Does USPS Redeliver Automatically? (Here’s What Happens)

Not all USPS deliveries are successful.

Sometimes, USPS may fail to deliver a package because of the weather or road closures. Sometimes, the failed delivery may be due to an issue on the recipient’s end.

What actions does USPS take in case of a failed delivery? Do they redeliver automatically?

Here’s How Redelivery Works:

In case of a failed delivery, USPS will leave a note in the mailbox to inform the recipient. The recipient must choose a redelivery date or opt for another way to get their package. Unless the failed delivery is due to weather or road conditions, USPS will not automatically redeliver the package.

What Happens When USPS has a Failed Delivery?

The actions that USPS takes will depend on the reason for the failed delivery.

If the failed delivery was due to inclement weather or a road blockage, USPS would automatically redeliver the next day. If it was for any other reasons stated above, the USPS carrier would leave a note in the mailbox.

USPS will leave a note for failed deliveries due to an issue on the recipient’s end.

This is called the PS Form 3849, which contains information on how the recipient can get their package.

There will be two options on the form:

  1. USPS will redeliver the package on the customer’s chosen date.
  2. Recipient will pick up the package at the local post office.

If you opt for redelivery, you have to choose a date. Once you’ve chosen a date, you must satisfy whatever condition is needed for your package to be delivered successfully.

So if the reason for failed delivery was a full mailbox, your mailbox has to have space to accommodate the incoming mail.

If an adult signature is required, then someone of legal age should be present at the delivery time, and so on.

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If you choose the second option, then you simply have to go to your local post office and bring a valid photo ID so you can pick up your package.

There is also an option that says Return to Sender. This applies if the recipient does not want to receive the package and wants to just send it back.

Here are other common reasons for failed delivery to watch out for:

  1. The weather condition was bad and deemed unsafe for the USPS carrier.
  2. There was a road blockage or obstruction in the recipient’s area.
  3. The mailbox was full.
  4. The package was too big to fit in the mailbox.
  5. An adult signature is required upon delivery of the package.
  6. Payment is needed upon delivery of the package.
    • This applies if the sender did not pay the postage or the package was sent through the Collect-On-Delivery service.
  7. The package contains heavily insured items, such as valuable items.
  8. A specific person or authorized representative must receive the package; both are unavailable at delivery.

Will USPS Automatically try to Redeliver the Next Day?

When USPS fails to deliver your package, they will give you a few options for getting it.

You can have it redelivered on a specific date, or you can choose to pick it up at your local post office.

USPS will not automatically try to redeliver the next day.

The only time that USPS will automatically attempt next-day redelivery was when the cause of failed delivery was bad weather, road blockages, or other logistics-related issues.

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Will USPS Contact Me for Scheduling a Redelivery?

If there was a failed delivery for one of your packages, USPS would notify you by leaving the PS Form 3849 in your mailbox. This form contains instructions on how you can schedule redelivery.

Other than leaving the form in your mailbox, USPS will not contact you further to schedule a redelivery.

The PS Form 3849 is the only notification from USPS to prompt you to schedule a redelivery. USPS will never contact you through email or SMS about a failed delivery.

So if you receive a USPS email or SMS saying that you missed a delivery, just ignore it as this is a scam that hackers do to get your money or personal information.

You can always contact your local post office to confirm if you want to ensure you haven’t missed a delivery.

Can I Contact USPS to Schedule a Redelivery?

If you’ve missed a delivery, USPS will notify you through the PS Form 3849, so you can select the best way to get your package.

You can contact USPS to schedule a redelivery, and there are several ways to reach them.

Here is how:

By filling up the PS Form 3849:

You can fill out the form to schedule a redelivery.

You just need to indicate your preferred redelivery date and leave the form in your mailbox.

The USPS carrier will get the completed form on the next mail collection day and schedule the redelivery on your selected date.

By Phone:

If you don’t want to manually fill up the form, you can call your local post office to schedule a redelivery.

When calling your local post office, make sure to have the tracking number found on the PS Form 3849.

By Scanning the QR Code:

This is the quickest way to contact USPS to schedule a redelivery.

All you need is a smartphone that has mobile data.

Simply scan the QR code on the PS Form 3849 to choose your preferred date to have the package redelivered.

By Going to the USPS Website:

This is another convenient way to schedule a redelivery.

Make sure you have the tracking number on the PS Form 3849. Just go to the USPS website and enter your details.

You can even choose same-day delivery through this contact method if you submit the request before 2 pm.

How Many Times Will USPS Attempt To Deliver?

USPS will only make up to 2 delivery attempts for all types of mail and packages.

After the first failed delivery attempt, you will get a notification so you can choose to have the package redelivered or pick up the package yourself at your local post office.

The redelivery will be the 2nd and last delivery attempt.

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What Happens After too Many Failed Delivery Attempts?

USPS will only attempt to deliver a package twice.

After too many failed delivery attempts, your package will be on hold at your local post office for 15 days.

During this period, you can still retrieve it by picking it up. Make sure that you bring a valid photo ID to confirm your identity.

If 15 days have passed and you still haven’t picked up your package, it will be returned to the sender if there is a return address.

Otherwise, it will either be destroyed or sent to the Mail Recovery Center, depending on the value of the package. Only packages valued at least $25 and up are sent to the recovery center.

Once a package is sent to the Mail Recover Center, you can still retrieve it by initiating a Search Request. Most packages are stored at the recovery center for up to 30 days.

After this period, they will be either donated, recycled, sold at an auction, or destroyed.


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