Does Nail Polish Go Bad In Heat? (Checked)

Nail polish is one of those products that can go bad easily once its bottle is opened. It can also go bad when it is not stored properly. This is because nail polish reacts with temperature changes and if it interacts with oxygen.

A lot of things can cause your nail polish to go bad. One of them is heat.

Here is How Nail Polish Can go Bad in the Heat:

The heat can make your nail polish go bad by causing it to melt. When nail polish is exposed to high temperatures, it will melt and eventually expand. It can even explode while in the bottle. This is why you should always store nail polish in a cool place.

Do Bottles Of Nail Polish Go Bad In High Heat?

Once a bottle of nail polish has been opened, they are prone to getting clumpy. They can even become discolored. This is because the solvents in nail polish tend to evaporate when the product is exposed to oxygen.

Nail polish reacts when exposed to different temperatures and external factors. It can go bad for many different reasons.

In high heat, opened bottles of nail polish can go bad.

When a bottle of nail polish is exposed to high heat, it can melt, which can cause it to expand. The bottle may explode, and light exposure can affect the pigments and cause nail polish to become discolored.

Nail polish does not work well with heat. This is why you always store your nail polish in a cool place.

Store opened bottles of nail polish in a dark, cool room. You can store them in any room as long as they are inside a cabinet and kept at a cool room temperature. You can also store them in a small storage box or pouch before stowing them away.

Also, do not keep bottles of nail polish in the car, especially during the summer when it is warm, and the heat can get quite intense. When you are anticipating a shipment of nail polish to be delivered, track the order to prevent them from lying outside for too long.

Can Nail Polish Melt In High Heat?

Nail polish reacts one way in cold temperatures and reacts another way in hot temperatures. It also reacts differently with moisture and humidity.

Nail polish can melt in high heat. If the nail polish bottle gets too hot, the nail polish inside tends to melt.

High heat causes nail polish to melt as the vapor expands. And if it ends up expanding too much, it may even blow up the bottle or cause it to explode.

How Can You Tell if Nail Polish Has Gone Bad?

When nail polish has gone bad, you may not be able to use it anymore because it will be difficult to apply, and you would have no choice but to throw it out.

Some nail polishes you can still revive or restore when they have gone bad. If it has become clumpy, a nail polish thinner should work well to bring it back to its original consistency.

It is quite easy to tell if nail polish has gone bad. There are a couple of ways to tell.

Here are two ways to tell if nail polish has gone bad:

Check the appearance of the nail polish.

Most nail polishes come in a transparent bottle, so it is very easy to check their appearance without even opening the bottle. If the product has become thick and clumpy, then it means that it has gone bad.

If you open the bottle and lift the brush, you will see some nail polish sticking. You will also see that its consistency has turned thick, clumpy, and dry. If the nail polish has been exposed to high temperatures, its consistency is more watery.

When it has gone bad, it will be hard to apply as it does not go on smoothly as it used it.

Also, check the color of the nail polish. When nail polish has gone bad due to heat exposure, its pigments tend to separate from the mixture and become discolored.

If the color of your nail polish is different from when you first opened it, then it has gone bad.

Check the smell of the nail polish.

All nail polishes have pretty much the same smell.

This is because they are made of similar ingredients. So if you want to check if your nail polish has gone bad, then take a whiff.

Nail polish generally does not smell good – it smells of chemicals. If your nail polish has an unusual smell that is different from how it smelled when it was brand new, then it means that it has gone bad.

Does Nail Polish Go Bad After Sun Exposure?

Nail polishes are made of different substances that are not that stable, so they form a reaction when exposed to some elements.

When subject to sun exposure, nail polish can go bad.

Extreme heat from sun exposure can cause the solvents in nail polish to evaporate, making the product go bad and leaving it with a thick and clumpy consistency. And when this happens, the nail polish will be difficult to apply.

If you attempt to use it and apply it to your fingernails, it will not dry properly. The result will be a tacky manicure that smudges and gets nicked easily.

To prevent nail polish from being exposed to the sun, store it in a closed space that is not facing the sun. It should be kept at cool room temperature so its substances will not evaporate, causing it to go bad. In addition, always keep the bottle of nail polish tightly sealed.

At What Temperature Should You Store Your Nail Polish?

When storing nail polish, the rule is that you should keep it away from heat, light, and moisture. The best place to store it is in the bedroom or inside the closet.

The best temperature at which you should store your nail polish is 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

With these temperatures, you can ensure that the nail polish does not go bad and retains its good quality and consistency.

Here are more tips on how to properly store your nail polish:

  • Keep the bottle of nail polish tightly sealed. This prevents air, heat, and moisture from forming a reaction with the product inside.
  • Always store the bottle in an upright position. When not in use, the pigments may separate, and it would be easier to mix them if the bottle of nail polish has been stored upright.
  • Keep the bottle away from direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can melt the product inside and cause it to become discolored.
  • Do not store your nail polish in the bathroom. The temperature and humidity in the bathroom are very inconsistent, especially if you have hot and cold showers, which can make the nail polish go bad.
  • You can store your nail polish inside the fridge – this is not necessary, but it helps. The fridge is a good place to store your nail polish as it is cool and dark. Plus, the temperature inside is constant.

The key to storing nail polish is to keep it away from high temperatures and sun exposure. If you keep these things in mind when storing opened bottles of nail polish, you can ensure that the product will not go bad easily.


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