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Shop Amazon with American Express Points [Guide for 2024]

American Express Membership Rewards points are versatile, and one of their benefits is the ability to use them directly on Amazon, a vast marketplace with millions of items.

By linking my eligible American Express card to my Amazon account, you unlock the option to use my accumulated points to pay for purchases, either in part or in full.

The process is seamless; once a card is linked, you’ew am able to apply Membership Rewards points at checkout. This feature offers flexibility, allowing you to choose how many points I wish to redeem.

The points can cover a portion of the purchase or the entire amount, depending on what you prefer and the points available in my account.

Recognizing offers and maximizing value from each point is also key.

Occasionally, Amazon and American Express collaborate on special promotions that can provide significant savings. Being vigilant about such deals ensures I benefit the most from using my Membership Rewards points on Amazon purchases.

Understanding American Express Points

American Express Membership Rewards is a loyalty program where you earn points for purchases made with an eligible American Express card.

Accrued points can be used for various rewards, one of which is shopping at

Earning Points:

  • I typically earn points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases.
  • Some American Express cards offer higher points per dollar on certain categories like travel or dining.

Value of Points:
When I shop on, the value of my points is as follows:

Points Amazon Cash Value
1,000 Points $7

This means that each point has a value of approximately 0.7 cents when redeemed on Amazon.


  • To use my points at Amazon, I first link my eligible Membership Rewards card to my Amazon account.
  • I can then select Membership Rewards points as a payment method during checkout.
  • I’m not constrained to use all my points; I can choose how many to redeem for a purchase.


  • Not all items on Amazon are eligible for purchase with points.
  • It’s easy to spot eligible items as they’re clearly marked.

By understanding the basics of American Express points, you’re able to make informed decisions about redeeming my points and maximizing the benefits provided through the Membership Rewards program.

Linking Your American Express Account with Amazon

To use American Express Membership Rewards points on, I start by linking my eligible American Express Card to my Amazon account.

Here’s a straightforward guide:

Step 1: Enroll Your Card
I first ensure my American Express Card is enrolled in the Membership Rewards program. This is a prerequisite to using the rewards points for shopping.

Step 2: Link the Card to Amazon
Next, I link my enrolled card to my account. This step is crucial as it allows the Amazon system to recognize the payment method for future purchases.

  • Go to the “Your Account” section on
  • Navigate to the “Payment Options” area
  • I select ‘Add a Card’ and enter my American Express Card details

Step 3: Set up Payments with Points

  • Once the card is added, I look for an option to use Membership Rewards points
  • I activate this feature, effectively setting up my card for point redemption during checkout

A Few Tips:

  • Security First: I make sure to complete these steps in a secure environment to protect my account details.
  • Rewards Management: I remain aware of the balance on my Membership Rewards to plan my purchases accordingly.
  • Purchases Eligibility: Not all items may be eligible for points redemption, so I always check this before proceeding to checkout.

Linking my account is a one-time process, and after these steps, I’m set to use my rewards points for future purchases on Amazon. Clear and easy, as shopping should be.

Shopping with Points on Amazon

When I shop on Amazon using my American Express Membership Rewards points, I first make sure my items are eligible for point redemption.

Then, I carefully apply my points during the checkout process.

Selecting Items Eligible for Points

Not all items on Amazon are eligible for purchase with Membership Rewards points.

I follow these steps to ensure I select eligible items:

  1. Navigate to the product pages.
  2. Look for the label indicating if an item is “Eligible for Shop with Points” under the price on the product detail page.
  3. Add the eligible item(s) to my cart.

Eligibility might change, but most items sold by qualify, excluding some digital goods and services.

Applying Points at Checkout

To utilize my points at checkout, I:

  1. Proceed to the checkout after selecting my items.
  2. Choose the American Express Card I enrolled with Membership Rewards points as my payment method.
  3. Select “Membership Rewards points” for the payment.
  4. Specify the amount of points I wish to apply:
    • I can input a specific dollar amount I’d like to cover with points.
    • Alternatively, I can choose to apply the maximum available points.

For a more streamlined process in the future, I may opt to set Membership Rewards points as my default payment method.

Maximizing Point Value When Shopping on Amazon

When I shop on Amazon using my American Express points, I aim to get the most out of my points.

To do this, the following steps can significantly enhance the value of points used:

  • Link Your Card Properly: Before shopping, make sure that my American Express Card is linked to my Amazon account, enabling the use of points at checkout.
  • Item Eligibility: I check for products marked eligible for the “Shop with Points” option. Not all items on Amazon qualify, so this step is crucial.
  • Partial Payments: If I use points for a portion of the purchase, I can pay the remaining amount with my card, combining reward utilization with point accrual.
  • Special Offers: Sometimes, there are promotions for using points on Amazon, such as discounts on purchases. I look out for these offers to stretch the value of my points further.

I’m aware that using Membership Rewards points directly on Amazon might not yield the highest value per point.

However, if immediate savings on Amazon purchases are my goal, using points directly is a straightforward way to reduce my purchase cost.

In summary, careful consideration on how I use my Membership Rewards points can make a notable difference to their real-world value.

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