Guide To Shopping on Amazon USA (from Outside U.S.)

Shopping on Amazon USA from a location outside the United States presents an opportunity for international customers to access a wide variety of products.

As someone who regularly navigates online shopping platforms, I understand that while Amazon ships to over 100 countries and regions, not all items are available for international delivery.

It’s important to recognize that the selection of products eligible for shipping to your location might be limited in comparison to what’s available to customers within the US.

When I look for products on Amazon USA, one of the first things I do is check for international shipping availability.

This can be done easily by filtering search results or looking at the product details where shipping options are outlined. Additionally, pricing is a critical aspect to consider, as the cost displayed may not include potential shipping fees and import taxes, which can significantly affect the total amount paid. It’s also prudent to be aware of the US State Sales Tax that might apply, even if the purchase is international.

Furthermore, before I proceed with a purchase on Amazon from outside the USA, I make it a point to assess the shipping options provided through the Amazon Global program, which simplifies customs and provides door-to-door tracking. This program helps in understanding all the fees up front, ensuring there are no hidden costs. It’s important to me that I have a clear idea of the total cost and the logistics involved in receiving my order to avoid any complications or misunderstandings during the purchasing process.

Understanding Amazon USA Shopping

When I shop on Amazon USA from outside the country, I focus on two main areas: figuring out what items can be shipped internationally and understanding the benefits of such purchases.

Eligibility for International Shipping

To determine the eligibility for international shipping, I first look for the Amazon Global badge or filter my search results to show only those items that can be shipped internationally. It’s important to note that not all items on Amazon USA are eligible for international shipping due to various reasons like vendor restrictions or customs laws.

Benefits of Shopping from Amazon USA

Shopping from Amazon USA offers me access to a wider range of products that might not be available in my country. Additionally, I may find that the prices of certain goods are more competitive, even after accounting for shipping and import fees. In my experience, Amazon’s Import Fees Deposit helps estimate and cover any taxes and duties, which means there are no additional charges upon delivery.

Setting Up Your Account

To shop on Amazon USA from outside the country, I ensure my account settings are correctly configured. This involves creating a dedicated Amazon account and setting my preferences for international shipping.

Creating an Amazon Account

I start by visiting the Amazon USA website. It’s critical to click the ‘Sign in’ option in the top right corner and select the ‘Create your Amazon account’ button.

I need to provide:

  • My name
  • Email
  • A strong password for security

Once the account is created, I confirm my email address through the verification email Amazon sends me. This step is essential for the integrity and security of my account.

Setting Preferences for International Shipping

Next, I navigate to the ‘Your Account’ section and look for the ‘Your Addresses’ option. Here, I enter my international shipping address. It’s important to note that not all items can be shipped internationally. Hence, within the product’s page, I check the availability of international shipping.

For smooth transactions, I ensure my default shipping address is set to my international address. This makes my shopping experience more streamlined, as it filters out items that cannot be shipped to my location.

In summary, setting up my account to shop on Amazon USA from outside involves creating a secure account and configuring my international shipping preferences to reflect my non-US address. This preparation allows me to access Amazon USA’s wide range of products with the knowledge of which items can be delivered to me.

Purchasing Products

When I shop on Amazon USA from outside the USA, I focus on a few key steps: locating products eligible for international shipping, using AmazonGlobal for delivery, and understanding the checkout and payment options available.

Searching for Items with International Shipping

I start by looking for items that can be shipped internationally. On the Amazon website, I use the search filter to select ‘Amazon Global Eligible.’ This ensures that the search results display only those products available for delivery to my country. It’s important to note that not all items or sellers on Amazon provide international shipping, so using this filter saves time.

Using AmazonGlobal for International Delivery

AmazonGlobal simplifies international shipping. When I find a product I wish to buy, I make sure it’s labeled ‘AmazonGlobal Eligible.’ This service takes care of customs and import duties. Import fees are estimated and collected at checkout; if the actual fees are lower, I receive a refund, and if they’re higher, Amazon covers the extra cost.

This transparency allows me to understand the full cost upfront without any hidden charges.

Checking Out and Payment Methods

At checkout, I ensure my international shipping address is correct. Amazon accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards and, in some cases, Amazon gift cards. I keep in mind that the currency exchange rates can affect the final amount charged to my card. After reviewing my order details and the estimated delivery times, I proceed with the payment to complete my purchase.

Managing Orders and Shipments

When I shop on Amazon from outside the USA, ensuring that my orders are properly tracked and handled is paramount. Here’s how I manage both.

Tracking Your Orders

To keep tabs on my purchases, after placing an order on Amazon USA, I visit the “Your Orders” section of my Amazon account. Here’s what I typically do:

  1. Locate the order in question.
  2. Click on “Track Package” to view the latest shipping details.

Real-time updates provide me with the package’s location and expected delivery timeline. If there’s an issue or delay, the same section often offers guidance or additional steps I can take.

Handling Shipping and Customs

Understanding the shipping and customs process is crucial when I order items to be shipped internationally from Amazon USA.

Shipping: I select the shipping option that balances cost and speed. If I’m an Amazon Prime member, I may have access to free or expedited international shipping on eligible items. For non-Prime eligible items, I choose from various international shipping options offered at checkout.

Customs: Amazon calculates and collects the applicable customs fees upfront during checkout, so I know exactly what the total cost is without surprises later on. Here’s how Amazon makes this convenient for me:

  • Estimated Import Fees Deposit: At checkout, an estimate is provided, which covers customs duties, taxes, and fees that the destination country requires.
  • If the actual import fees are less than the deposit, Amazon issues a refund for the difference. If they’re more, Amazon covers any extra cost.

Keeping these points in mind helps me manage international orders on Amazon USA efficiently and without hassle.

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