Why Does He Keep Asking My Age? (9 Common Reasons)

Age differences in relationships matter a whole lot to some people. However, some individuals don’t mind at all.

If you are in a relationship with a guy who always asks your age, you may feel that he is behaving strangely.

Here are nine common reasons why he might keep asking your age:

1. He Fears He Is Too Young For You To Take Him Seriously

If you’re in a relationship with a guy who is much younger than you are, he might feel insecure in the relationship. Constantly asking your age is his way of saying he can’t believe you’re taking him seriously.

There are many reasons younger men may hit on you.

Youth is often seen as a time of being immature and frivolous. Young men can sometimes be seen as irresponsible party-goers who care nothing about the future.

They can also be depicted as lacking depth and seriousness in a relationship.

You might fill your very young significant other with anxious thoughts about who you perceive him. If he knows you both have a significant age-gap relationship, he is probably concerned that you think he is just like the other carefree guys his age.

If you suspect that could be the case, try asking him a quick and gentle question to find out what he’s thinking. If he admits to feeling fearful of how you perceive him, assure him of the qualities you truly admire in him.

2. He Thinks You Lied About Your Age

Women are known to sometimes lie about their age. They do this perhaps because they think their age is personal, and it should not be anyone’s business.

Women are also known to lie about their age if they feel they might be too old for a guy’s expectations.

When a guy you are dating repeatedly asks your age, he might suspect you of lying. By constantly throwing the same question out, it is his way of trying to catch you off guard.

He is probably hoping you will lose concentration and “tell the truth.”

He might think you are lying for several reasons, even if you are telling the truth:

  • You look older than your age
  • You look younger than your age
  • You act more mature for your age
  • You act less mature for your age

Tell him that you aren’t lying about your age and that you are as old as you say you are. You don’t have to prove it to him, so if he still doesn’t believe you, he’s probably not worth the energy.

3. You Look Way Younger Than Your Age

Some women don’t show their age, and even in adulthood, they can still look like they are in their teens. You might be one of those women.

Because it is against the law for an adult male to be in a relationship with a female below the age of consent, he might be asking your age several times because you look very young.

Instead of finding it strange or being offended by his question, try to understand where he might be coming from. His concern is valid, especially if you have been told before that you look very young.

A man like this tries to be responsible, even if his constant asking is annoying.

4. You Are More Mature For Your Age

Age is often one of the first things people ask about when they meet someone new.

In some cases, age can be a good indicator of maturity and experience. If you act very mature for your age, he may have difficulty believing that you are so young.

This can be a compliment but also annoying. No rule says young women can’t be mature and responsible.

So if someone asks you about your age, don’t be too quick to assume that they’re making judgments about you. Instead, answer honestly and continue getting to know them.

5. You Are More Accomplished Than People Your Age

With increased age, there is also a greater chance of having an impressive list of achievements, such as in your education and career.

If a guy knows you are at the top of your career or a successful entrepreneur, he may assume you are older than you are.

Mostly, this is because people at the top of their career usually have to have a lot of years of experience to get there – though it is not always the case.

Nevertheless, try not to consider it a nuisance or something suspicious when he asks your age. He may never have seen a young woman with the impressive accomplishments and wealth you currently have.

6. He Doesn’t Know What Else To Say

Sometimes a guy can feel so nervous in your company that he struggles with talking freely.

Or, he might not be good at carrying on a conversation. If he feels stuck in the conversation and can’t think of anything else to say, you might find him repeating himself.

That includes asking you questions he may have asked before.

If you think he has difficulty keeping a conversation flowing with you, try to lead your talks. It might also help to make lots of jokes so he can laugh. Maybe this will help him to relax and talk more freely with you.

You might notice he even stops repeating the same questions.

7. He Is Forgetful

According to Harvard Medical School, memory problems are more common than we think.

Although having problems with our memory may be a sign of serious pathologies like Alzheimer’s, that isn’t always the case. If a guy is always asking you the same questions, it could be a sign of common memory failures we all experience from time to time.

If you realize that a guy is repeating information or is constantly asking you questions besides your age, it might be he has a forgetfulness problem.

8. He Has Been Drinking Too Much

If you and a guy spend time together over a drink, he might be having a bit too much.

That can cause his thinking and memory to become foggy. It can also affect his speech and memory.

If you’ve just met at a bar, the guy you’re talking to might have forgotten your name or age. He’ll ask again and again due to the alcohol in his system.

Discussing his forgetfulness with him when sober might be a good idea if this keeps happening. You could probably decide not to have alcohol during your next date and see if things improve.

9. He is Seeing Other Girls

If you happen to be dating a guy who is also dating other girls, he might be running out of steam.

His ability to keep track of “who said what” is decreasing. If a guy is involved in a relationship with someone besides you, your age may not be the only thing he can’t keep track of.

Pay attention while he talks so you can pick up on other clues that he might be cheating on you, like:

  1. He makes you uneasy
  2. He calls you by other names
  3. He lies to you
  4. He doesn’t want to be seen with you in public

Final Thoughts

Navigating relationships can be taxing, perplexing, and somewhat challenging.

Pace yourself and be encouraged so you can get to know your significant other, and he can get to know you.

Nobody is perfect, and if he keeps asking your age, give him the chance to prove that it was just an innocent mistake.


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