Shop with Chase Points on Amazon: Guide 2024

In the realm of online shopping, utilizing credit card points can yield significant savings, a practice I find both prudent and beneficial.

Chase Ultimate Rewards points, which I can earn through various Chase credit cards, are particularly versatile for this purpose.

One of the most seamless utilizations of these points is through Amazon’s Shop with Points program, where I can apply my accumulated points to purchase millions of items directly on Amazon’s vast platform.

I appreciate the straightforward process of linking my Chase account to Amazon, a simple way to extend my purchasing power.

After enrolling my eligible Chase card and linking it to my Amazon account, I’m able to shop from a wide array of products, from essential household items to gifts for my loved ones.

When checking out, I select my Chase Ultimate Rewards points as my payment method, which allows me to either cover the entire cost of the purchase or a portion of it, depending on the points I have available.

This method not only streamlines my shopping experience but also instills a sense of monetary stewardship by making the most of the rewards I’ve earned.

There’s no minimum rewards balance required to redeem, which means I can start using my points even if I’ve only accumulated a small amount. For every 100 points used, I essentially receive $1 off my purchase total, offering a tangible benefit for my regular spending.

Linking Chase and Amazon Accounts

Before linking your Chase and Amazon accounts, know that it’s a necessary step to shop on Amazon using Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

It’s straightforward and secure when done correctly.

Step-by-Step Account Linking Process

  1. Enroll Your Card: The first thing I do is enroll my eligible Chase card by linking it to my account. I do this through the Chase Ultimate Rewards section or directly on Amazon where it offers the option to link my rewards account.
  2. Log In to Chase: I log in to my Chase account to confirm that my card is eligible for the Shop with Points program. Not all cards may qualify, so this step is crucial.
  3. Link to Amazon: After confirming eligibility, I go to Amazon’s “Shop with Points” section and use my Chase login credentials to connect my accounts. This must be done through a secure login process to protect my information.

Verifying Linked Accounts

  • Check on Amazon: Once I have linked my accounts, I check on Amazon under Payment Options to see if my Chase card is now listed as a payment method.
  • Check on Chase: I also check my Chase Ultimate Rewards portal to see if Amazon has been added as an authorized merchant to ensure the process is complete.

By following these steps, I ensure that my accounts are linked and I’m ready to use my points for shopping on Amazon.

Shopping with Chase Points

I find that using Chase Ultimate Rewards points on Amazon is convenient and can potentially save money on my purchases.

To utilize this feature effectively, I focus on eligible items and follow the proper steps to apply my points at checkout.

Selecting Items Eligible for Chase Points

Step 1: Initially, I make sure my Chase Ultimate Rewards card is linked to my Amazon account. This enables me to pay with points.

Step 2: When I shop on Amazon, I look for items marked as eligible for payment with Chase points. Not all items on Amazon can be purchased with points; eligibility will be indicated on the product detail page.

Step 3: I add the eligible items to my cart, keeping in mind that points can cover all or part of my purchase, depending on my preference and the number of points I have available.

Checking Out with Chase Points

When I shop on Amazon using Chase Ultimate Rewards points, I make sure to follow a straightforward process that ensures I can apply these points easily at checkout.

Applying Points to Your Purchase

After I select the items I wish to purchase and proceed to the checkout, the option to use Chase Ultimate Rewards points appears as one of the payment methods. Here’s how I apply my points:

  • Enroll My Card: I ensure my Chase card is linked to my Amazon account.
  • Select Items: I add eligible items to my cart.
  • Checkout: When I’m ready to check out, I select Chase Ultimate Rewards to apply points to the purchase.
  • Customize Payment: Amazon gives me the flexibility to choose how many points I want to apply towards the purchase. I can use points for all or just part of the charge.

Reviewing Point Conversion Rates and Discounts

I always pay attention to the conversion rates and potential discounts available when using points:

  • Conversion Rate: Typically, 100 Chase points translate to $1.00 on Amazon.
  • Discounts: Occasionally, there may be promos offering more value for the points I redeem.

Understanding the conversion rate helps me make informed decisions about whether I should use my points or save them for future use.

Managing Points and Account Settings

When shopping on Amazon with Chase Ultimate Rewards points, I make sure to first have my Chase account linked to my Amazon ‘Shop with Points’ feature. Here’s how I keep my points and account settings in check:

Linking My Chase Account to Amazon:

  • I navigate to the ‘Shop with Points’ page in my Amazon account.
  • There, I select my Chase card from the list of eligible cards and follow the prompts to register my card.

Choosing How to Pay with Points:

  • Once my card is linked, I can opt to use points as my default payment method. This can be toggled on or off in the ‘Shop with Points’ settings.

Adjusting Point Usage:

  • I can set the specific amount of points I wish to apply to a purchase at checkout.
  • If I choose not to use points for a particular order, I simply deselect the reward points option at checkout.

Viewing Account and Rewards Balance:

  • For any account details and point balances, I log in to
  • Here, I have 24/7 access to all my account details, including my Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

I keep a close eye on my account settings to adapt to any changes.

To unenroll from ‘Shop with Points’ at any time, I visit the ‘Shop with Points’ section in my account and select ‘Unenroll’.

I ensure to manage my account securely and responsibly, following these straightforward steps to both redeem my points and maintain control over my account settings.

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