Does Tiktok Use a Lot of Battery & Data Storage? (Solved)

Many apps that you download from the app store are going to drain your battery quite fast.

This can be fixed by changing your phone or app settings in order to maximize your data and battery usage.

Does TikTok use a lot of battery and data?

TikTok uses quite a lot of battery and data. You can optimize your usage in your phone and app settings to minimize the amount used, but ultimately it will take up quite a bit of battery. Some users claim it overheats their phones as well.

How Much Battery Does TikTok Use on Your Phone?

TikTok uses quite a large amount of battery on your phone.

Most TikTok-binging requires being plugged into the wall in order to stay on the app for a long period of time. This is due to the high volume of content that the app circulates every single minute.

If you are watching video after video on the app, the battery will inevitably drain, and most users claim the draining is pretty fast.

This means that minimal use of the app can lead to small battery drainage, but as TikTok usually results in a lot of binge-watching, you may want to plug in your phone.

How Much Data Does the App Use?

Data is difficult to measure as a universal number – instead, it varies from person to person.

Depending on your phone carrier, what type of phone you have, how long you use the app, and what your data plan is, your TikTok experience will be very different from someone else.

While it does seem like the app takes up quite a lot of battery and storage on your phone, depending on how you have your data permissions set up on your phone is going to affect how much data is used.

For example, if you let TikTok work when you are not on Wifi, such as send you notifications, or if you happen to open it up out of habit, you will be using much more data than if you were connected to a network.

This falls under the category of making sure your data usage works for you, but that is true of any app.

TikTok itself does have a lot of opportunities to use up your data, but if you remove those permissions, you can save your data and give your phone a break when you aren’t on Wifi.

Why Does TikTok Use so Much Battery?

TikTok uses a lot of battery because it has so much content.

Notifications of hundreds of creators, constantly looping videos playing over and over again, as well as mediocre software optimization are going to drain your battery.

Because of this, your phone is going to lose a lot more battery than normal, though many apps also suffer from this problem.

Furthermore, some users claim that their phone overheats during prolonged use of the app.

How Can You Preserve Battery While Using TikTok?

There are ways to preserve your battery life even if you are using TikTok quite often.

To start, consider using the app only in small bursts. If you are binge-watching videos for an hour while you’re waiting at a bus stop or are out to eat, you are most likely going to drain most of your phone battery life.

The website Soup2Day has a clean and simple interface that makes it easy to navigate.

You can also set your phone to “battery saver,” which turns off unnecessary apps in the background in order to optimize your phone usage.

This should help slow the process of battery draining, but apps like TikTok are still going to drain it quite quickly.

Finally, you can try to go into your phone apps and permissions to limit which apps are playing in the background or are using phone energy. This would be found under your phone settings.

Can You Limit the Amount of Data (Stream Quality, etc.)?

There is a data saver option in the TikTok app itself that allows you to reduce your cellular data usage.

If you access your TikTok settings, you can switch your user experience to “data saver.” This can help you keep your battery loss and data use to a minimum.

However, videos and stream quality will lower, and your resolution won’t be as crisp as usual. Videos are still visible and easy to see, but you wouldn’t be able to fast-view through hundreds of videos per day like usual.

If you’re looking to save your data, though, this is a good option for you!

What Else Could be Draining my Battery While Using TikTok?

Other apps that might be on in the background on your phone can also be draining the battery while you use apps like TikTok.

If you don’t optimize your storage and data usage in your phone settings, you might run into this problem.

Furthermore, if you are using TikTok and constantly switching over to other apps like Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter while you’re using it, your battery will drain very, very quickly.

If you aren’t using the app, try not to keep it running in the background. You may find that your battery is draining even without you using it.

Does TikTok Use Battery When Running in the Background?

TikTok can use battery life while it is running in the background.

Like many apps, TikTok will take up the battery life even if you aren’t using it. Collecting and providing millions of videos and their data to users every second takes a lot of energy – even if you switched over to Snapchat and are not using it.

You will want to make sure that you turn off the app completely when not in use, or make sure that your phone settings take care of those issues for you when you optimize battery and data usage.

Most of all, try not to keep it on in the background when not in use.

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