Why Do People Say “BRUH” So Much? (Explained)

There is always new slang or terms that are used as time continues to move forward.

It always tends to be the fresh new young generation that is usually behind the creation of these terms. While we’ve moved past other popular slang terms like “rad” or “fly,” new and more confusing terms like “bruh” have replaced dated turn of phrases.

But what exactly does “bruh” mean, and why are people constantly saying it?

Here’s what “Bruh” Means:

The term “bruh” is a term used to address someone who is either familiar or unknown. However, the intention behind using the term “bruh” is totally up for interpretation. While the term is often casual, it can also signify that someone is annoyed with you.

What Is the Correct Way to Use “Bruh”?

The first thing to note is that “bruh” is just shorthand for “bro.”

So, the first way to correctly use the phrase is when you are talking with your brother. However, “bruh” doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with gender.

Using “bruh” is a way to check your friends when they say something wild or off the cuff.

For example, if someone says something weird like “the moon is made out of cheese,” it is acceptable to return that insane statement with a simple deadpan – “bruh.”

Saying “bruh” is another way to show that you are stunned or even surprised by something someone said. However, it is important to recognize that this term, when used in this way, is usually done when the person is familiar with who they are talking.

It can be rude or even a little mean to use such a term with someone who doesn’t quite get your humor or can get easily offended by shorthand.

Overall, the correct way to use the slang term “bruh” is to do so with a light touch and by knowing your audience. 

Can It Be Rude to Say “Bruh”?

Generally, the term “bruh” is familiar and isn’t necessarily considered rude.

This is because the term is often used among friends to tease or needle each other in a fun casual way.

However, using the term on the wrong person can result in a communication disaster. 

This is especially true if you use the term “bruh” on anyone from an older generation. Older people have a harder time grasping the nuances of a slang term like “bruh” and might see it as a form of disrespect.

Also, not everyone likes to be referred to with such casual terms. More specifically, your parents or even your romantic partner may not take very kindly to you, referring to them as your “bruh.”

In these cases, using this term can be considered rude.

The most important thing to remember when using slang is the context of how you are using it. Let’s say your boss asks you to stay and work overtime, and you respond with a very strong “bruh.” It can be considered to be rude.

So, your best course of action is to limit who you choose to use such a fun casual term to avoid coming across as rude. Unless, of course, that is your actual intention.

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Can You Say “Bruh” to a Girl?

“Bruh” is not gender exclusive, so you can absolutely use the term when talking to a girl.

Even though it is a friendly term, it isn’t necessarily romantic. In fact, “bruh” is literally a term for a brother or a friend.

So, if you use this term with a girl you are interested in, it might be interpreted as wanting to remain friends with her instead of taking the relationship any further.

Also, not all girls are easily offended. Plenty of girls love to be a part of the boys club and are down to tease and play around with each other just like one of the boys.

When using this term with a member of the opposite sex, ensure you know exactly who you are talking to avoid offending anyone.

This is especially true if you are interested in the girl because you certainly don’t want to kick things off wrong.

Why Does a Girl Call Me “Bruh”?

A girl calling you “bruh” can have a few different meanings.

Saying “bruh” could be her way of saying that she sees you as only a friend and is not interested in moving the relationship further.

However, this is only one theory, and a girl saying “bruh” doesn’t always mean they want to stay friends. There are many other reasons girls use this term so freely.

Perhaps she really wants to feel like “one of the boys.” Often, friends will mirror each other regarding behaviors and shorthand slang.

So, perhaps she wants to be a part of the friend dynamic and sees the best way to do so by using the same terms and slang you would use with your other friends.

Gender lines are pretty blurred, and what was once deemed “feminine” or “masculine” isn’t necessarily the case anymore. 

This means there may not even be a reason to read so deeply into what a girl means when she says “bruh.”

After all, it is a pretty common term for friends these days, and just because a member of the opposite sex uses the term so casually doesn’t mean anything more than her just wanting to belong. 

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Can You Say “Bruh” to Someone, You Don’t Know Well?

The term “bruh” is often used with people you are familiar with to play around, tease, or even call them out for something they said that was a little off the cuff.

But, you as a human do have free will, so you can use this term with someone you don’t know well or even a stranger. However, you should be aware that not knowing someone very well also means you don’t know what sets them off or makes them tick.

This is why it is suggested to use the phrase “bruh” only when you know it will be received well unless you intend to appear aggressive.

Nobody is perfect, and sometimes there is no other way to get your point across besides being slightly abrasive or rude. 

For example, if someone bumps their cart into your car, hitting them back with a “bruh” is totally appropriate to say, “what gives.” 

Just be aware that you may be met with some aggression, so pick and choose who you use this phrase with carefully.

When Did People Start Saying “Bruh” Instead of “Bro”?

Surprisingly, the term “bruh” became popular in the early 1900s as a shorthand for “brother,” which men would use to address each other.

Recently, “bruh” started gaining popularity, eventually replacing the term “bro” in the past decade. 

It became more common and popular among the gaming community as it was a common term used among gaming teammates.

However, like most things that become a trend, the lifespan of the term “bruh” doesn’t seem to be very long. People have already started replacing these popular terms with other shorthand phrases.

So while this term has taken quite a few trips around the sun, you can expect its popularity to die out fairly soon.

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