Do Prada Perfumes Last Long? (Checked & Explained)

One of the most expensive ways to treat yourself is to buy a new perfume.

When it comes to luxury perfume, Prada tops the list when it comes to popularity. With prices that run up into the hundreds per bottle, it is disappointing if the perfume doesn’t last all day.

So, how does Prada perfume perform regarding how long it will last?

Here’s How Long Prada Perfumes Lasts: 

Prada perfume will last on your skin for up to three hours, depending on how much you spray and how often you wash your hands. Prada perfume, in general, will last on your beauty shelf for up to 12 whole months before it will need to be replaced.

Is Prada Perfume Considered Potent?

Perfume is made up of a mixture of alcohol and certain scents depending on the theme of the perfume.

Most perfumes contain anywhere from 15% to 40% aroma versus alcohol. The higher the scent percentage, the more potent a perfume or cologne will be.

Most Prada perfumes contain around 25% fragrance per bottle, making it a mid-range perfume for potency.

Also, note that the average scent percentage in most perfumes is around 20%. This means that Prada is above average in how potent it is.

Prada has a wide range of perfumes and scents to choose from; each comes with a different potency.

The one Prada perfume that is considered the most potent is the best-selling Prada black Eau de Parfum which is said to last up to 6 hours.

However, most customers say that the perfume is the strongest for the first hour after applying and gets gradually weaker after that.

Other Prada perfumes, like Prada Candy, have a smaller lifespan as they will only last about 2 hours.

So, even though most Prada perfumes are above average with potency, they will only last for about as long as other perfumes, whether or not it is a luxury brands.

How Long Does Prada Perfume Store for?

On average, Prada perfumes have a shelf life of 12 months.

This means that 12 months after the purchase of the Prada perfume, you should stop using it. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the perfume has gone bad or is dangerous.

Basically, after a year, the perfume will not be as potent as it was when you first purchased it, which means it won’t last as long as it won’t smell as strong.

This is because oxygen will start to mix in with the alcohol and the aromatics once you open a bottle of perfume, making them weaker. 

Along with oxygen, bacteria will also start to be exposed in the bottle. While the alcohol helps to keep the perfume “clean,” over time, that alcohol will start to wear off.

If you like to collect bottles, you can keep them after the expiration date.  You can clean out the bottle and keep it for collecting reasons, but if you keep the perfume inside, make sure that you mark the bottom of the bottle with a little “X” so that you know that that particular perfume is long past its expiration date.

You can find expiration dates at the bottom of each bottle, where you will see a number in a small circle. This number will be the number of months that you should keep your perfume before you should throw it out or replace it.

How Can You Make the Prada Perfume Smell Last Longer?

Clean skin is fresh and new and will hold onto perfume scent for much longer. Skin that is dirty or has some film on it will not hold onto perfume fragrance for as long.

After your skin is clean, follow up with a moisturizer. If your skin is dry, it can start to flake. So, while it is flaking, it also removes the perfume you sprayed on the skin’s surface.

Make sure you use an unscented lotion on your skin after you shower. Scented lotions dry out your skin faster because of the alcohol content, and they will also clash with your perfume.

One of the main reasons why perfume can wear off so quickly is because the skin will eventually absorb the perfume. So, a great way to make it last longer is to create a barrier on your skin before putting on your perfume.

Use petroleum jelly or an unscented skin balm on the areas where you normally apply your perfume. Let it sit for a few minutes until the balm gets a little tacky, and then apply your perfume.

This barrier can help the scent to last up to 2 hours longer than it usually would.

The last tip to making your perfume last longer is all about where you apply it. Most people apply perfume to their necks and wrists.

However, your wrist isn’t the best place to spray your perfume. This is because every time you wash your hands, you also wash off your perfume.

The best place to put perfume is actually on the inside of your elbow.

Finally, instead of fanning the perfume once it is on the skin to get it to dry, let it air out naturally. This will help to really set that scent into the skin without the aromatics fanning away.

How Long Does Prada Perfume Smell Last on Your Skin?

On average, Prada perfume lasts on the skin for 3 hours. However, the claim is that Prada perfume will last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. 

So, why is the average only 3 hours if they claim that Prada perfume lasts up to 6 hours? This has a lot to do with how you apply and wear the perfume and how many sprays you do.

As mentioned, there are plenty of tips to make your Prada perfume smells great for much longer. So, if you want to make your Prada perfume work hard for its money, always make sure that you follow those tips.

However, have you ever noticed that spraying perfume on your clothes seems to last much longer?

Perfume sprayed directly onto clothing can linger in the fibers for up to a week if they haven’t been washed.

The best way to know if a certain Prada scent will last as long as you want is to get a sample before purchasing one of their full-sized expensive bottles.

This way, you can not only test out the scent to make sure it matches your preferences but also test to see how long it will last you throughout the day. If you end up buying full-sized bottles, you can keep the sample in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups. 

When Should You Replace Your Perfume?

It would be best if you always replaced your Prada perfume 12 months after you purchased it. However, there are some instances where you should replace your perfume much sooner than the expiration date.

This is especially true if you bought your Prada perfume from a third party or an outside retailer. Many times, luxury products found on sale through sellers other than the brand itself are priced lower because they are close to expiring.

So, how do you know if your perfume is nearing its expiration date even if you have just purchased it?

Let your nose do the detective work. When a perfume has gone bad or expired, the scent will seem weaker or even have a scent that seems a bit off. It can smell sour or even overly chemically. 

If you find that your perfume has a much different scent than when you first bought it, it is more than likely time to replace it.


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