What Does USPS Insurance Cover? (7 Scenarios)

It’s always good to have insurance when sending packages through USPS or any carrier, especially when sending something of good value.

Getting your mail or packages insured can give you some peace of mind in case something happens to them.

What exactly does USPS insurance cover?

In this article, we’re tackling different scenarios and checking whether they are covered by USPS insurance:

Here’s What USPS Insurance Generally Covers:

USPS insurance provides coverage for mail packages that are lost, damaged, or missing contents. The maximum coverage is $5,000 for First Class Packages and those sent through Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express. You can get coverage of up to $50,000 if you are sending through Registered Mail.

Does USPS Insurance Cover Lost Packages?

If your package is lost, it will be covered by USPS insurance.

If your package was not delivered and was insured, the first thing to do is initiate a Missing Mail Search to try and recover the package.

USPS recommends that you do this when at least five days have passed from the expected delivery date of your package.

After this, you can file a claim with your USPS insurance, and it doesn’t usually take long to get approved. The US Postal Service will pay for lost packages.

Apart from the value of the lost package, you will also receive a claim for postage and other fees associated with the shipping.

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Does USPS Insurance Cover Damaged And Broken Packages?

Unpredictable things can happen to your parcel while in transit; this is where USPS insurance comes in handy.

USPS insurance provides coverage in case packages get broken or become damaged.

If you discover that the contents of your parcel are broken upon opening, you could file a claim through the USPS website if you purchased insurance.

When filing a claim, ensure the necessary information about your package and attach photos to show evidence that the contents have been damaged.

Does USPS Insurance Cover Theft?

USPS insurance also provides coverage in case of theft, including incidents caused by porch pirates.

If your package was stolen, you could submit a claim through the USPS website so you can get it covered. The process when filing a claim is the same regardless of the scenario.

You just have to include information based on your reason for filing a claim.

Does USPS Insurance Cover Jewelry And Valuables?

In some couriers and shipping companies, jewelry and valuables are considered restricted items, but you can ship them through the US Postal Service.

USPS insurance does cover jewelry and valuables.

When sending these items, you can have them classified as Priority Mail and get insurance coverage of as much as $5,000. But there is a better option that provides more coverage.

USPS highly recommends using the Registered Mail service when shipping jewelry and other valuable items.

Through this service, the coverage can be as much as $50,000 – this is great because most jewelry and similar items have a value of more than $5,000.

This service also adds extra security as the packages are protected by safes, sealed containers, cages, locks, and keys, which is exactly what you need to have that extra peace of mind when sending jewelry and other expensive items.

When sending these items through the Registered Mail service, make sure to declare the exact market value of the items.

Does USPS Insurance Cover Broken Glass?

Fragile items, like glass, can be sent through USPS if you have properly secured and packed them inside the box.

Broken glass is also covered by USPS insurance.

If your glass items break while in transit, there are considered damaged items, which USPS insurance will cover.

When you submit a claim on the USPS website, do not forget to attach photos to show evidence that they are broken.

Does USPS Insurance Cover Late Deliveries?

Sometimes, a package may be delivered later than expected due to unforeseen weather, road blockages, or other logistical problems.

If your package was delivered late, USPS insurance would not cover it.

As long as your package arrived safely, with all contents intact and looking exactly as expected, it would not be covered by USPS insurance if it arrived past the expected delivery date.

Insurance coverage only includes incidents of loss, theft, or missing package contents.

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Does USPS Insurance Cover International Mail?

USPS insurance does cover international mail.

You can purchase USPS insurance for packages sent through international shipping services like Global Express Guaranteed,

Priority Mail International, and Priority Mail Express International.

The coverage is the same with domestic mail, wherein you can get your package insured for up to $5,000.

Packages sent through Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International already come with insurance of up to $100.

So if the value of your package exceeds that, you can purchase additional coverage.


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