What Headbands Do Female Soccer Players Wear? (5 Examples)

If you are about to go to the soccer field to play a game, you must know what you can and cannot wear once you step out on the field. There are certain rules on items that players are allowed to wear, including headbands.

Generally, female soccer players are allowed to wear headbands.

Here is the Basic Rule for Female Soccer Players Wearing Headbands:

Female soccer players can wear a headband during a game as long as it looks professional and has no protruding parts that can obstruct the player’s movement. In professional soccer games, the rules also state that the color of the headband should match the player’s jersey or uniform.

Are Soccer Players Allowed To Wear Headbands?

There are many reasons that soccer players would want to wear headbands. Some of these reasons include:

  • The weather is cold, and they want to keep their head warm.
  • They want to keep bands or stray hair away from the face.
  • They want to prevent sweat from dripping on their face.
  • They like the way the headbands look.

In general, soccer players can wear a headband or even a bandana.

The basic rule in soccer games is that the color of the headband or bandana should match the player’s jersey or uniform.

Another rule is that it should look professional, meaning the headband should have no whimsical prints and create a visual distraction for the other players. It should also have no protruding parts that can be a safety risk and get in the way of the players.

How to Wear Your Headband:

Here is how to wear a headband for soccer games:

  1. Place the headband around your neck.
  2. If it is the type of headband that looks more like a wrap, then tie it with the knot behind your neck.
  3. Adjust the tightness if needed.
  4. From the neck, pull it upwards to position it on your head.

Headbands are good if you have long hair because you would not want your hair to fly across your face while playing. They are not just decorative pieces of hair accessories – they are very functional too.

Many professional female soccer players are known for wearing headbands during soccer games, which stay on well.

What Headbands Do Professional Women’s Soccer Players Wear?

Professional women’s soccer players can wear headbands to a game, but they cannot be just any other headband. The headband has to look professional, and it should have no parts that are protruding.

Professional women’s soccer players normally wear headbands that come in a plain color and in an elastic fabric that wicks moisture.

These headbands are known to be effective in keeping hair and dripping sweat away from the face.

Here are some headbands that soccer players can wear:

1. Beace Sweatbands Sports Headband

Customers highly rate these headbands because they suit any sports activity, including soccer.

It comprises 85% cotton, 10% spandex, and 5% nylon.

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It is very soft and breathable. It stays in place.

Plus, it wicks moisture to keep sweat away from the face.

2. Nike Pro Skull Wrap 3.0

Compared to other headbands, this Nike one covers more of your head.

It is perfect for those who sweat a lot on the head. It is also great for women with overgrown bangs that tend to get in their faces.

Check Out The Nike Pro Combat Dri-Fit Skull Wrap Here!

It comes in Nike’s signature Dri-Fit fabric to effectively wick away sweat and keep your head dry throughout the soccer game.

3. Tokyo Misfit Japanese Headband

If you want to add some color to your headband, then this is a great choice.

This headband comes in a few colors – choose one that matches your jersey.

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This headband comes in a breathable fabric that absorbs moisture.

It is also very lightweight.

Do Women Prefer Headbands Or Hats In Sports?

When playing sports, some women wear headbands while some wear hats.

Depending on the sport, either or both of the two may be allowed during a game. In general, women prefer headbands over hats in sports.

This is because headbands feel lighter while effectively keeping the hair in place. Headbands are more versatile because they can be worn even when the hair is in a ponytail.

Wearing a hat while your hair is in a ponytail can feel uncomfortable. Hats can also obstruct the view, while headbands do not.

Also, a lot of women’s hairstyles do not look good in a hat. This is why headbands are preferred.

Why Do Women Use Pre-Wrap Instead Of Headbands?

A pre-wrap is a thin yet strong and translucent foam that athletes use for many purposes. It is a material that is highly porous, and it comes in many different colors.

Here are some of the functions of pre-wraps for female athletes:

  • To place under a bandage to prevent skin irritation
  • To hold up soccer or athletic socks
  • To keep an ice pack in place
  • To wrap the skin under the sports bra to prevent chafing

Women also use pre-wraps as an alternative for headbands. This is because it is very thin and light, yet it works like a headband absorbing sweat and keeping hair away from the face.

Many sports regulations allow pre-wrap as a headband, with the recommendation that it be used without a knot.

Here is how to use pre-wrap as a headband:

  1. Take one end of the pre-wrap and wrap it around your thigh twice, then rip it off the roll.
  2. Roll the pre-wrap down your leg, creating a thin headband as you do so, and slide it off once it reaches your foot.
  3. Then wear it the way you would wear a headband.

It is pretty simple and easy to do, and it works just like any other sports headband.

It will keep your hair in place without sliding off, and since it is made out of a porous material, it can wick away sweat and prevent it from dripping down your face.

You can wear it with your hair up in a ponytail or with your hair down.

The best thing about it is that it is very cheap. One roll of pre-wrap can create several DIY headbands so you can match with your teammates.

Can Headbands Improve Sports Performance?

When players accessorize a game, some people think it is to improve their performance, but this is incorrect.

Headbands minimize distraction by keeping overgrown hair in place and away from the player’s face. Headbands can also add comfort, keeping the head cool and dry by wicking sweat away.

While this doesn’t necessarily boost your performance, it can make playing the sport easier and more comfortable.

So if you are playing soccer and you want to wear a headband, then, by all means, go for it. You can do so as long as you follow the regulations for wearing one.


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