15 Places You Can Return Amazon Packages

Amazon’s return policy is one of the best in the business.

You can return almost any item to Amazon for free, no questions asked, but it’s not so easy if you don’t have a place to drop off your returns.

This comprehensive guide will help you find the best places that accept Amazon returns:

Amazon Store

Amazon Stores are a convenient way to return your Amazon packages. If you live near an Amazon store, you can drop off your package at the store, and an associate can help you.

You can also use any of these stores as a pick-up location for returns or exchanges.

How to Return a Package to an Amazon Store

If you are returning a package to Amazon Store, then you must follow the steps below:

  1. Initiate your return through our Online Return Center if you have purchased an item from Amazon.com and wish to send it back.
  2. Find the Amazon Store Drop-Off option if the product you’re trying to return can be dropped off at one of Amazon’s physical locations. 
  3. You will be given alternative return alternatives if an item is returnable.

Some products purchased on Amazon.com may not be eligible for in-store returns at Amazon Physical Stores.

These products may not meet safe-to-ship criteria or may exceed the dimensions allowed by Amazon.

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Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market, a subsidiary of Amazon, is an upscale American multinational supermarket chain specializing in fresh food.

They provide a wide selection of natural and organic foods, as well as a variety of health products. They have hundreds of locations across the United States and Canada, including flagship stores in Austin, Texas.

How to Return an Amazon Package at Whole Foods Market

If you purchased something from Amazon.com and need to return it, you can do so at Whole Foods Market.

The process is very simple and quick.

Let’s go over how you can return your Amazon package at Whole Foods Market using Amazon Hub lockers available at the stores:

  1. Initiate the return process by signing into your Amazon account.
  2. Decide which store you’d like to drop off your Amazon package.
  3. You don’t need a box or a label to return an item. Just bring it to the Customer Service counter or Amazon Counter kiosk.
  4. Either print out the QR code from the app or bring the confirmation email with the code to the Whole Foods team member who will be processing your return request.

Some locations may not provide returns, so it is best to visit Whole Foods Market’s store finder on the website to see what is available at your preferred store.


Across the United States, you can find Kohl’s, a department store. You can shop there for furniture, decor, and apparel for you and your family.

Besides clothing and accessories, Kohl’s sells toys, electronics, and home decor.

How to Return an Amazon Package at Kohl’s

If there isn’t an Amazon Returns Center in your neighborhood, but there is a Kohl’s store, you can use that location to send back your Amazon item.

Here’s what you should know before bringing your Amazon return package to your local Kohl’s:

  1. Use Amazon’s Online Return Center to start your return.
  2. Choose to drop it off at Kohls.
  3. Check your email for the QR code from Amazon.
  4. Bring the item(s) you want to return to a participating Kohl’s store and show a store employee the QR code on your phone.
  5. Kohl’s will package, label, and ship your return for free.

All Kohl’s stores can now take Amazon returns, excluding Anchorage, Alaska. 


The UPS Store is a great option for shipping things back to Amazon. The UPS Store also packs and ships clients’ items among the many services they provide.

UPS Store also offers printing services and can help you make banners for your next event and handle your shipping needs.

How to Return an Amazon Package at a UPS Store

If you wish to return an Amazon package at UPS Store, you should know that the process is very simple.

Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Use Amazon’s Online Return Center to start your return.
  2. Choose the option “UPS Store Drop Off.”
  3. Amazon will send you a QR code by email.
  4. Bring the item(s) you want to return to the UPS store and show a store employee the QR code.
  5. If you did not repackage the item, UPS will pack your return, label it, and ship it for free.

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Returning Packages Using an Amazon Hub Locker

Amazon Hub Lockers are secure, self-service kiosks where you can drop off your Amazon.com returns.

You can also pick up packages that have been shipped to you by Amazon at no additional cost.

You can find these lockers in places like convenience stores, grocery stores, and even malls.

There are many benefits to using an Amazon Hub Locker, including:

Saving Time:

Avoid waiting in line at the post office or UPS store by checking out your package from a locker instead.

Avoiding Disappointment:

Don’t risk missing your delivery if you don’t have someone home when it arrives. You can collect your package on your schedule with an Amazon Hub Locker.

