What Does USPS Help With? 8 Common Issues

Instead of spending your day waiting in line at the post office, consider exploring the various services offered by the USPS.

In addition to traditional mailing options, USPS offers a range of services that can help streamline your shipping and ensure your gifts arrive safely and on time.

Here are Some Ways that USPS Can Help You Out:

Along with shipping, USPS provides special services like passport renewal and processing packages for the military. So, whether you send a money order or need help finding a package, USPS has your back.

Does USPS Help With Packaging?

With a wide selection of boxes and envelopes of various sizes, as well as decorative options for special occasions, USPS can assist you in finding the right packaging for your item.

In addition, most post offices offer shipping tables stocked with labels, pens, and packing tape to help you securely wrap and label your package.

You can even purchase bubble wrap to protect your items.

With the help of USPS staff, you can ensure that the shipping label is filled out correctly to prevent any issues with delivery due to incorrect information or mismatched barcodes.

Will USPS Help Track Down Lost Packages?

USPS has one of the best tracking systems around.

Every time a package is processed through a shipping center, the information will update. This is how you can see where your package is at any given time as well as when the last time it moved.

Even though USPS does its best to stay accurate, problems can happen.

If your package is lost, you can put in a lost package request with the post office. The easiest way to do this is online through the USPS “missing mail” section. 

From there, you will have to submit a request, and then you will receive a ticket. All communication will be done through email. 

Once your request is received, you will get an email confirmation with a special link.

This is the link you will use to see updates. Once your package is located, you can see where it is and when you can expect it to arrive.

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Does USPS Help With International Shipping?

Shipping internationally with USPS is a fairly easy task since the USPS currently ships to over 180 counties around the world.

To start shipping something internationally, you must first fill out customs and claim forms. This is because everything that is shipped across the border needs to go through a screening process at customs.

It is also very important to make sure you fill out these forms correctly, and it is a good idea to ask the post office for help with the forms if it is your first time shipping this way.

Depending on where you are shipping the package, you have a couple of different options.

Most international shipping comes with insurance and well as tracking. Selecting the right kind of insurance for this delivery is something that the USPS can surely help you out with.

While there are other ways to ship internationally, USPS offers the best budget-friendly options, but keep in mind that the shipping will be slower.

Does USPS Help With Relocation?

The first thing that USPS can do to help you relocate is to put a hold on all incoming mail.

This means that nothing will be delivered to your current home while you are moving. This helps to give you time to establish your new residence before receiving mail.

Next, you can file a change of address request with the post office. This means that future mail delivered to your old address will be re-labeled with your new address.

The best part is you control when your mail is delivered with USPS. 

USPS allows you to put your mail on hold for up to 30 days, giving you enough time to get everything in order.

Once this is lifted and our new address is properly registered, you can start receiving mail at your new house immediately.

Does USPS Help With Wrapping a Package?

Using the USPS to send gifts across the country is a great way to ensure everything will get there safely and securely.

When it comes to doing the actual heavy lifting of wrapping, that’s all up to you.

Currently, USPS does not offer wrapping services for gifts. However, the local post office will hold fundraisers in partnership with their community where they can help wrap presents.

Otherwise, if you follow the rules, you can ship packages wrapped in plain brown paper. That means securing it properly with packing tape and ensuring the information on the shipping label is correct.

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Will USPS Help With Measuring a Package?

The USPS does weigh and measure packages that are being sent out. However, you must measure it for the proper dimensions before bringing it to the post office.

The post office does not ship or process packages more than 130 inches. This includes both width and height.

This is because this size is too big to fit through their scanner and processing system.

If you are concerned that the package you are trying to is too large, USPS will certainly measure it for you to double-check.

Will USPS Help With Weighing a Package?

Properly weighing packages is crucial, and USPS will weigh all packages received.

The USPS uses weight as a primary method for flagging packages, and if a package is marked with the incorrect weight, it may be deemed suspicious and subject to inspection.

To avoid potential issues, it’s important to ensure that your package is accurately weighed.

This can be done using a personal scale or by seeking assistance at your local post office, where the official weight will be recorded in the package’s barcode.

Remember, getting the weight right is essential to a smooth and successful shipping experience.

Will USPS Help With Sending a Fax?

Most post offices still do offer fax and printing services.

You can trust USPS to not only help you print out important documents but will also help guide you to fax them.

While the cost of printing still remains fairly low, the cost of sending a fax is much higher at around$2 per page.


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