How to “Shop By Category” on Amazon’s App? (Easy Guide)

By browsing through categories, I can streamline my shopping experience, making it easier to locate the items I need without sifting through unnecessary clutter. Categories are designed to group related items, allowing me to efficiently browse through selections and compare similar products.

As I navigate the Amazon app, I appreciate the organization of items into categories, which reflects a thoughtful structure to assist customers like me in finding products.

Getting Started with the Amazon App

When I shop on the Amazon app, I find it to be an efficient way to browse a vast selection of products.

The process is intuitive, making it easy for users like me to get started right away.

Downloading the App

I usually begin by ensuring I download the official Amazon app from my device’s respective app store. For iPhone users, this means visiting the Apple App Store, and for Android users, the Google Play Store.

It is critical to download the legitimate app to protect my personal information.

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad): Apple App Store
  • Android: Google Play Store

Navigating the Home Screen

Upon opening the app, I’m greeted by the home screen, which provides a variety of options and features.

Here is what I typically see:

  • Search Bar: At the top, I use this to search for specific items.
  • Navigation Bar: This is located at the bottom, housing options like Home, Account, and Cart.
  • Prime Access: If I’m a Prime member, I can quickly access my benefits here.

Accessing Categories

To shop by category on the Amazon app, I follow these steps:

  1. Tap the menu icon (☰) to reveal the main menu.
  2. Here, I find an extensive list of categories such as Electronics, Fashion, Home & Kitchen.
  3. I select the category that matches what I’m looking for to see a curated list of products.

By following these guidelines, I ensure a safe and efficient shopping experience using the Amazon app.

Shopping by Category

When I shop on the Amazon app, I find that shopping by category streamlines my experience and helps me locate items more efficiently.

Selecting a Category

When I start my shopping journey, the first thing I do is select a desired category from the homepage.

This immediately narrows down the range of products to a relevant field, preparing me to explore further. For instance, if I’m looking for books, I would tap on the ‘Books’ category.

Exploring Subcategories

Once in a category, I encounter various subcategories, allowing me to break down my search even more precisely. If I’ve chosen ‘Books,’ I then have options such as ‘Fiction,’ ‘Non-Fiction,’ and ‘Children’s Books.’

Tapping on these reveals more specific items related to my interest.

Filtering Products

To refine my choices further, I use the filter option within the category, which helps me sort products by various criteria like price, customer reviews, and new arrivals.

For example, I often filter books by ‘Customer Reviews’ to make sure I’m viewing those that come highly recommended by other readers.

This feature is quite handy to ensure I make informed purchasing decisions.

Tips and Tricks

When I shop on the Amazon app, efficiency and accuracy are vital. I prefer to get precisely what I need without hassle, and here are the strategies I use to achieve that.

Using Search Within Categories

When looking for items, I first navigate to the desired category—this narrows down my search results, filtering out unrelated products. Here’s how I do it:

  1. I open the Amazon app and use the main search bar.
  2. I then select the appropriate category from the drop-down menu.
  3. I type my search keyword to find products specific to my needs within that category.

By searching within categories, I avoid the clutter of unrelated products and streamline my shopping experience.

Reading Customer Reviews

Once I’ve found an item of interest, I make it a point to read customer reviews. Here’s my process:

  • I scroll to the ‘Customer Reviews’ section of the product page.
  • I look for reviews with a verified purchase badge to ensure authenticity.
  • I pay close attention to both positive and negative reviews, keeping an eye out for repeated comments on quality, size, or functionality.

This habit gives me deep insight into the experiences of other customers, greatly informing my purchase decision.

Comparing Products

Comparing products is essential. I do this carefully to guarantee that I’m choosing the best option. Two key comparison practices include:

  • Side-by-Side Comparison: I open multiple tabs in the Amazon app for comparable products. I check for differences in features, prices, and shipping options.
  • Feature Check-List: I maintain a simple list of must-have features for the product I’m seeking. For each potential purchase, I tally how many boxes it ticks off my list.

The above methods help me measure the value and suitability of items against my personal criteria and budget.

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