How Long Does Orly Nail Polish Last? (Checked)

Finding a great nail polish that not only has that perfectly opaque finish while still lasting for a long time is a journey.

One of the top brands of the moment, Orly, has become a staple in any manicure enthusiast’s home.

When it comes to standing up against professional manicures, how long does Orly nail polish last?

Here’s How Long Orly Nail Polish can Last:

Regular Orly nail polish can last anywhere from 3-5 days without chipping, while their gel polish will last up to 3 weeks. However, with the Orly gel polish, you will need to use a UV light to cure it to make it hold on for those three weeks.

How Long Does Orly Nail Polish Last on Nails?

As mentioned, depending on the type of Orly polish you choose, the nail polish will stay on your nails anywhere from 3 days up to 3 weeks.

Orly Regular Polish:

First, let us deep dive, into Orly’s regular nail polish line. Regular Orly polish is that standard line that comes in dozens of shades and colors.

The standard polish does not need light or certain steps to stick.

Orly nail polish won’t start chipping until after three days of wear. This is without using any prep or base coat on your nails, meaning that without prepping your nails in any way, the polish will stay put for at least that long.

However, in the case of prepping your nails with a full cuticle trim, filing, and a base coat, you can expect Orly nail polish to hold onto the nail for at least a week without chipping.

Orly Gel Polish:

In the past few years, gel manicures have become all the rage when finding a great manicure that will last.

Orly has a gel nail polish line that, when used properly, can last you up to 3 full weeks without a single chip.

To make your Orly gel polish manicure last, you have to make sure to properly clean, and prep your nails as well as allow some tie to cure your nails with a UV light.

While gel polish is changing the game when it comes to having a super pigmented and long-lasting nail, it can be quite a pain to remove.

How Long Does Orly Nail Polish Last in the Bottle?

If you’re anything like me, you have a cabinet full of nail polish dating so far back that it is embarrassing.

Did you know that nail polish has an expiration date? Even when it is left untouched in the bottle, nail polish will expire over time.

One way to tell if your nail polish has gone bad in the bottle is if you notice the polish color starts to separate a little bit.

Expired nail polish will start to separate and change the texture in the bottle because the chemicals are older and cannot keep the polish together and smooth. However, nail polish that hasn’t been opened or used will last longer in the bottle when placed on the shelf.

Regular Orly nail polish that has not been opened will last on your shelf for up to 24 months, while the gel varieties last up to 36 months.

Orly polish that has already been opened and used should be discarded after six months or if you notice that the texture of the polish starts to change. 

Does Orly Nail Polish Chip Easily?

Orly has a great track record for nail polishes, not chipping too quickly.

Some reviews even say they can wear Orly nail polish for up to a week without seeing a single chip. Even through hard labor or everyday wear and tear, Orly nail polish will stay perfectly chip-free on your nails.

Nail polish is not meant to last forever, and even the most expensive and high-end brands will chip. However, Orly worked tirelessly to create a formula that truly is chip-free.

It really comes down to how well you apply the nail polish as well as how you prepare your hands and nails before the manicure.

Orly notes that their nail polishes are not designed to work well under high temperatures. This is why they recommend that you don’t soak your hands in hot water or use a hot towel on your nail beds before applying the nail polish.

This will disrupt the polish during application and will not help the polish to adhere properly to your nail.

To make your Orly manicure last, start with a super clean nail and buff the surface to give it some grip. You will also want to use a strengthening base coat to give the nail polish some hold.

After a few thin layers, apply Orly’s finishing top coat and let them dry completely before using our hands. 

Does Orly Nail Polish Smudge Easily?

Nothing is worse than giving yourself a great at-home manicure and only noticing it starts to smudge.

There are many different reasons your nail polish may be smudging, but most of the time, it has everything to do with application and little to do with the nail polish itself.

The most common reason your nail polish may be smudging is that you do not allow enough time for the nails to dry between layers.

Instead of coating your nails in thick layers and not waiting before going in for another pass, try doing your nails in super thin layers. Let each layer dry in between applications, and keep applying until you have the opaque finish that you desire.

How does Orly stand up against the smudge test? Orly nail polishes are meant to dry quicker in-between applications, reducing the amount of smudging.

Also, Orly understands how annoying nail smudges can be, so they even have a top coat specially designed to stop smudging before it starts. 

Is Orly Nail Polish Good Overall?

It seems like Orly’s nail polish came out of nowhere to snatch one of the top spots for today’s best nail polish brands.

Orly has almost a perfect score among the beauty community giving it a 4.5/5 star rating. People love Orly nail polish for its wide color range and performance on the nail.

What makes Orly’s nail polish really stand out from the rest, and is it really good overall? The two main points that reviewers have made when talking about this polish are that it drys down very quickly and doesn’t chip as quickly as other brands.

Having a nail polish dry down quickly in a matter of minutes in between applications not only keeps the polish from chipping and smudging, but it also means that I can get back to my life quicker without waiting for the nail polish to dry all day.

What people love about Orly nail polish is the price point. You can find Orly in most beauty supply stores for under $5 a bottle, which makes it a great budget option as well.

Wrapping It Up

Many departments in the beauty world are seemingly oversaturated with brands and products, and it can be not easy to find a standout.

The wild world of nail polish is one of those beauty sections with many brands, styles, and formulas. However, Orly’s nail polish has made its mark on the beauty community.

The biggest standout about the Orly nail brand is that their products were made to last on the nail without chipping or smudging for longer than some high-end brands.

Also, a price point that we can’t compare is an overall win.

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