Shop with Capital One Points on Amazon [2024 GUIDE]

By linking my eligible Capital One credit card to my Amazon account, I’m able to use my accumulated rewards points to pay for purchases.

This process involves a simple setup and once completed, it allows me to reduce the cost of my Amazon purchases by applying my points at checkout.

I appreciate the convenience of using my rewards directly on Amazon, where a vast range of products are eligible for purchase with points.

This integration reflects a strategic partnership between Capital One and Amazon, designed to provide an added level of utility for Capital One cardholders like me. It eliminates the need to convert points into gift cards or use them in less direct ways, ensuring that my rewards are readily accessible and can be used as easily as any other payment method on Amazon’s platform.

Enrolling Your Capital One Account

To leverage the convenience of shopping on Amazon with my Capital One rewards, I need to first ensure my rewards account is properly linked and eligible for the program.

Linking Your Capital One Rewards Account to Amazon

I must link my Capital One rewards card to my Amazon account to start using my points.

I follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Amazon: I access my Amazon account where I prefer to shop.
  2. Navigate to ‘Your Account’: Under the accounts section, I locate the option to ‘Shop with Points’ and click on it.
  3. Link my card: Here, I’m prompted to link my Capital One rewards account if it’s not already. I enter my card details and follow the confirmation process.

Eligibility Requirements for Using Points

Before I can use my points, there are a few criteria my account must meet:

  • Rewards card: My Capital One card must be a rewards card that is eligible to earn points.
  • Enrollment: My card must be enrolled in the Capital One rewards program.
  • Account status: My account should be in good standing without any overdue payments.

These simple steps help ensure that I can shop on Amazon using my points hassle-free.

Shopping with Points on Amazon

Capital One allows its cardholders to use rewards points for purchases on Amazon.

This convenient system requires linking your eligible Capital One card to your Amazon account and then selecting points as your payment method at checkout.

Browsing Eligible Products

When shopping on Amazon, I ensure to look for items that indicate they are eligible for purchase with points.

Millions of items qualify, so it’s easy for me to find what I need. Once I add these items to my cart, I’m ready to move on to the next step of using my rewards points to make the purchase.

Selecting Payment with Capital One Points

At checkout, I select the option to use my Capital One rewards points.

Amazon simplifies this process by allowing me to either apply the maximum available points or specify a different amount.

This flexibility means I can use as many or as few points as I prefer, and if necessary, I can cover the remaining balance with my Capital One card.

Managing Your Points and Purchases

To effectively use Capital One points on Amazon, I first ensure I am well-informed about my reward balance and the value of these points when converted for purchases.

Checking Point Balance

Before I make any purchases with my points, I always check my current point balance.

To do this, I log into my Capital One account either through the company’s website or mobile app.

Finding my point balance is straightforward—it’s typically presented on the main account overview page.

Keeping a regular check on my point balance helps me plan my spending on Amazon.

Understanding Point Value and Conversion

When I am considering using my points on Amazon, I understand that knowing the conversion rate is crucial.

For every 100 points I have, they typically equate to $1 when used on Amazon. This means if I have 10,000 points, they can be redeemed for $100 worth of purchases on Amazon.

I always recalculate the value before checkout to ensure I am using my points effectively.

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