Staying Safe:

When it comes to returns, security is important!

With Amazon Hub Lockers located inside many major retailers like Walmart and Target, you won’t have to worry about leaving packages unattended outside their doors.

If you want to return your Amazon package, you can use an Amazon Hub Locker near you. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Returns Center on Amazon.
    • The Returns Center will show if a shipment can be dropped off at an Amazon Hub Locker.
    • This option displays a map from which you can select a region locker.
  2. Submit a return request.
  3. Amazon will send you a drop-off code via email.
  4. Bring the package along with the locker’s drop-off code.
  5. Enter the code on the touch screen of the display.
  6. Follow the on-screen directions.

Your Amazon locker access lasts until the next business day’s closing time, but there is no guarantee that space will be available after that period.

If you do not return your item before your reservation expires, you may cancel your return request and submit a new one for a different drop-off location.

Alternatively, you may return the item by paying the return shipping cost and sending it to the location provided on the return label. 

Securely repackage the item and affix the return label. All boxes must conform to dimensions no greater than 18″ x 14″ x 12″ to be accepted inside the locker.

Amazon Hub Locations to Return Amazon Packages

Amazon’s Lockers are a great way to pick up and return your Amazon orders. In addition, they are available in many places of business.

Here is a list of places with Amazon Lockers:


Staples is a large chain of office supply stores. They have over 1,000 locations in the United States and Canada.

Staples offers a wide variety of products and services, including furniture, computers, and software, copying and printing services, office supplies, paper goods that include greeting cards, office supplies, and more.

Amazon has teamed up with Staples to bring Amazon Hub lockers to select locations. 

Rite Aid

Rite Aid is a staple in the health and beauty industry.

In addition to being a pharmacy, they also carry cosmetics, beauty products, and household products.

Rite Aid has locations throughout the United States, so you can easily find one near you. Amazon Hub lockers in Rite Aid stores are available at select locations only.


7-Eleven is a convenience store chain of more than 70,000 stores worldwide that sell food, drinks, and other products.

In addition, 7-Eleven stores also have Amazon lockers so that you can return your Amazon packages without having to go back home and wait for the delivery person to arrive.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is a hardware store that provides various products and services to help you complete your home projects.

You can find a full range of tools, hardware, and supplies at any Ace Hardware location.

In addition, Ace has over 5,000 locations in 30 countries and offers Amazon Hub lockers in most of its stores.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness is a boutique fitness center with locations throughout the United States.

The company offers over 700 locations, including gyms, studios, and pools. LA Fitness works to provide members with a variety of services that they can use to achieve their fitness goals.

Chevron Gas Station

Chevron gas stations are known for their convenience and for offering low prices on gas and other products.

Amazon Hub lockers are another way to take advantage of the convenience of shopping at Chevron.

Circle K

Circle K is a convenience store chain that has locations all over the world.

They sell various products, including snacks and drinks, tobacco products, lottery tickets, and more. In addition, they have partnered with Amazon to offer shoppers the ability to pick up or return their online orders in-store at select stores.

Ross Dress for Less

Ross Dress for Less is a clothing retailer that sells affordable women’s and kids’ clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods.

They carry brands such as Levi’s, Nike, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and more.

The Amazon Hub lockers are available in select stores and allow you to pick up your order from the store instead of having it delivered to your home or office.


Albertsons is a regional American grocery chain that operates across the country.

They also sell alcohol at some locations and offer pharmacy and home delivery services for certain items, such as prescription medication or fresh produce from their stores’ farms or gardens.

Amazon has partnered with Albertsons to provide secure and convenient Amazon lockers.

Chase Banks

Chase Bank is a major financial institution in the United States.

It’s a full-service financial institution that can help you with everything from savings and checking accounts to cars and mortgages.

In addition to its brick-and-mortar branches, Chase Bank has installed Amazon Hub lockers in many of its locations.

This allows customers to pick up their online purchases nearby instead of delivering them to their homes.

Other Locations

There are thousands of Amazon Hub lockers worldwide, and these are some of the most popular locations for Amazon Hub lockers.

If you want to find the nearest one, head to Amazon.com/findalocker and enter your zip code or address in the search bar.


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