Headband Vs. Hairband? Here’s The Difference (Explained)

The wild world of fashion never stands still. There is always something new to try or experience when it comes to staying on-trend, which can sometimes get confusing.

When keeping your hair out of your face, you have two options: a headband or a hairband. What is the difference between the two, and which will work best for your needs?

Headbands Vs. Hairbands Explained:

The main difference between a headband and a hair band is how it works to keep your hair off of your face. A headband slides over your forehead and makes your hair sit on top of your head. A hairband secures a ponytail or bun that pulls all of your hair back behind your head.

What Are the Main Differences Between Headbands and Hairbands?

While there are so many colors, sizes, and styles of headbands, you only have one choice on how to wear them. While it offers a little something special to your style, it keeps you in a box regarding how you wear your hair.

With a hairband, you have much more options. A single hair band can change your look in dozens of different ways. You can wear a high pony, a low pony, a messy bun, or even a side ponytail if you feel fun.

The last major difference between a hairband and a headband is the size. 

Headbands come in various sizes but generally are large enough to fit most people’s heads. Hairbands are far smaller. They need the right grip and tension to hold back your hair.

Whether you have very fine or thick hair, a hairband is meant to fit your needs regardless of your hair texture.

Are Headbands or Hairbands Better For Sports?

One of the biggest reasons why people need headbands or hairbands is so that they can play sports.

Nothing is worse than going for the big goal only to have your hair fall in your face. So, when it comes to doing your best on the field, which is better?

You may be surprised that using both together is the best way to keep your hair where you want it and not where you don’t. This is especially true if you have long hair.

Start by using a hairband to collect all of your hair on top of your head. Secure the ponytail or bun tightly so no loose strands fall out of place.

If you’re like me, you have hair that, even with the best ponytail intentions, will still have strands on your face. This is where a tightly-secured headband comes into play.

Once your hair is collected on your head, slide an elastic headband around the crown of your head to keep those wispy little hairs swept back. Keep in mind that there are two main types of headbands.

Some headbands go all the way around your head, and then there are ones that slide up only halfway around. 

Regarding sports, I recommend using an elastic headband that goes all the way around, and there are a couple of different reasons for this:

Benefits of Elastic Hairbands:

First, you don’t want to worry about it sliding off while you run. This can not only be distracting to you and your game but can also throw off your teammates.

Lastly, half headbands are generally made of plastic that can break under pressure and might be harmful while playing sports.

However, the headband and hairband combination only works if you have long hair. People with shorter hair won’t be able to gather their hair on top of their heads.

This doesn’t mean that the hair still won’t fall on your face. In this case, I suggest using a strong elastic headband to keep your hair pushed back and away from your eyes. 

What Materials are Headbands Usually Made Of?

Headbands are generally made from two different materials.

Headbands on your head are mainly made from hard plastics but can also feature other materials. It is common to see these types of headbands wrapped in fabric to add some comfort. You may also see these plastic headbands paired with metal combs or foam.

Both are designed to keep the band in place, adding a cushion to your head’s crown.

Headbands that stretch around your head are mainly made from fabric and elastic. They must be stretchy enough to go over your full head because you would first pull it down over your face before pushing it back.

One type of headband we haven’t explored yet is fashion headbands. These headbands can be made from metal and wire to fabric flowers.

The main function of these headbands is to add a trendy element to your style and don’t do much in the way of functionality, especially when it comes to sports.

There are also classic headbands like twisted bandanas that, while they may not be great for physical activities, defiantly can elevate your fashion game.

What Materials are Hairbands Usually Made Of?

Hairbands are much more generic than headbands and don’t tend to stray too far from the classic.

They are made from a combination of elastic wrapped in a touch of fabric with a metal or plastic connector. They are rubber elastic bands covered in a soft material for comfort. 

They are made this way because hair can easily get pinched in the elastic, which is painful and damaging to your hair. The added fabric keeps your hair from breaking off while moving because while your ponytail may be secure, the hairband will move and roll when you do. 

While this is the standard for hairbands, you can find many different styles. Small elastic bands are also an option for holding hair up.

However, they are far less secure and can break easily. The last option for hairbands is covered in excess fabric like a scrunchie.

These are the best of both worlds because they will hold your hair in place while causing as little damage as possible. That, of course, is assuming you can get past their retro look. 

What Style of Head/Hairband is Most Fashionable Right Now?

While we may have thrown a little shade at scrunchies, they are making a serious comeback. This is especially true for the ones that are made out of silk.

Collecting scrunchies as hairbands, believe it or not, is back in fashion right now. There are so many different colors and styles to choose from that it is impossible not to find them everywhere.

However, the most popular ones now feature some charm or extra design elements. Headbands, however, are constantly rotating in and out of fashion.

The style that is really in fashion right now is renaissance-style headbands. These are crescent-style plastic headbands wrapped in fabric gathered at the top in a knot. They also have a turban-like effect when worn on the crown of your head.

While the most popular ones are royal colored like a deep blue or emerald green, those adorned with pearls or even rhinestones are the top pick for those who want to be extra fancy. I love that headbands and hairbands are constantly changing.

This not only keeps them functional for your changing life but also keeps them at the top of trend lists.

So, whether you have a big game coming up or are just looking to stay on-trend with the rest of the world, headbands and hairbands are the perfect accessories to have.

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