Do Headbands Look Childish & Unprofessional? (Explained)

Headbands are hair accessories that are commonly seen on little girls.

Because of this, there is a notion that headbands look childish and unprofessional and are for little girls only, but this is not true.

Headbands do not look childish and unprofessional all the time. Some headbands can look appropriate for adults.

Here is Why Headbands Are NOT Childish and Unprofessional:

Contrary to what most people think, headbands are not just for little girls. Depending on how they are worn, headbands can be versatile pieces of hair accessories that are age-appropriate. Depending on their style, headbands can be stylish and professional.

Are Headbands Considered Childish?

Headbands are commonly worn by little girls, which is why many people consider them childish.

However, not all headbands are childish.

Some headbands come in simple, sophisticated designs that are appropriate for ladies and older women. A little bit of embellishment on a headband is okay too.

The truth is headbands are practical pieces of hair accessories that can keep hair away from your face and make you look well-groomed and polished.

Anyone can wear them. How headbands look on you will depend on the style of headband that you choose.

Here are some headbands that you would want to avoid if you do not want to look childish:

  • Neon or bright-colored headbands
  • Cheap plastic headbands
  • Headbands with big colorful embellishments
  • Headbands with big ribbons
  • Headbands with any cartoon character on them
  • Headbands that can be used for costumes

Can Adults Wear Headbands?

For ladies and older women, headbands can serve two purposes.

The first one is to keep stray hairs away from the face and keep them in place. The second is to save a bad hair day, as wearing a headband is the quickest and most convenient way to style hair.

No rule says adults should not wear headbands. Adults can wear headbands and still look age-appropriate and not childish at all.

Here are some headbands that adults can pull off wearing and still look stylish:

Plain Black Headbands

For everyday wear, these headbands are the best for adults.

They are versatile enough to be worn daily for any occasion. You can go for plain fabric headbands for a simple and casual look, or you can go for satin ones if you want something more sophisticated.

Embellished Headbands

Nothing beats adding a little bit of sparkle if you want to level up your look.

If you want to style your hair for a formal event or a party, an embellished headband may be the accessory you need.

For an age-appropriate glamorous look, go for a headband embellished with small jewels instead of ones that look like Christmas tree ornaments.

Woven Headbands

These headbands are retro-inspired and can be pulled off by girls and women of any age.

These headbands look best when worn over side-swept bangs while keeping the rest of the hair simple and low-key.

Bohemian Headbands

If you want to make a statement for your casual attire without looking over the top, then bohemian fabric headbands would work well.

Some have knots you can position at the top of your head.

Faux Braid Headbands

These headbands are perfect for anyone who wants to elevate a casual hairstyle.

Faux braid headbands can add texture to your hairstyle, minus the hassle of braiding your hair. When getting a faux brand headband, choose one close to your hair color so it looks natural.

Elastic Headbands

Elastic headbands are perfect for going to the gym or for a busy day of running errands.

They are fuss-free, yet they effectively keep your hair in place. If you get the ones in moisture-wicking fabrics, they can also help keep sweat away from your place.

Double or Layered Headbands

These headbands are great if you want to be more creative with your hairstyle without making too much effort.

Double headbands or layered headbands can keep your hair in place while making your hairstyle look more interesting.

Are Headbands Business Casual?

Depending on the style, headbands can be good for a business casual look. Headbands are great if you want a fuss-free way to style your hair.

If you want to wear a headband with your business casual attire, choose a simple headband in a neutral color.

Black works best, especially if you choose a thin one. It can keep your hair in place and make your entire ensemble look well put together.

Can You Wear Headbands To Work?

One concern of professional working women when it comes to styling their hair is that headbands can look unprofessional and out of place at work.

However, if you choose the style carefully, you can wear headbands to work.

Here are some practical tips for wearing headbands to work while still looking professional:

  • Choose a headband in a subtle color. neutrals like black, brown, or beige would work best. Avoid headbands in shocking colors like orange, yellow, neon green, or bright pink.
  • Do not wear metallic headbands. Metallic headbands would look out of place in the office.
  • Thin headbands work best. Thin headbands are great for office wear because they look subtle while keeping your hair in place.

Can You Wear Headbands To School?

Depending on the style, you can wear headbands anywhere or for any event or activity. You can also wear headbands to school.

If your school does not have uniforms, you can wear any style or type of headband you want. Of course, age-appropriate ones would look better.

However, if your school has a uniform, you may want to check if there are certain rules about wearing hair accessories. In some strict private schools, hair accessories like headbands are allowed, but they can only be in specific colors and styles.

In general, there is no age limit for wearing headbands. You can wear a headband without looking childish and unprofessional if you are an adult.

Make sure that when you wear one, go for a headband with a style and color appropriate to the occasion.


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