Does Amazon Ship ALL Items Together? (Explained)

When shopping at e-commerce websites like Amazon, it is common for people to purchase multiple items at a time. Does Amazon ship all these items together?

If the items come from one seller, Amazon will likely ship them together.

Here’s How Amazon GeneHere’sShips Orders:

Since Amazon is composed of different sellers, the shipping of multiple orders may vary. If the items come from one seller, Amazon may ship them altogether. If the items are from different sellers, then it is more likely that they will be shipped separately, as fulfillment is done separately.

Do I Get All My Amazon Items in One Package?

You can get all your Amazon items in one package if just one seller fulfills them, and all of them are readily available on hand.

Here are some situations wherein you may not get all your Amazon items in one package:

  • If the items are purchased from different sellers, even if they are Amazon sellers.
  • If the items are purchased from one seller, but some are not readily available, the seller decides to ship the available items sooner.
  • If the items are from Amazon sellers, the fulfillment is done separately since the items are not from the same category.

Even if you do not get all your items in one package, Amazon will allow you to group your items into as few deliveries as possible.

Do Multiple Items from Amazon Ship Together?

When purchasing multiple items from Amazon, some people may think they will be shipped together if ordered on the same day. However, this is not always the case.

Multiple items from Amazon may or may not ship together. This depends on whether the same seller fulfills them or is stored in the same facility.

In general, multiple items from Amazon will be shipped together if they come from the same seller.

Since it is not guaranteed that all items will be shipped together, Amazon offers a couple of shipping options to make it more convenient for you to get your orders. You can change your delivery preferences after placing an order as long as the order has not been processed.

Here are some delivery preferences that you can set:

Grouping The Amazon Items Into As Few Deliveries As Possible

When placing orders for multiple items, you can choose to group your items into the fewest number of deliveries possible.

 This is a good option if you are not at home often and do not want Amazon orders piling up on your porch. Since your items will be grouped, your orders could take longer to be dispatched if some of the items are not yet available.

If you ordered an item listed as ‘Not Yet Released’ or ‘Back Ordered,’ there may be a delivery delay.

Shipping The Item as Soon as They are Available

If you want to get your orders sooner, you can choose this option so that your 0rders are dispatched as soon as they become available.

This option is ideal if you will use the items soon and want to receive your orders quickly.

This option’s disadvantage is that you spend more on shipping. Since the items will be delivered as soon as they become in stock, you will be charged for shipping every item.

Shipping Through Amazon Day Delivery

This is a convenient option that Amazon offers to Prime Members. Amazon Day Delivery Amazon Day is a free delivery option so that Prime Members can choose their preferred day of the week to receive it.

For example, a member can choose to receive deliveries on Mondays only.

Through this option, members are guaranteed to receive shipping only on their preferred days. This is a good way to prevent Amazon orders from being left unattended on your doorstep, which puts them at risk of being stolen.

Does A Large Item and a Small Item From Amazon Ship Together?

Amazon has different storage facilities to maximize the number of items it can sell online. This is also a way for the company to organize the stocks. Items in the same category are stored in the same facility.

Amazon can ship large and small items together if they are stored in the same facility and the same network fulfills the orders.

For example, you ordered a printer and an electronic cable on the same day from an Amazon seller. Since they are in the same category, they will be more likely to be shipped together, even if one is bigger than the other.

However, if you ordered a printer and a lipstick on the same day, they may not be shipped together since they could come from different storage facilities. If they are not shipped together, you might be paying for their shipping fee separately.

Do Prime Eligible and Non-Prime Eligible Items from Amazon Ship Together?

If you have been an Amazon user for quite some time now, you will notice that some items indicate that they are “Prime Eligible.” This means that the items can be shipped sooner at lower rates for Prime Members.

If an item is Prime-Eligible, then Prime Members can get it in less than 2 or 5 days for free. Non-prime members will have to pay extra to get the same item in less than 7 days – and the cost for this can be as much as $17.

If you are a Prime Member and buying multiple items, it is more likely that the Prime Eligible and Non-Prime Eligible items will not be shipped together.

This is because orders for Prime-Eligible and Non-Prime Eligible items are fulfilled separately and can come from different storage facilities.

Even if this is the case, it could still be worth signing up for Prime Membership because many Amazon items are Prime-Eligible. This could help you save much money on shipping and getting your orders sooner.

Do Amazon-Seller and Third-Party Items from Amazon Ship Together?

Amazon’s business model allows its sellers and third-party sellers to advertise and market their products on the website. This is something that Amazon does to have more products available on the e-commerce website.

An Amazon seller is a seller that Amazon directly invites to sell on the website. When Amazon invites a company to sell at 1P capacity, it sends a purchase order, and the seller fulfills it and ships the product back to Amazon.

For Amazon sellers, the product ownership is transferred to Amazon, which gains full control over how the products will be priced on the website.

Third-party sellers, or those selling at 3P capacity, are those who voluntarily sign up to sell their products on Amazon. You retain full control of the products and pricing and utilize the platform to sell. 

This gives you better control over your brand. You can even adjust the pricing based on your competitors.

Items from Amazon sellers and third-party sellers do not ship together.

This is because the fulfillment of orders for these items is done differently.

Orders from Amazon sellers are fulfilled at Amazon storage facilities, while the seller themselves fulfill orders from third-party sellers. Some third-party sellers have warehouses, while some fulfill orders from their homes.

Do Items from Different Sellers Ship Together?

Since Amazon sells hundreds of thousands of items, buyers get many options on which seller to buy. Some sellers have the same items but at different prices, which gives buyers the chance to buy a certain item at the lowest price possible.

Because of this system, buyers purchase items from different sellers in one order to save money.

When buying from different sellers, the items will not be shipped together, and you may spend a lot on shipping.

So while you may save money on the purchase prices of the items, you could pay more because the items will be shipped separately. This is why it is important to check the shipping costs before finalizing the purchase.


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