Is Gucci Cheaper Anywhere Else? (We Checked)

As one of the top luxury fashion brands in the world, Gucci products are known for being notoriously expensive. Some may even call them overpriced – but that’s purely subjective.

If you’re into classic pieces that are beautifully designed, last for a long time, and will never go out of style, then you can never go wrong with buying Gucci products.

Can you get them for lower prices elsewhere?

Here’s How To Save On Gucci Products:

Gucci does not usually go on sale and does not offer discounts on its products. One of the most common ways to score Gucci products at lower prices is by buying through authorized retailers like luxury department stores. These stores do have sales and promos on different brands, including Gucci.

Is Gucci Cheaper At The Airport?

In general, Gucci products are cheaper at the airport.

This is because any taxes or import-related fees added to Gucci products and other luxury-branded items are waived when sold at the airport. This can result in significant savings when shopping for Gucci products.

Gucci products are made in Italy and exported to different countries. When the US imports products from Europe, tax rates and other added fees can be as high as 37.5%, depending on different factors.

So when you buy Gucci products at the airport, they are significantly cheaper because you won’t have to pay these additional fees.

Is Gucci Cheaper In Duty-Free Shops?

Gucci tends to be cheaper in duty-free shops.

Duty-free shops are retail shops wherein buyers are exempted from paying certain local taxes and duty taxes on imported goods. You can find this type of retail shop in airports, but you can also find them in other locations.

As stated above, products sold in duty-free shops do not have any added local taxes or duty taxes. This applies to all brands, including luxury designer ones like Gucci.

This is why people love shopping for luxury goods in duty-free shops.

Do Gucci Products Ever Go On Sale?

The Gucci online store and retail stores never go on sale, but authorized Gucci resellers, such as luxury department stores, do.

There are many authorized Gucci resellers like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, and Nordstrom, and these stores go on sale – both online and in-store. When they do, you can expect to find good deals on Gucci products.

Gucci stores never go on sale, so if you’re planning to check them out during Black Friday or holiday sales, save yourself from the effort and don’t. Not even during America’s biggest sale season, like the Black Friday Sale.

So sign up for the newsletters of these stores and keep an eye out for any announcements on social media for upcoming promotions and sales.

What Are The Best Ways To Save On Gucci Products?

Gucci products look stylish and have excellent quality, but people prefer to avoid breaking the bank when shopping.

Let’s face it – even people who can afford Gucci products love a good deal.

So if you are looking for your next Gucci purchase or planning to buy your first Gucci handbag, here are the best ways to save on them.

Shop at Luxury Department Stores:

Luxury department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s are authorized Gucci resellers.

So if you buy a Gucci product from any of these stores, you can be sure they are authentic.

Unlike Gucci stores, these department stores have seasonal promotions or sales. They also participate in Black Friday Sales and other holiday sales so that you can find good deals on Gucci items during these particular days.

Plus, many of these department stores also have membership programs that give shoppers first-hand information on when the next sale is and exclusive access to discounts and promos.

Shop at Trusted e-Commerce Shops:

Another great way to save on Gucci items is by shopping through trusted e-commerce shops. Retail platforms like Farfetch, The RealReal, MyTheresa, and The Luxury Closet are well-known online shopping hubs for luxury goods.

You can find authentic Gucci products on these platforms at significantly lower prices.

Gucci items are cheaper here because most are pre-loved or secondhand items. But the quality could be better. These retail platforms authenticate all products and ensure they are in great condition before selling them online. Else, it will affect the shop’s credibility and reputation.

So if you are okay with buying secondhand Gucci items for a very good price, check out the shops mentioned above.

Shop at Gucci Outlet Stores:

The brand owns Gucci outlet stores but differs from the retail stores.

A Gucci outlet store is where Gucci products go on sale if they are being phased out or are no longer in season. Gucci offers seasonal items, and if they are not sold, they are brought to outlet stores after being taken off the shelves in Gucci retail stores.

So if you’re looking for a last-season Gucci handbag or purse, you may find it at an outlet store for a fraction of its original price.

Is Gucci Cheaper In Italy?

Gucci products are significantly cheaper in some countries, and that includes Italy. 

As an Italian brand, more than 90% of the manufacturers and suppliers for Gucci are based in Italy. The closer the products are from the source, the cheaper you can get them.

This is because the products don’t incur any additional fees like import taxes, duty taxes, and shipping and logistics costs. It is very cheap to transport the products from Italian factories and distribute them to retail stores within the country.

Plus, if you are a tourist in Italy or anywhere in Europe, you can get a value-added tax refund at the airport. Just make sure to get the right paperwork at the Gucci store. Once at the airport, look for the tax refund counter in the departures area and present the paperwork and your passport.

So if ever you are traveling to Italy, we recommend taking the opportunity to shop for Gucci products because you will save a lot of money.

Is Gucci Cheaper In Hawaii?

When you live in the US, you will find that many imported luxury products like Gucci have sales tax on them. The sales tax varies from state to state but can be as high as 10%.

Gucci is cheaper in Hawaii than in the mainland US because sales tax is significantly lower.

It may still vary between the islands, but in the US, you get the best prices on luxury goods in Hawaii. This is why many tourists in Hawaii tend to buy luxury designer products while there.

Is Gucci Cheaper In Mexico?

In Latin America, Mexico is known as the hub for luxury shopping, but it’s not because the products are cheaper. It’s only because many luxury designers have opened retail stores in Mexico, particularly Mexico City.

Gucci and other luxury brands are more expensive in Mexico than in the US.

Gucci is much more expensive in Mexico and can be 30% pricier. So Mexicans who can afford Gucci tend to go to the US to shop rather than buy locally.

Is Gucci Cheaper In Spain?

Gucci is cheaper in Spain than in the US and other countries outside of Europe because the logistics costs of transporting the products from Italy are significantly lower.

Plus, there are fewer added costs like import taxes and value-added taxes.

Is Gucci Cheaper In Dubai?

Gucci can be pricier or cheaper in Dubai, depending on your point of comparison. 

Compared to Europe and the UK, Gucci is more expensive in Dubai as the prices of the products are almost the same as in the US.

However, if you compare the prices in China, India, and other Asian countries, Dubai is cheaper. Gucci can be 15% to 25% cheaper in Dubai compared to other countries in Asia and even in the Middle East.

Is Gucci Cheaper In African Countries?

Gucci is not cheaper in African countries compared to the US.

This is because of the high import taxes and shipping costs that these goods incur when they are being transported to these countries. Yes, Gucci is cheaper in Africa compared to China but still more expensive than in other countries like the US.

Ultimately, Gucci products are quite expensive given the quality of the products and the prestige of the brand, but they can be if you know where to buy them.


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