How Long Does Essie Nail Polish Last? (Checked)

Essie is a household name in the nail polish market. Essie is one of the go-to nail polish brands for beauty professionals, beauty vloggers and bloggers, and industry insiders.

Essie nail polish is known to last for a long time on the nails, which is why it is getting a lot of hype.

Here is How Long Essie Nail Polish Lasts:

Like other brands, Essie nail polish has a shelf life of up to 5 years when the bottle is unopened. An opened bottle of Essie nail polish generally lasts for up to 2 years. On the nails, Essie nail polish can last for one to two weeks, depending on the application.

How Long Does Essie Nail Polish Last on Nails?

According to beauty gurus and nail experts, Essie nail polish is one of the best brands. It is known to be long-lasting, and it does not chip easily.

On average, Essie nail polish can last for up to 1 week on the nails with no chipping or cracking.

Compared to other brands of nail polish, this is quite long. Some brands of nail polish tend to chip or crack on the nails in just 2 to 3 days after application.

Essie is popular specifically for its Gel Couture line of nail polish. When applied, it looks like a gel manicure that goes on thick with a very pigmented finish.

However, it is applied like regular nail polish, with no need for any UV lights. It can also be removed easily, just like regular nail polish – by just rubbing it off using a cotton pad with nail polish remover or acetone.

The longevity of the nail polish can depend on how it is applied. For Essie, apply the first coat and let it dry for at least a minute. Then apply the second coat and let it dry for a minute before applying the top coat.

The top coat helps make your nail polish last longer. Essie also has its formulation of a top coat that works well with its nail polish.

When you use Essie nail polish with Essie top coat nail polish, your manicure can last for up to 2 weeks on the nails with no chipping or cracking.

How Long Does Essie Nail Polish Last In The Bottle?

Like other nail polish brands, Essie nail polish has the same shelf life of around five years in the bottle when it is opened.

Once the bottle is opened, Essie nail polish can last for up to 2 years or 24 months with proper care.

Generally, a bottle of Essie nail polish is good for up to 24 months after opening. That is, if you have stored it correctly and given it proper care.

Here are some tips to make your Essie nail polish last longer in the bottle:

  • Always keep the nail polish bottle clean. After using the nail polish, wipe the bottle and the neck to make sure that there is no residue sticking to it.
  • Store it in a dry and cool place with no direct sunlight.
  • If you see that the nail polish is starting to settle, roll the bottle between your hands. The bottle has two steel balls inside, which will re-mix the product properly to prevent it from settling.
  • Make sure that the cap is always tightly closed after each use. This is to prevent the solvent in the nail polish from evaporating, causing it to eventually dry out and solidify.

Does Essie Nail Polish Chip Easily?

When your nail polish chips, it is usually because of a few things.

One common causes of nail polish chipping are that it has not been applied properly or that you applied thick coats without letting it set. Another reason is that you are using low-quality nail polish.

In the industry, the brand Essie has been known to create high-quality and long-lasting nail polish. Many consumer reviews have confirmed that.

In general, Essie nail polish does not chip easily. It is one of the nail polish brands known to last for a week on the nails with no chipping.

If you are using Essie nail polish and you notice that it chips or cracks easily, then it means that it has not been applied properly.

According to Essie, here is how you should apply their nail polish so that it lasts long:

  1. Apply a base coat, so the nail polish adheres to the nail better.
  2. Then apply two coats of the Essie nail polish, making sure to let the first coat dry for 30 to 60 seconds before applying the second one.
  3. Once the nail polish is dry, apply one coat of the Essie top coat.
  4. Let your nails air-dry for 15 minutes.

Take note that some environmental factors, like temperature and humidity, can affect the drying time of your nails. If the weather is warm, then your nails may take longer to dry. In this case, using a fan may be helpful.

Also, after letting your nails dry for 15 minutes, they will only feel dry to the touch.

It would still take 2 to 3 hours for them to dry completely, so avoid doing activities that could smudge your nail polish within those hours.

Does Essie Nail Polish Smudge Easily?

If you just had your nails done, your nail polish could smudge if you are not careful about using your hands.

Just like all other nail polish brands, Essie nail polish smudges easily if you do not wait for it to dry completely.

After applying Essie nail polish, the surface would take 15 minutes to dry. After that, you should still wait for 2 to 3 hours before using your hands for any activity that can cause it to smudge.

Another common cause of smudging is applying thick layers of nail polish. If you apply thicker coats, then it will take a longer time to dry, and it will smudge easily.

So the trick is to apply each coat thinly and let each coat sit for 30 to 60 seconds before applying the next one.

Is Essie Nail Polish Good Overall?

Overall, Essie’s nail polish is really good. There are lots of things that customers, beauty gurus, and nail professionals love about this brand.

It Lasts Longer Compared to Other Brands:

According to a lot of reviews, this is what they love about Essie nail polish the most.

It lasts longer than other brands of nail polish. A crowd favorite is the Gel Couture, which is a regular nail polish but looks like gel nail polish.

It lasts very long, minus the UV lamp curing and the tedious removal that comes with using actual gel nail polish.

It has a Unique Applicator and Brush:

The applicator of Essie’s nail polish is twisted.

This helps ensure that no excess polish is dropped onto the nails, which can cause a mess on your nail bed.

The applicator also has tapered bristles that make the brush fan out and retract. This lets you cover your whole nails in just a couple of swipes.

It Generally Does Not Need a Top Coat:

Essie nail polish leaves a shine, so you do not need a top coat.

However, applying a top coat increases the product’s longevity on your nails from 1 to 2 weeks.

The top coat makes it look like a gel nail polish without having to cure it with a UV lamp, and it can be easily removed, just like regular nail polish.

It is Highly Pigmented:

With Essie nail polish, you only need two thin coats for full opacity. This means you do not end up using a lot of products in one manicure, and you get more out of a bottle.

Now you know why Essie is highly recommended and one of the top-rated nail polish brands. It lasts a long, and it is of very good quality.

And the best part is that it is affordable. A bottle costs only around $10 – which is way cheaper than getting your nails done at a salon.


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