Does Nail Polish Attract Men? (Checked)

Many women wear nail polish because they like the color of it. Some women see nail polish as a way of showing off their creativity and personality.

Some women wear nail polish that complements their outfits, and some wear nail polish just because they want their nails to look goSome women wearwear nail polish to attract men.

In general, nail polish attracts men because it makes women appear traditionally feminine. Well-manicured nails with polish give off a soft and feminine vibe that generally attracts men.

Here is What Men Generally think of Nail Polish:

Men do notice nails, and they generally like to see nails that are clean and well taken care of. If you have a nice manicure, they may notice it. Most men consider nail polish as something very feminine and attractive, but different colors of nail polish can be seen as more or less desirable.

Do Men Like Nail Polish on Women?

Men have different opinions on things, especially regarding how a woman looks. They have different preferences about height, hair, body type, style, etc.

Men can also have different preferences concerning a woman’s nails.

Men generally like nail polish on women, as long as it looks good and is not “over the top.”

Some men find that nail polish can make a woman more attractive because they see it as something that adds softness and femininity. Some men like nail polish on women as long as the colors are subtle and not too overwhelming.

Some men like different designs or nail art because it shows a woman’s personality, style, and creativity. Meanwhile, some men think nail art is weird.

Men’s preferences on the color of nail polish can vary. Some men do not care if a woman wears nail polish or not.

Do Men Like Certain Colors of Nail Polish?

While men have varying preferences on what color of nail polish they like best on women, certain colors are generally attractive to men.

Men’s taste in women’s nail polish and fashion is, honestly, pretty bland most of the time. For example, most men don’t like black nail polish or other darker colors because they are seen as “off-putting.”

Men also do not like neon-colored nail polish because they think it can look childish or wild. Many get overwhelmed by nails with bold and colorful designs or manicures with jewels, stickers, or glitter.

Listed below are the colors of nail polish that men generally like. You can never go wrong with any of these colors:


Just like the little black dress, red nail polish is a classic. This color of nail polish can look good with almost any outfit.

Although red is considered risqué, especially if you are a bit conservative, it is regarded as one of the most attractive colors and can catch a man’s eye. Red can make you stand out from the crowd.

Baby Pink

Nothing says “girly girl” like baby pink nail polish. This color is very dainty and simple, giving a feminine vibe to well-manicured nails.

If you are more conservative, this is a color you can pull off and is universally liked by men. This nail polish color can go well with any outfit and can be worn on any occasion.


While coral is a trendy color for spring and summer, it is also a color of nail polish that women can wear all year round.

Men like this color because it looks good on any skin tone, from the palest to the darker ones. It can be a bit bright but does not look over the top.

It is a color of nail polish that is both fun and feminine.


Lavender is another color that exudes femininity; you can never go wrong with it.

It is a pretty color that looks dainty. Nail polish in lavender can instantly add a pop of color to your nails without overwhelming them.

Light Blue

While blue is generally seen as a masculine color, light blue nail polish is unique and eye-catching for men.

It stands out because it is not a color many girls would generally prefer. This color looks cool, but since it is light, it still has some softness to it.

Emerald Green

If a woman can pull this color off, it will look fun and sexy. Emerald green is a classy and elegant nail polish color that is great for any occasion.

It is eye-catching and stunning, yet it adds that much-needed pop of color that is sure to make any woman get noticed.


Nail polish in nude color is perfect for anything and everything.

Like a baby pink nail polish, a nude one gives off a feminine and dainty vibe. It makes your nails simple and natural while still adding elegance.

You can wear white nail polish for any occasion, making your nails look beautiful.


If red is too bold and overwhelming for you but wants a dark color, then go for a plum nail polish.

Plum is a rich and deep color like red, but it is not as risqué. This color has a bit of subtlety, but it still has some sexy vibe that is sure to catch any man’s eye.


Everyone loves the color white, even on nails. White is a classic color that goes very well with anything and everything.

White nail polish looks simple, clean, and sophisticated, and it can make your well-manicured nails stand out. Plus, it looks good on any skin tone.


When it comes to nails, men generally do not like black, but they do like gray. So if you want to wear a dark nail polish that looks attractive, go for gray.

Gray is a neutral color, which means that it matches pretty much anything. While some people think that gray is a boring color, it is not true regarding nail polish.

Gray nail polish looks sophisticated, and men love how simple and clean it looks.


While this is not a color, clear nail polish is universally liked by men.

It looks very clean and simple, but it gives a woman the impression that she takes care of herself without fussing over too many appearances. Men generally like women who look effortlessly good.

Is Wearing Nail Polish Considered More Fashionable?

Many women consistently have their nails manicured and painted with nail polish. Some prefer to wear nail polish occasionally. Some like to wear them just for fun.

Generally, nail polish is considered more fashionable if it looks good and is well-maintained. 

Nail polish looks good if applied properly, meaning it is smooth and has no streaks. Streaky nail polish looks messy.

Nail polish also looks good if it is well-maintained. If your nail polish is chipped or cracked, you will be better off without it. This is because chipped nail polish looks tacky and dirty.

So if you want to wear nail polish to look more fashionable, make sure that the application of it is flawless. You also have to take care of it so it does not get chipped or cracked.

Does Wearing Nail Polish Make You More Feminine?

Wearing nail polish is a fun way to decorate your nails and show off your personality and style. There is more to wearing nail polish than just that.

Depending on the color, wearing nail polish can make you look more feminine.

There is nothing quite like well-groomed and manicured nails. People generally find this attractive because a person’s hands and nails can tell you a lot about them.

Women with nails that are well-groomed and manicured are deemed more desirable because they give importance to self-care and good hygiene. Nail polish can make your hands and nails look pretty and feminine with the right colors.

Guys shouldn’t care much about these things, though. Just like guys shouldn’t care about big noses and other body part sizes.

Should Women Wear Nail Polish to Attract Men?

As mentioned earlier, men have different preferences regarding what makes a woman attractive. Some men may find wearing nail polish attractive, while some do not.

However, all men would agree that clean and well-groomed nails are attractive.

So if women want to attract men, they should not necessarily wear nail polis, but they should always have nails that are clean, manicured, and well-maintained.

When it comes to a woman’s hands and nails, the first thing men would notice is if they are clean. The nail polish only comes second.

This means that while nail polish can be important for some men, it does not mean that it is a priority for them. Cleanliness and good hygiene always come first.


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