USPS & First-Class Packages: 7 Common Questions (Answered)

The US Postal Service offers different products and services to suit your budget and shipping and logistics needs.

Each shipping service is different, and you can purchase add-ons like USPS end-to-end tracking, insurance, and signature service.

The First-Class Package is one of the most popular shipping services offered by the US Postal Service because it is quite cheap and convenient:

Here’s Some Basic Information About the USPS First-Class Package:

The First-Class Package service is the most affordable if you need to send a small package. The shipping cost for this service starts at $4.80, which includes postage, and you can only use it for parcels that weigh 13 ounces or less, with some limitations in size and dimensions.

Are USPS First-Class Packages Automatically Insured?

Insurance is a form of protection added to USPS packages in case they get lost or damaged, or some items go missing. Some USPS packages already have insurance, such as Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

USPS First-Class packages are not automatically insured.

For its price, the USPS First-Class Package service only includes the basics such as 2 to 5 days delivery. Items sent through this service are not automatically insured.

However, these packages are eligible for insurance. Customers can purchase insurance for parcels shipped through First-Class Package for an additional fee.

Items sent via USPS First-Class Packages are eligible for insurance, and you can get them covered for up to $5,000.

If something happens to your package, you may file a claim so that you can receive the amount that corresponds to the item’s value.

Take note that purchasing insurance does not guarantee expedited delivery. It would also not guarantee a specific delivery date.

The cost of getting a First-Class package insured depends on the item’s declared value.

Here is how much insurance costs:

  • Value of up to $50 – $1.65
  • Value of $50.01 to $100 – $2.05
  • Value of $100.01 to $200 – $2.45
  • Value of $200.01 to $300 – $4.60
  • Value of $300.01 to $5,000 – $4.60 + $0.90 for every $100 or fraction thereof

For example, if the item has a value of $70, you need to pay $2.05 to get it insured, and if the declared value of the item is $1,050, then you have to pay $11.8 for insurance.

While getting insurance is not required, it is highly recommended that you get it when shipping, especially if the parcel contains important items.

It does entail extra fees, but it gives you peace of mind.

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Do USPS First-Class Packages have Tracking?

End-to-end tracking is a feature that’s included in some USPS packages.

Tracking lets the customer see the current status and location of their package. Tracking also lets the sender know if the package has been delivered or if there was a failed delivery attempt.

USPS First-Class Packages can be tracked.

Parcels sent through the USPS First-Class Package Service have end-to-end tracking. These packages have barcodes on their shipping label, scanned whenever they pass through a USPS facility.

This way, the customer can get some information on the current location of their package.

Is USPS First-Class or Priority Faster?

Aside from First-Class Package Service, another commonly-used USPS shipping service is Priority Mail. While the USPS First-Class Package service starts at $4.80, Priority Mail starts at $9.00.

Between these two services, Priority Mail is faster than First-Class Package.

The USPS First-Class Package Service guarantees delivery within 2 to 5 days, excluding Sundays. Meanwhile, Priority Mail guarantees delivery within 1 to 3 days, excluding Sundays.

Customers can also avail of Priority Mail Express for a much faster delivery date. This service is more expensive than Priority Mail, with shipping fees starting at $27.25, but it does guarantee delivery in just 1 to 2 days.

Priority Mail Express also has deliveries on Sundays.

Do USPS First-Class Packages Require a Signature?

Some USPS packages require a signature upon delivery.

Signature confirmation is an excellent way to ensure that the package has been properly received by someone – either the intended recipient or someone who lives at the same address.

USPS First-Class Packages do not require a signature on the receiver’s end, but it does on the sender’s end.

When a customer ships an item using the First-Class Package Service, they are required to sign a customer commitment agreement. This document specifies the inclusions of this service, and by signing, the customer understands the terms and conditions for availing of this service.

If the customer wants USPS to collect a signature upon delivery, you can include the Signature Confirmation Service in the shipping service for an additional fee.

If the sender chooses this add-on service, they will be provided with some information once the package has been delivered.

The sender will be provided with the exact time and location of the delivery. They will also be provided with the name of the person who signed for the package – the recipient or an authorized representative.

Are USPS First-Class Packages Delivered on Saturdays and Sundays?

Typically, USPS does not deliver Sundays because they have a skeletal workforce during this day of the week.

Even though USPS gets lots of mail and packages, the huge volume does not provide enough justification for the added costs of staffing and transportation just to accommodate Sunday deliveries.

Items sent through USPS First-Class Mail can be delivered on Saturdays but not Sundays.

USPS only delivers on Sundays for packages sent through Priority Mail Express and orders placed through Amazon, their biggest retail partner.

Are USPS First-Class Packages Shipped via Ground or Air?

Regarding transportation, the US Postal Service uses different vehicles to move mail.

This is to ensure that all mail and packages are delivered on time to meet the company’s service standards.

USPS First-Class Packages are shipped using whatever vessel or mode of transportation is needed to deliver the items on time.

This means that USPS may use ground, air, or both, depending on the package’s destination address. Some USPS First-Class Packages are shipped using ground transport, and others are shipped by air.

It can also depend on the availability of transportation at the time that the items are shipped.

What Do USPS First-Class Packages look Like?

The USPS First-Class Package service is a cost-effective way to ship small parcels.

 USPS First-Class Packages normally come in a small box or thick envelope with a shipping label that says “USPS First-Class PKG.” 

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The label would also have the letter “F” printed in a big font at the top left corner.

These packages are lighter than those sent through Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

Parcels sent through the USPS First Class Package service have a weight limit of 13 ounces.

So if your item is heavier than 13 ounces, you cannot use the First-Class Package service to ship it. It would automatically be classified as Priority Mail.

Regarding dimensions, USPS First-Class Packages can only be up to 22 inches long. You would have to pay an additional fee if they are bigger than that.

Here are the fees for sending non-standard-sized parcels using the First-Class Package service:

  • Package measures between 22 and 30 inches in length – add $4.00
  • Package measures more than 30 inches in length – add $15.00
  • Package dimension is more than two cubic feet (3,456 cubic inches) – add $15.00

The USPS First-Class Package is a very good option if you want an affordable way to ship small non-urgent parcels. It promises delivery in less than five days and has end-to-end tracking.

While it is not automatically insured, you can purchase insurance for it at a small cost.


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