Does Amazon Offer Discreet Packaging? (We Checked)

Discreet packaging is commonly used for sending items when the sender or recipient does not want anyone else to know what the package contains.

Most carriers, such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS, offer discreet packaging at no additional cost.

This type of packaging is typically used for vape products, lingerie, adult products, medicines, or items of extremely high value.

Does Amazon offer this service? Can you order products discreetly from Amazon?

Here’s What You Need to Know About Discreet Packaging With Amazon:

Amazon does offer discreet packaging to its customers. According to their policy, standard confidential packaging is available for all Amazon orders. Items will be placed in plain packaging without any marking or item description on the label so that no one will know what the package contains.

Can You Ask Amazon to Send a Package Discreetly?

When shopping at e-commerce platforms, customers are wary about ordering certain items that are either valuable, expensive, or sensitive.

They want to avoid unwanted attention to the products they order.

To resolve this, most shipping and logistics companies offer discreet packaging. With this type of packaging, there is no way for you to know what’s inside the box.

If you’re buying an item from Amazon, you can have it packaged and sent discreetly. This is something that the company offers at no extra cost.

It is part of Amazon’s privacy policy to protect customers from unwanted attention or questions about their orders. Discreet packages will come in a plain Amazon box that will give no clue or indication of what’s inside it.

These boxes are often square or rectangular to conceal the actual size and shape of the items inside. The packages will also be unmarked. There will be no labels with item descriptions.

Even Amazon drivers have no idea what they’re delivering. If it’s a fragile item, there would be a “fragile” sticker on the box, so the drivers will handle it carefully.

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Do Amazon Packages Say What’s Inside?

If you’ve ordered from Amazon at least once, then you would know what their packaging looks like.

Amazon fulfillment centers typically place orders in standard brown Amazon shipping boxes. The boxes would have the Amazon logo and black Amazon packing tape to seal the boxes shut.

In general, Amazon packages do not say what’s inside. If you look closely at an Amazon package, you will see that nothing on it could indicate what’s inside the box.

Apart from a few branding elements here and there, you would see shipping labels with the customer’s name, shipping address, and the address of the Amazon facility where the item came from.

There’s no description of the product or any information about it, so there is no way to know what’s inside the box unless you open it. However, there are a few exceptions to this.

There are some instances wherein the packages will indicate what’s inside them. Here are some examples:

  • If the order was fulfilled by the manufacturer, an Amazon third-party seller, and the item was shipped in its original packaging, it would say what’s inside the box.
  • Ordering large items like furniture, household appliances, and huge electronic devices such as flat-screen TVs and speaker systems would mean that these items will also come in their original packaging. That’s because there’s no Amazon box big enough to fit these items.
  • If the item was ordered from an international retailer, it would need to clear customs, so the shippers must include a description of the item.

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Can You See What Store An Amazon Package is From?

While an Amazon shipping label can give you the basic information needed to correctly deliver a package to its destination, it wouldn’t give you any details about its contents.

Through Amazon’s discreet packaging, you also can’t see what store or brand the package is from.

Suppose you would closely inspect an Amazon shipping label. In that case, it will only have the tracking number, recipient’s name, shipping address, and the address of the Amazon fulfillment center where the item came from. There would be nothing on the box or shipping label to indicate what store the package is from.

Note that this only applies to orders packed and fulfilled at an Amazon facility.

If the order was packed and fulfilled by an Amazon third-party seller, they might place their branding on the box, indicating which store the product is from. Some seller would just put their name instead of the store name.

This is usually at the discretion of the seller.

So if you are ordering something sensitive or valuable from a third-party seller on Amazon, check if they offer discreet packaging. In most cases, they do, and you’d see it on the item description.

Can You Buy Lingerie and Similar Items Discreetly on Amazon?

As an e-commerce platform that claims to have almost every type of item imaginable, Amazon does have listings for lingerie and similar items.

You can buy these items discreetly on Amazon.

Whether the order is fulfilled by Amazon or a third-party seller, these items are often placed in discreet packaging so you can confidently order them without the package attracting unwanted attention.

If you order lingerie on Amazon, the box will not display any information about it, so no one will know what it contains. The box would only display your name and shipping address on the shipping label.

Even if the item came from a third-party seller, who typically uses their own shipping boxes and mailers, you could expect them to offer discreet packaging.

This is usually indicated in the product information section.

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Can Vendors on Amazon Choose Discreet Packaging?

Most orders fulfilled by Amazon already come in standard brown boxes that are unmarked.

The shipping label will only display the address of the Amazon facility, the recipient’s name, and the shipping address.

There’s no way for anyone to know what’s inside an Amazon box unless it is opened.

So by default, Amazon packaging is already discreet in itself, which works well for Amazon vendors since it’s something that they don’t have to worry about anymore. Meanwhile, Amazon third-party sellers can use discreet packaging if they want to.

Since Amazon third-party sellers are the one’s processing and packing the orders from their store, they have full control over the type of packaging that can be used to ship their items.

They can choose discreet packaging if they want to or if the customer requests it.

In most cases, you can expect that Amazon third-party sellers would keep their customers’ orders confidential by using discreet packaging.

They would do this for most items, especially if the item is sensitive or of high value.


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