Do Amazon Packages Count As Proof Of Address? (We Checked)

When opening a bank account or any other government account, submitting Proof of Address is necessary.

It is required to verify your identity. This also helps prevent fraudulent activities such as identity theft, among many others.

Proof of Address can be any official document with your name and residential address.

Do Amazon packages count as Proof of Address? What can you use as Proof of Address?

Can Amazon Packages Be Used as Proof of Address?

Only fixed utilities are accepted as proof of address, including your landline telephone bill, cable TV bill, wired internet bill, electricity bill, credit card statement, and mortgage, among many others. An Amazon package cannot be used because it’s not a fixed utility.

Do Banks Accept Amazon Packages as Proof of Address?

Since you can put any address for Amazon packages, they cannot be used as Proof of Address when the bank asks you to provide one.

Banks require potential clients to submit Proof of address, which is essential in verifying their identity.

Proof of Address is used to confirm their residence, comply with Know Your Customer (KYC), and prevent fraudulent or illegal activities.

For bank personnel, following the procedures for KYC are critical. These procedures help them assess customer risk and are a legal requirement following Anti-Money Laundering Laws.

KYC procedures include fully knowing and verifying the identity of a client and checking their background, financial history, and potential risks that they pose.

Proof of Address needs to be from a fixed utility. Banks will not accept Amazon packages as Proof of address, given that requirement.

Apart from compliance with KYC procedures, Proof of Address ensures that bank services are only accessible to customers within a given location.

Verifying a customer’s address also helps minimize the risk of fraudulent activities online.

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Do Libraries Accept Amazon Packages as Proof of Address?

Amazon packages are not accepted as Proof of Address in libraries.

Besides a valid photo ID, libraries require Proof of Address so they can verify that you live in the specific geographical area they cater to. That’s because everyone can use the public library in a city to take books out.

In most cases, only residents in that city can use the local library, especially if they want to borrow books and take them home to read.

If you have no proof of address, you can still use the library and read books for free if you do not take them out of the premises.

Proof of Address should be a fixed utility such as an electric bill or a lease agreement.

Amazon packages are not fixed utilities since you can use any address for delivery when purchasing on Amazon.

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10 Easiest Ways to Provide Proof of Address:

Since Amazon packages cannot be submitted when asked to provide Proof of Address, I came up with a list of documents that you can use as Proof of Address.

You can use any of these when you’re being asked to submit one by a bank, the local library, or other government offices.

1. Valid Driver’s License

Your driver’s license is the easiest way to provide Proof of Address because it has your name and complete residential address.

Take note that licenses expire after eight years from the date that they’re issued. As long as it is still valid, then you can use it as Proof of Address.

2. Utility Bill

If you have any fixed utility bill under your name, you can use that as Proof of Address because it bears your name and complete residential address.

Some examples include electric bills, landline telephone bills, cable TV and wired internet bills, and heating bills.

You cannot use a mobile phone bill because it is not a fixed utility.

To use your utility bill as Proof of Address, you simply have to photocopy it. If you’ve gone paperless and are getting your bills through email, you can take a screenshot and print it.

3. Property Tax Bill

Property tax is a form of tax paid on a property you own. This applies if you own the house or apartment you currently reside in.

If you have a property tax bill, then you can use this as Proof of Address for banks, libraries, and government entities.

4. Credit Card Bills or Bank Statements

These documents can also be submitted when asked to provide Proof of Address.

These are great alternatives if you don’t have any fixed utility bills, such as cable TV or electric bills, under your name, which is a common scenario if there is more than one adult living in the household.

Just photocopy these documents to submit them as Proof of Address.

If you’re using paperless communication with your bank, take a screenshot and print them out.

5. Rental Agreement

If you’re currently renting your place, then your rental agreement with the landlord is another document you can use as Proof of Address.

The rental agreement will bear your name and residential address, which makes it sufficient proof that you really do live at that address.

6. Insurance Card

If your insurance card or policy has your full name and residential address, you can use it as Proof of Address when required by your bank, the library, or other government offices.

7. Car Registration

If you own a car, then its registration document can also be used as Proof of Address as long as it bears your name and residential address.

8. Voter Registration Card

Registered voters can also use their registration card as Proof of Address because it contains their full name and complete home address.

9. Employment Contract or Paystub

Your contract with your employer and your paycheck or paystub can also be used as Proof of Address if these documents show your name and home address.

10. Enrollment Papers or Transcript

Suppose you’re a university student and don’t have any documents above.

In that case, you can also use your enrollment papers, report cards, or transcript of grades as Proof of Address if you want to open a bank account or get a library card.


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