Does USPS Deliver Two Times Per Day? (We Checked)

As one of the most popular and widely-used shipping and logistics companies in the United States, the US Postal Service (USPS) is quite dependable.

They’re also very consistent in how they provide their services to customers.

If you’re expecting mail or packages through USPS, it is good to know their delivery schedule and how often they deliver in a day.

This is to ensure you or someone else will be available by then so you won’t miss the delivery:

Here’s Why USPS Delivers Twice per Day:

In most cases, USPS delivers once or twice a day, depending on the volume of mail or packages scheduled for delivery that day. Whenever they can, USPS mail carriers always try to deliver mail and packages in one trip. During peak shipping seasons, USPS delivers up to twice a day.

How Many Times Do Mailmen Normally Come a Day?

Mailmen can deliver up to twice a day depending on the volume of shipments or how busy it is at the local post office.

During the normal shipping season, when delivery volumes are not absurdly high, USPS mailmen come at least once a day to deliver mail and packages.

At the same time, they also collect any outgoing mail from mailboxes.

Also, if it’s peak shipping season, for example, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or other holidays, mailmen may come twice a day.

This is because they will usually deliver regular mail and packages on separate trips if there are too many deliveries scheduled for that particular day.

If you live in a rural area, where the volume of mail is significantly lower compared to big cities and densely-populated areas, then USPS mailmen usually just come once a day.

Again, whether the mailmen come once or twice a day depends on how busy the local post office is and the volume of mail pieces scheduled for delivery.

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When Will USPS Deliver More than Once on the Same Day?

The frequency of USPS deliveries in a day generally depends on the volume of mail and packages scheduled for delivery that day.

USPS will deliver more than once on the same day if there’s an extremely high volume of mail and packages.

So depending on how busy it is, USPS may deliver once or twice on the same day.

However, they will not deliver more than twice in one day, and the mail carriers often do their best to complete all deliveries for the day.

On the rare occasion that not all deliveries set for the day were completed, the packages will be scheduled for delivery on the next business day.

Can USPS Retry Delivery on the Same Day?

Whenever you miss a USPS package delivery, you can have it redelivered. Through this option, you can select a day to schedule redelivery.

USPS does not normally retry delivery on the same day.

If the mail carrier has failed to deliver a package because the mailbox is full or there was no one available to receive it, the next day is the soonest day to have the item redelivered.

For example, if you missed a package delivery on Monday, January 2nd, the soonest you can have it redelivered by USPS is Tuesday, January 3rd.

However, you must make sure that the redelivery request has been submitted by no later than 2 am CST on Tuesday.

If the redelivery request was submitted beyond 2 am on Tuesday, January 3rd, USPS would automatically retry the delivery the day after, Wednesday, January 4th.

Does USPS Deliver Priority Mail Separately from Regular Mail?

Priority Mail, being one of the most popular USPS services, normally just take up to 3 business days to be delivered, whereas Regular Mail or First-Class Mail can take up to 5 business days.

Even though Priority Mail has a faster delivery time compared to Regular Mail, it is not delivered separately.

The processing of Priority Mail may be quicker, but the mail pieces are delivered together with Regular Mail. There are no special delivery vehicles that are designated just for Priority Mail.

Once Priority Mail is processed, they will be delivered with Regular Mail.

They will be loaded in the same vehicles together with Regular Mail and delivered at the same time as Regular Mail as the mail carriers go on their usual route.

Are Packages and Letters Delivered at Different Times?

In general, the delivery operations of the US Postal Service depending on how busy it is at the local post office.

It also depends on the volume of mail and packages they’re getting.

It can also vary from one location to another because some post office locations can get busier than others.

Under normal circumstances, USPS will try to deliver packages and letters simultaneously, but if it gets really busy, they may be delivered separately, and the mail carriers must make multiple trips.

As much as possible, USPS mail carriers will try to complete all deliveries in a single trip. So if they can load all the letters and packages in one vehicle, they will do just that.

This makes more sense as it generally saves more resources, such as time and fuel. Plus, it’s just more efficient this way.

However, if it gets quite busy, USPS will deliver packages and letters at different times. This usually happens during the holidays, like the Christmas season, when the volume of mail is double or even triple the usual.

When packages and letters have to be delivered separately, mail carriers normally deliver them first because it’s faster.

They can just drive through the route and don’t have to get out of their vehicles when dropping off letters and small parcels in mailboxes.

Once all the letters have been delivered, the mail carriers would return to the post office and get the packages for delivery.

If the post office has enough drivers, a different mail carrier can deliver the package.

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Do USPS Mailmen Come at the Same Time Every Day?

USPS mail carriers typically follow the same delivery schedule every day, which is typically from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and Saturdays.

However, there are some factors that can affect delivery times, such as weather, traffic, volume of mail, and unexpected events.

If there are delays in delivery, you may receive a notification from USPS.

In cases where a package cannot be delivered on the scheduled day due to unforeseen circumstances, it will usually be delivered the following business day.

Can You Check if USPS Will Deliver Twice Today?

It was previously mentioned in this article that USPS might deliver once or twice a day, depending on the volume of mail that the post office is processing.

Now, you may wonder if there is a way to check if USPS will deliver twice a particular day. If you’re expecting a package, you would want to know when it will be delivered.

Generally, there is no way to tell if USPS will deliver twice on a certain day as this is the type of information that USPS doesn’t normally post on the website.

The frequency of deliveries per day can also really vary from one post office location to another. Typically, USPS mail carriers in rural locations only deliver once per day.

If you want to know if USPS will deliver twice in your area, the best way to find out is by calling the local post office and inquiring directly.


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