Can You Track Amazon Packages You Didn’t Send? (Explained)

Whenever you order something for yourself on Amazon, you would get a tracking number so that we can check the status of your package in real time as it moves from the facility to your delivery address.

The tracking number lets you see its current location as it passes through different checkpoints or Amazon facilities.

What if someone orders an Amazon package for you? Will you have access to its tracking information?

Can You Track An Amazon Package That Someone Sent You:

You cannot track if someone orders a package for you from Amazon. That’s because the Amazon tracking data of a package is always linked to the Amazon account of whoever placed the order. Even if that person gave you the tracking number, you still wouldn’t be able to track the package.

Do All Amazon Packages Have Tracking Information?

In the shipping and logistics industry, tracking information is essential for all types of packages. It lets the sender or receiver know the current status and location of the package.

It also updates them once the package has been delivered or if there was any failed delivery attempt.

Most Amazon packages have tracking information. Whenever you place an order on Amazon, a unique tracking number will be assigned to your package.

The barcode will be scanned as it moves through destinations and stops at Amazon facilities. This will give you a real-time update on where your package is if you use the tracking number to check its status on the Amazon website or mobile application.

Through the tracking information, you will also know if there are any delays in the delivery.

In the case of international orders, you’ll also know when the package is moving through customs and once it has been cleared for delivery.

However, not all Amazon packages have tracking information.

Amazon packages sent through the free International Standard Shipping option do not get a tracking number.

That’s because it’s a free shipping service.

It is only available for packages going to an eligible international destination that meets the minimum order amount in U.S. dollars. The minimum order amount does not include Value Added Tax or import fees that may apply during shipping.

If you opt for regular international shipping, then you will get a tracking number because you’ll be paying for shipping services.

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What Information Do You Need To Track An Amazon Package?

With most shipping companies, the tracking number is all you need to track a package.

You have to go to the tracking page on the carrier’s website and enter the number, and all the tracking data will be displayed with the most recent updates.

On the other hand, Amazon has a different process.

To track an Amazon package, you need the login details of the account used to place the order.

Even though an Amazon tracking number will be sent to you via email whenever you make a purchase, you still have to be logged in to your Amazon account to track the package.

No webpage on the Amazon website or app lets you track a package using only the tracking number and without logging in.

Can You Track Packages Without The Sender’s Amazon Login?

You cannot track an Amazon package that you didn’t send.

That’s because Amazon packages can only be tracked by logging into the account used to place the order. This goes for both the website and mobile app.

All Amazon orders are linked to an Amazon account. You must be logged in using that account to view an order placed under it and check its tracking data.

Unlike shipping companies that let you track a package with just the tracking number, no page on the Amazon website or mobile app would allow you to track an order without logging in.

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Can You Track Amazon Orders With The Order Number?

You may think an order number should be sufficient to track an Amazon package, but that’s not how it works.

You cannot track Amazon orders with just the order number.

Even if you have a copy of the Amazon order number, you cannot use it to track the item if you are not logged in to the Amazon account that was used to purchase it.

Just like package tracking numbers, order numbers are linked to a specific Amazon account, and you wouldn’t be able to view any information about an order if you’re not logged in with the account that’s linked to it.

This is part of Amazon’s policy to protect their customers’ information.

Can You Share Amazon Tracking Numbers With Other People?

Some people are wary about sharing information because it can pose a privacy and safety risk.

When it comes to Amazon tracking numbers, there is very little risk that comes with giving away this information. So it is safe to say that you can share Amazon tracking numbers with others.

Amazon tracking numbers are useless if you’re not logged in to an Amazon account.

That is because you can’t use them to track a package if you are not logged in to the account linked to this tracking number.

Even if you search the entire Amazon website, no page lets you track a package with just the tracking number.

You always have to log in to be able to track an Amazon package.

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Can You Check Who Sent You An Amazon Package?

Sometimes, whenever we receive an Amazon package, especially if it’s a gift, we’d know right away who sent it because they would put it on the card.

Other times, the package may have been sent anonymously.

If you don’t know who sent you the package, you can check if there’s a packing slip with the sender’s name. Otherwise, there is no way for you to check who sent it.

Amazon’s customer privacy policy aims to protect the customers – which pertains to the people who placed the order.

Even if you call the customer service line to get some information about the sender, Amazon representatives will not tell you who ordered the package.

They are bound by company policies to keep their customers’ information private.

You can ask the representatives why you received the package, and the most they can do for you is tell you if the package was meant for you as a gift or if it was delivered by mistake.

Remember that receiving an Amazon package does not entitle you to know who ordered it, even if you have the tracking or order number.

If you receive a package you didn’t order and thought this was a mistake, then it would be best to get in touch with Amazon and check the next steps if you want to return it.


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