Does Red Nail Polish Go With Everything? (Explained)

There is nothing more classic than a bright red manicure. Red is one of the most versatile nail polish colors because of all the different hues and shades they come in.

Red nail polish is one of the most beautiful colors and can range from a pin-up bright red to a deep dark maroon shade.

Red nail polish usually goes with everything, but to make your red manicure pop, you should follow a few rules. This way, you can showcase your classic red nails without overwhelming the rest of your style.

Here’s why Red Nail Polish Goes with Everything:

Red is the color of romance and is a versatile shade that can be worn with almost anything or any skin tone. For fair skin, try a light pink or nude red. For medium skin tones, go with a true classic red. Try a deep burgundy or maroon shade if you have olive or dark skin.

What Goes Well with Red Nail Polish?

When pairing an outfit with bright red nails, try to stick with either all dark or all light tones.

This way, you make your nails the focal point of your outfit so as not to get overwhelmed by too many color choices.

If you want a more dramatic look, pair your red nails with dark tones like black, navy, and brown. This will not only allow your nails to pop but will also showcase a more elegant overall style.

If you want to keep your look lighthearted and fun but still want to wear a bright red nail polish color, try to tone down your overall look with light shades.

A classic white maxi dress with gold-toned jewelry will pair nicely with red nail polish and make you feel light and breezy while still being bold.

On the other end of fashion, you have those trendsetters who care less about the rules and more about making a statement.

Pairing a red nail with bright colors like neon pink, orange, and even yellow can elevate your style from classic beauty to a stand-out beauty that refuses to be ignored.

Does Red Nail Polish Look Good on Everyone?

Wearing red nail polish is the ultimate power move. This is because the color red is often associated with power and strength.

This is one reason red nail polish looks good on everyone—however, some things to remember before buying – like matching your nails to your skin tone.

There are many skin tones, from very light and pale to rich and dark. Along with the actual tone of your skin, you have to consider the undertone. Everyone has an undertone to their skin, no matter how deep or light.

You will either have a yellow or red undertone to your skin. To find your undertone, hold your wrist up to the light.

If your veins are more green, you have a yellow undertone, while purple and blue veins mean you have a red undertone. Red nail polish comes in so many different tones and shades, and once you know the exact tone of your skin, you can easily find the right one that suits you.

People with a yellow undertone should find a red with a blue tint, while red undertoned skin should find a polish with more pink hints.

Are Red Nails Considered Professional?

Decades ago, wearing a red nail polish shade in professional settings was considered taboo.

This is because red used to be associated with temptation and sensuality. While red nails are sometimes viewed as a sensual choice, most businesses and workplaces have improved a bit regarding regulating red nail polish.

These days, wearing red nail polish is considered a professional choice. This is because women have turned red nails from being salacious to being an absolute power move. Red nails and lips have become synonymous with being a boss-babe who refuses to be pushed around.

However, there are some cases in the workplace where red nail polish is considered to be unprofessional, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still rock this bold look. It just means you have to be a little more careful about the shade you choose to wear.

If you worry about red nails being too bold or “out there” for your professional setting, we suggest looking for a more muted red. Dark reds that can almost appear to be rich brown are much more acceptable in professional settings. The same can be said for lighter shades of red that border on pink.

Can You Wear Red Nail Polish Anywhere?

If you love bold red nails as much as I do, you will be pleased to know that you can wear red nail polish just about anywhere.

There are some specific cases where you cannot wear red nail polish, but it has more to do with the nail polish itself and not the color.

Working in certain industries, like food services, often means you can’t wear nail polish altogether. This is simply because of the safety of the food preparation.

However, if you are not working to make food, you should be okay to rock those red nails. But what about special occasions like weddings and ceremonies?

Is red an appropriate choice to wear on your nails when the dress code is a black tie? Red nail polish is so adaptable that it can be dressed up or dressed down for whatever occasion.

Red is a classic choice for special events because it gives a sense of elegance. While red is a great choice for those ultra-dressy events in your life, can you dress it down for an everyday look?

It may surprise you that while red can be classed up, you can also dress it down for a more casual look which is great for everyday outings and not just events that require you to wear a ballgown. Pairing a bright red nail with some leggings and a chunky sweater is a great way to elevate your look to appear more “loungewear couture.” 

Is Red Nail Polish Stylish All Year Round?

If you are into staying on top of the changing world of fashion, you already know that the seasons have a lot to do with what type of style you will rock.

While it has a lot to do with the actual weather of that time, there is something to wearing muted colors in the winter and brighter colors in the spring.

People are always trying to adapt to their surroundings, so wearing bright floral prints in the spring reflects what we see out the window every morning. The same can be said for wearing orange and brown tones in the fall as a reflection of the changing leaves outside. 

When it comes to red nail polish, can you wear it all year round, no matter what season it is? Because red has a wide range of tones and shades, there is a perfect red for each season, no matter how hot or cold it is.

In the muted months of winter, when wearing lots of heavy clothes and neutral colors, adding a pop of red will brighten you up. Like cranberry, I always gravitate toward more berry shades of red in the fall.

Deep reds, almost as dark as red wine, are great for those moody fall months.

In the warmer months of spring and summer, wearing brighter shades of red that almost border on neon is a great way to match your style to the brightness of the world around you.

So, while you may not be in the mood for other shades like black year-round, chances are there will always be the perfect shade of red for every day of the year.

Wrapping It Up

It may seem like beauty comes with its own rules you must follow to stay on top of trends.

However, it is important to remember that fashion and beauty should always reflect who you are. So, if you want to wear that hot neon red shade of nail polish in the dark months of fall, go for it.

As long as you are having fun and practicing self-care, there is nothing wrong with stepping outside those typical beauty norms.

The good news is that a shade like red is so adaptable and changing that there is no reason why you cant perfectly pair it no matter the occasion or season. 

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