Do Modern Homes Have Curtains Today? (Checked)

The first curtains were made in the 15th century, and since then, curtains have been used in many homes as window treatments. Curtains function mainly to add privacy, block light from the outside, add warmth to the room, and soften the interiors.

While many curtains look old-fashioned and are best suited for traditional-looking houses, some modern homes still have curtains.

Here is Why Modern Homes Still have Curtains Today:

Curtains can be timeless, especially when you choose plain black or white colors. Partnered with modern or minimalist furniture, curtains can finish the look of a room. Some modern homes omit curtains altogether, but curtains are still in style.

Are Curtains Modern and In Style Right Now?

Among the different interior design styles, modern is considered the most interesting. Some people love the modern style because of its simplicity and clean look, while others find it too plain and boring.

Since the modern style is becoming a popular trend in interior design, many of the curtains on the market are modern and in style.

Homeowners have many different options when choosing modern curtains for their homes.

Some popular choices include sheer curtains, which allow light to filter into the room while still providing some privacy. Blackout curtains are made of a thick, opaque fabric that blocks out all light, and thermal curtains that regulate heat are all great options.

In addition to these functional designs, a variety of stylish curtain choices are available. For example, homeowners can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns and different materials such as silk, velvet, or linen.

Is It Trendy Not to Have Any Curtains?

Having a curtain in your home is completely optional. Of course, having one or not can have an impact on the overall look of your home’s interiors.

Apart from their practical uses, such as adding privacy to your home and blocking or minimizing the light coming from the outside, curtains can add life to an otherwise very dull and plain interior.

It can be trendy and perfectly okay not to have any curtains. Here is when it is good to not have any curtains, according to interior decorators:

When the Outside Views are too Good

The views outside can be an important aspect of the design of a room.

Many modern homes have huge windows with breathtaking views, and homeowners do not want to cover these views with window treatments.

If you live in an area with a nice view of the beach, mountains, or city skyline, then not having a curtain would be in style. These views can be the room’s focal point, so you would not want to hide them.

When there is Little Natural Light Coming In

The main function of curtains is to block natural light coming from the outside.

If a room gets very little natural light where needed, like in a study room or home office, it would be a good idea not to place curtains.

When the Window Trims Look Nice

Some houses have window trims that look nice – maybe the shape is unique, or the trim comes in an interesting style.

If this is the case and you live in an area where neighbors are far away, then having no curtains is a good idea.

Some window trims can make a statement on their own that it would be a shame to hide them with curtains and other types of window treatments.

When the Room Already Looks Too Busy

In spaces with many bright colors and patterns, a window with no curtains can be a great way to break up all the design elements.

If you have too many colors and patterns in your room, it is perfectly okay to skip adding curtains.

When You Have Modern Interiors

Most interior decorators agree that it is okay not to place curtains if you have a modern home.

Having no curtains in a modern space is trendy and helps create a clean, minimalist look.

What Do People Use Instead of Curtains?

While having some form of window treatment can be beneficial, you do not have to go for curtains. There are different window treatments available out there that are not curtains.

If you have a modern home and you do not want to place curtains, then there are lots of alternative window treatments that you can get.

Roman Blinds:

These window treatments can complement a modern home without being too bulky. They are perfect if you go for a clean, minimalist look in your home.

What’s great about Roman blinds is that they come in different varieties.

Some Roman blinds have thermal linings, which add insulation to the room while making your home more energy-efficient.

Roll-Up Blinds:

Roll-up blinds are a good option if you want your home’s modern yet natural look. These blinds usually come in neutral colors and can add texture to a simple decor scheme.

While they do not block the light completely, they do filter natural light nicely, and they can soften the overall look of your space.


If you want an even more modern and minimalist look, panels are a great option for window treatments.

Instead of being pleated, panels are flat pieces of fabric with a sliding mechanism, so they are easy to open and close.


Shutters are window coverings that consist of a frame with horizontal slats or rails and vertical louvers.

The louvers are used to adjust the horizontal rails so you can control the amount of light that enters the room. Shutters can be customized if you have oddly-shaped windows.

This is a good option if you want a more fixed or permanent window treatment. However, this is also more expensive compared to the other curtain alternatives.

Metal Screens:

Like shutters, metal screens are a more permanent option for window treatments since they must be installed to fit the window perfectly.

Metal screens are good if you want to let air and natural light in without fully compromising your privacy. You can open your windows while keeping the metal screens closed. They also work well with modern-style homes.

Window Films:

If budget is an issue, then window films are a great option.

Window films are budget-friendly adhesives that you stick directly on the window glass. You can buy window films at a hardware store, requiring minimal installation effort.

Even though they are affordable, window films adhere very well to the glass; they look good and can last for several years.

If your windows are oddly-shaped, they can be cut to fit these windows perfectly.

Privacy Screens:

You can use a privacy screen if you want some privacy without having to install anything.

These screens are great when you want to cover up your windows quickly. Just put them up. When you do not need them, you can take them down and stow them away.

Do Rooms Look too Empty Without Curtains?

Aside from blocking and filtering light and providing some privacy, placing curtains is a good way to spruce up any interior space. Rooms can look too empty without curtains.

However, you can install many other window treatments if you choose not to have curtains in your home. Plus, other ways to decorate your room prevent it from looking too empty without curtains.

What Types of Curtains Work with a Minimalistic Interior?

Not all curtains have to look stuffy, outdated, and traditional. Most curtain manufacturers are releasing styles that look good in a modern home.

Here are the types of curtains that can work with a minimalistic interior:

All-White Curtains:

When it comes to minimalist decor, you can never go wrong with white.

All-white curtains are perfect for modern homes. They are clean, simple, and so common that you can find one at any store for affordable prices.

White curtains are classic and will match anything you place in the room. Plus, they can soften the look of your room.

All-Black Curtains:

Another color that you can never go wrong with is black.

All-black curtains are a great option if you want a darker look for your room. They are the best option for bedrooms or any room of the house where you want to prevent light from entering.

Gray Curtains:

If white is too light for you and black is too dark, then go for gray curtains.

Just like white and black, gray curtains are a classic. Gray curtains can soften your room’s look while adding a slightly moody touch.

Mixed Curtain Panels:

If you want to veer away from all-white, all-black, or all-gray curtains, you can mix curtains of two solid colors.

For example, you can take a white curtain panel and place it side-by-side with a curtain panel of a different color. This is another way of injecting some color into your space.

Two-Toned Curtains:

If you want to add a pop of color to your minimalistic interior, then two-toned or color-blocking curtains would work well.

The best two-toned curtains you can get for a modern space is one that has a neutral color like white or gray, paired with a color that complements the rest of your room.

Curtains with Minimalist Patterns:

Having a minimalistic interior does not mean you cannot have patterns.

For a more interesting look, you can use curtains with a modern and minimalist pattern, such as geometric ones with thin and clean lines.

That being said, you can place curtains in your modern and minimalist home. There are many options for curtains that would look good in a modern home.

When going for curtains, choose the colors and designs carefully to match the overall look of your room.


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