Is Gucci More Expensive Than Burberry? (9 Examples)

Just like Gucci, Burberry is another well-known luxury brand.

Burberry, founded in 1856, is a British fashion house based in London, England. It specializes in bags, trench coats, shoes, ready-to-wear clothing, and accessories.

In this article, we will be comparing the products of Gucci and Burberry to see which brand is more expensive:

Gucci vs. Burberry: Which Luxury Brand Is More Expensive

Both brands may be part of luxury fashion, but Gucci is more expensive than Burberry. As a luxury designer brand, the pricing of Burberry products is on the lower end of the spectrum, so it is not as expensive as Gucci.

1. Bags

As one of the most expensive designer brands, Gucci bags are known for being extravagant and opulent. The materials used are unique, and every detail screams luxury.

Meanwhile, Burberry’s style is more subtle yet chic. Every piece is timeless and embodies the sophisticated bourgeois woman.

Gucci bags are more expensive than Burberry bags. This is attributed to Gucci starting as a leather bag manufacturer, while bags aren’t Burberry’s strongest suit.

Even though Gucci offers many options under $1,000, its bags are still significantly more expensive than Burberry’s.

Burberry bags start at $1,000, wherein the cheapest product you can get is the Knitted Olympia Check Pouch. Its body is made from mixed fibers, while the trim and strap are calf leather.

The most expensive Burberry bag that you can get cost only $3,750. It is the Sequined Monogram Leather Small Lola Bag, which is available in black and white. It is made from tanned sequined leather with brilliant pavé crystals.

Gucci has more affordable options, including the Ophidia GG Mini Bag for $830 and the Marmont GG Mini Bag for $910. Still, many of its items are priced way higher than Burberry’s most expensive bag.

The higher-end Gucci bags are priced between $4,000 and $52,000, with the most expensive one being the Gucci Bamboo 1947 Crocodile Top Handle Bag, made from green crocodile leather with antique gold-toned hardware.

The main feature of this bag is the bamboo handle.

2. Women’s Clothing

While Gucci specializes in bags, Burberry is more well-known for women’s clothing pieces and its trench coats with the signature check print that first came out in the 1920s.

Gucci may be generally pricier than Burberry, but when it comes to women’s clothing, their pricing is almost the same when you factor in the materials used and the design of the items.

Women’s ready-to-wear clothes at Gucci start from $590, while the most expensive item costs $13,000. At Burberry, the price range is from $480 to $28,000.

You can get Gucci t-shirts for as low as $590, while Burberry t-shirts are priced from $480 to $580. The most expensive Gucci coat costs $9,500 and is made from faux fur.

Meanwhile, the most expensive Burberry coat is the Chain-Link Piercing Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat which costs $7,500.

The most expensive Gucci clothing item currently on their website is the Silk Viscose Velvet Dress which costs $13,000. In contrast, the most expensive Burberry item available is the Diamond-Quilted Belted Trench Gown, priced at $28,000.

3. Men’s Clothing

Gucci and Burberry have a decent menswear collection which includes casual and dress shirts, bottoms, jackets, coats, and many more.

Regarding men’s clothing, Gucci is more expensive than Burberry.

Burberry’s menswear collection starts at $330 with the Embroidered EKD Cotton Blend Hoodie, with many clothing items priced below $1,000.

The most expensive item in Burberry’s menswear collection is the Long Westminster Trench Coat, a made-to-order piece by designer Riccardo Tisci. This coat is priced at $12,500.

Meanwhile, Gucci’s menswear collection starts at $530. The brand offers a good variety of casual pieces that cost less than $1,000, but the majority of the clothes for men are priced between $1,000 and $18,000.

The most expensive Gucci item in the menswear collection is the Equestrian Print Coat, which is made of cotton and studded calf leather trims. This piece retails for $18,000.

4. Shoes

Gucci and Burberry also manufacture and sell different types of footwear, including slides, sneakers, loafers, heels, and boots.

Of these two brands, Gucci is more expensive than Burberry regarding shoes.

The cheapest pair of footwear you can get at Burberry are the Two-Toned Rubber Slides with the brand logo, which cost $330. Meanwhile, the Rubber Slide Sandal is the most affordable pair of Gucci footwear, which costs $380.

Gucci sneakers are priced between $720 to $1,250, with the North Face x Gucci Rhyton sneakers being the most expensive pair. Burberry sneakers retail for $490 to $950.

The most expensive sneakers are the Vintage Check Cotton and Leather Arthur Sneakers.

