be reliable.

These kettles come in various colors, embossed on their body. Smeg electric kettles retail for $240.

2. Do KitchenAid Kettles Go On Sale?

Known for its mixers that revolutionized prepping in the kitchen, KitchenAid also offers an array of electric kettles. They may look like your grandma’s kettles because of the vintage look, but these kettles are electric!

KitchenAid kettles do go on sale. You may score some amazing deals on electric kettles by browsing online or going to outlet stores. 

KitchenAid kettles start at $75. These kettles, as well as other kitchen appliances, can also go on sale during Black Friday.

KitchenAid has a few models of electric kettles available, each with a different capacity. The smallest one can hold up to 1 liter of water, while the largest can hold up to 1.5 liters.

These kettles feature an all-metal stainless steel interior that helps maintain the water quality so that every cup of coffee or tea tastes good. They also have temperature control, which is perfect for when you are making other drinks like black or green tea.

3. Do Fellow Stagg Kettles Go On Sale?

Fellow is a brand that originated in San Fransisco. It started on Kickstarter in 2013 out of the founders’ love for coffee and an obsession with product design.

Fellow is famous for their Stagg electric kettles, which come with a goose-neck silhouette.

These kettles have a sleek, minimalist look and come in black and white. They cost around $160.

As a start-up brand, Fellow kettles are being sold on different e-commerce websites, and they do go on sale occasionally.

The best way to score a deal on these kettles is by following these e-commerce websites on social media and signing up for their newsletters. You can get notifications if an ongoing sale includes this brand.

4. Do OXO Kettles Go On sale?

OXO is an American company that manufactures kitchen appliances, including electric kettles. This brand offers different appliances for making drinks like coffee and tea.

One of its most popular products is the Cordless Glass Electric Kettle which retails for $83.99 on the company’s website. Another popular product is the Adjustable Temperature Kettle which costs $104.99.

These electric kettles can easily go on any countertop because of their minimalist look. With bodies made of glass and black accents, these kettles are suitable for any kitchen theme.

Apart from being aesthetic, the glass body is functional as it lets you see how much water is inside the kettle. OXO kettles go on sale as it participates in the annual Black Friday sale.

You can also find some OXO kettles on sale when shopping online at e-commerce platforms and department stores such as Macy’s and Kohls.

5. Do Dualit kettles go on sale?

Dualit is a British company that manufactures small kitchen appliances. It specializes in appliances for making coffee and tea.

Dualit has different models of electric kettles available. These kettles are known for their sleek and simplistic design. The Domus Kettle and the Architect Kettle come in minimalist colors such as white, black, and silver.

Meanwhile, the Classic Kettle, famous for its vintage look and design, is available in many colors.

These kettles come in a stainless steel body with a big capacity. Some models have BPA-free windows so you can see how much water is contained inside the kettle.

Dualit kettles do go on sale sometimes. If you are subscribed to their newsletter, you will know when great deals are ongoing for the electric kettles.

You can also find these kettles on sale at some outlet stores.

What Are The Best Places To Get Good Deals On Kettles?

Everyone loves a good deal, but why not? It is always good to buy a good product for less than its retail price.

So where can you get good deals on kettles? Here are some places that we checked:

E-Commerce Websites

There are so many e-commerce websites nowadays, so you are sure to see an electric kettle being sold on these sites.

Some websites even have different brands available. One example of this is Amazon.

Amazon carries different electric kettle brands, from the most basic to the high-end ones. Sometimes, when you buy on Amazon, you can get these kettles for less than their retail price.

You can get a great deal on electric kettles if you’re lucky. Sometimes, the discount is small – but a discount is still a discount.

Department Stores and Retail Stores

Another place where you can potentially get good deals on electric kettles is a department store or retail store—stores like Macy’s, Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s sell electric kettles from different brands.

All department and retail stores go on sale a few times a year. When there is a sale, that is always the best day to go to these stores and check out what you can get for less than the usual price.

Whenever these stores participate in holiday sales, you will surely see some electric kettles being sold for less, and that will be your cue to purchase one.

Outlet Stores

Outlet stores are stores where manufacturers sell their products directly to the public for a lower price. This is probably the best place that’s not online to get really good deals on different things, including electric kettles.

Some brands have outlet stores in different locations, and you will surely find significantly cheaper products than the retail price. The best part is that they are brand new.

More often than not, you may have to deal with a few imperfections on the product, perhaps a minor scratch here or a small dent there. That would not affect its functionality.

So outlet stores are the way to go if you want a perfectly working electric kettle from a high-end brand without spending too much.

Are High-End Electric Kettles Worth The Extra Money?

When you can get a fully functioning electric kettle for less than $30, you may wonder if spending extra money for a high-end one could be worth it.

High-end electric kettles could be worth the money if they offer special features and functionalities you would not find on simple electric kettles.

For example, if the kettle offers different heating options based on your drink, it is worth it. It is worth it if the kettle has a setting for teas or other drinks.

After all, some drinks do taste better when served properly at the right temperature.

If the kettle is known to be extremely durable and can last for a long time, then it can also be worth it. A good-quality electric kettle can last for 4 to 5 years, while cheaper models can last for 2 to 3 years.

So if you can afford to splurge on a high-end electric kettle, then go for it as it lasts long and perfectly suits your needs.


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