When it comes to other shoe styles like boots, loafers, heels, and sling-backs, Burberry is a lot more affordable than Gucci. Most of Burberry’s footwear collection items are priced below $1,500.

The most expensive Burberry footwear is the Leather Over-the-Knee Sock Boots which costs $2,590. Meanwhile, the most expensive Gucci footwear is the Women’s Crocodile Slingback which costs $8,000, with two colors to choose from black and white.

5. Wallets

Since Gucci is, first and foremost, a leather goods manufacturer, you can only expect its wallets to be more expensive than Burberry’s.

Cardholders from Burberry start at $200 with the Icon Stripe and Leather Card Case. Meanwhile, Gucci cardholders are priced from $280 to $600.

Wallet from Burberry starts at $450 for the smaller ones. The most expensive Burberry wallet is the Sequined Lola Wallet, which retails for $1,550 and comes with a detachable strap.

Gucci wallets are priced between $500 and $3,400. The most expensive Gucci wallet is the Python Diana Chain Wallet, made from multicolored python skin with orange ostrich trim.

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6. Hats

Regarding hats, Gucci is a bit more expensive than Burberry.

The cheapest Gucci hat is the Wool Hat with Label, which costs $360, and the most expensive hat is the Nylon Hooded Scarf with Pockets which is priced at $2,890.

Meanwhile, the most affordable Burberry hat is the Reversible Icon Stripe Cashmere Cotton Beanie which retails for $330, and the most expensive one is the Rabbit Detail Crystal-Embellished Wool Beanie which costs $1,290.

7. Belts

Comparing the leather belts of these two brands, the ones from Gucci a slightly more expensive than the ones from Burberry.

Burberry belts start at $370 with the Reversible Monogram Motif Leather Wrap Belt, while most items are priced between $400 and $720. The most expensive Burberry belt is the Oak Leaf Crest Leather Belt which retails for $1,550.

The most affordable Gucci belt is the Jackie 1961 Thin Belt which costs $295. The majority of the belts are priced between $300 and $1500.

The most expensive belt in Gucci’s collection is the Lizard Belt with Interlocking G, which costs $3,150.

8. Sunglasses and Eyewear

Gucci eyewear is also more expensive than Burberry eyewear.

The most affordable sunglasses you can get at Burberry is the Square Frame Sunglasses which retail for $230. It features the signature check on the outer temples.

Meanwhile, the B Motif Rectangular Frame Sunglasses with Chain is the most expensive one, which costs $560 and comes in two colors.

The most affordable eyewear you can buy at Gucci right now is the Navigator Frame Sunglasses which retail for $350. At the same time, the most expensive pair is the studded Gucci Rectangular Frame Sunglasses which are priced at $1,840.

9. Fragrances

Here’s an interesting fact about Gucci and Burberry: they both have the same fragrance manufacturer, Coty – a French cosmetics brand and a known industry leader.

Despite these companies having the same manufacturer, Gucci fragrances are slightly more expensive than Burberry fragrances.

Gucci fragrances for women start at $113 for a 50ml bottle of the Gucci Flora perfume, which has two variants. The most expensive Gucci perfume for women comes from The Alchemist’s Garden, where a 100ml bottle of any variant costs $350.

For men, the most affordable Gucci perfume is the Gucci Guilty Pour Homme eau de toilette which costs $106 for a 90ml bottle, while the most expensive is the Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de parfume which costs $159 for the same size.

Burberry perfumes start at $71 for a 30ml bottle of Her or Her Blossom. The most expensive perfumes come from the Signatures line, which costs $256 for a 100ml bottle.

Meanwhile, Burberry perfumes for men start at $81 for a 100ml bottle of Burberry Weekend. The priciest one is the Burberry Hero EDP which costs $169 for a 150ml bottle.

Why Is Gucci More Expensive Than Burberry?

Gucci is more expensive than Burberry because it tends to be more exclusive, while the latter made its pricing more accessible. 

While Burberry is considered a luxury brand, it is in the lower tier because its products are more affordable than other luxury brands, but that doesn’t mean that its quality is not good.

Burberry products still exhibit excellent quality. It’s just that it has a different target market compared to Gucci. It targets customers from middle-income to those with high disposable income.

Meanwhile, Gucci makes its products more exclusive, targeting the wealthy population.

Does Gucci Or Burberry Sell More Products?

Gucci sells more products than Burberry.

Last year, Gucci ranked 4th in the most popular luxury brands, with total sales of $33,838 million.

Burberry reached the 10th spot with $3,933 million in total sales.


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