Can You Drop UPS Packages At Fedex? (Solved)

Deliveries can be dropped off at various locations, whether in packages or letters.

The most obvious choice is the post office in your neighborhood, but there are other possibilities to consider as well. FedEx drop-off locations also serve as alternatives to the post office. 

But what if you have a UPS package and want to drop it off at FedEx? How does that process work?

In this guide, we’ll go over who has options for dropping off UPS packages at FedEx locations and how those options work.

Here’s Why You Can’t Drop UPS Packages at FedEx:

Dropping your UPS package at FedEx will cause several issues, including delays, rejections, damages, and lost packages. Shipments sent via UPS are not accepted by FedEx and do not operate on the same system that they do. Finding, sorting, and delivering UPS packages will be difficult for FedEx.

Can You Drop UPS Packages at FedEx?

Dropping off your UPS packages at a FedEx location may seem like a good way to save time, but you shouldn’t do it for several reasons.

First and foremost, it will cause delays in delivery. Even if the employee accepts your package and logs it into their system, many steps are still involved before it returns to UPS for proper handling and delivery.

This can lead to delays of several days or even weeks, depending on how far away you live from the store where you dropped off your package.

Suppose you have a package that needs to be delivered overnight and drop it off at FedEx. In that case, it may sit there for hours or days before being picked up by the UPS employee who will deliver it to its final destination.

In addition to slowing delivery time, this also increases the chances that your package will be damaged during transit.

If you want to ensure your package gets delivered as quickly as possible and without damage or loss, we recommend using only UPS services for shipping and deliveries. You can easily find the closest location by entering your zip code or address into the search bar on UPS’ website.

How to Ship UPS Packages From FEDEX: 

Shipments sent via UPS are not accepted by FedEx.

UPS and FedEx provide hybrid shipping services in conjunction with USPS but do not coordinate their efforts. Sending a UPS package to a FedEx location would cause a delay in shipping, and the package may never reach the recipient.

If you wish to ship a UPS package, it must be dropped off at a UPS location, and vice versa. Fortunately, shipping with UPS and FedEx are fairly similar. Moreover, they are remarkably dependable businesses.

First, ensure your package is ready to be shipped before you go to the post office or other shipping center.

You will need the following:

  • The recipient’s address
  • A brief description of the contents of the box
  •  The name of the shipper

Then, you will need to do the following to ship packages via UPS and FedEx:

  • Calculate the package’s dimensions and weight.
  • Choose your delivery time frame. 
  • Pick up your package at a local store or drop-off location or request pick-up service.

Can You Drop Other Types of Packages at FEDEX?

FedEx strives to deliver the highest level of service possible, including ensuring that your package gets delivered.

If you drop off a package for another delivery service company, there is no guarantee it will get picked up by the other company or that it will get delivered.

If you are looking to drop off another company’s packages at FedEx, we recommend calling them directly and asking if they will pick them up from FedEx locations.

Is There a Fee for Dropping UPS Packages at FEDEX?

There is no fee for dropping off UPS packages at a FedEx location.

Since FedEx will not deliver UPS or other non-FedEx packages, FedEx will not charge your if you drop off a package in their facility. 

However, this also means that if the package becomes lost or even stolen, FedEx will not take responsibility for it in any way. So if FedEx is not the shipping company you are using to deliver your package, you shouldn’t drop off packages at a FedEx location.

What Hours Are FedEx Package Drops Open?

The hours for FedEx package drops are generally Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

However, some locations may have a different schedules, and the hours will vary by location.

FedEx drop boxes are available in many locations worldwide, including at retail stores and other businesses that need to ship or receive packages quickly and easily. With a wide range of options for pick-up and delivery, you can use FedEx drop boxes to ensure the company delivers your packages on time.

There are several ways you can find out what hours your local drop-off location is open:

  1. Check the website of your local FedEx store.
    • The hours will be listed on their website as any special holiday hours they may have planned.
  2. Search for your city and state in the search bar, or find your zip code by clicking on the map.
    • Click on “United States” on the left side of the screen.
    • Click on “FedEx Drop Off” on the right side of the screen.
  3. When you click on the link, you can view a map of all the convenient locations in your area.
  4. Call the store directly and ask them what their hours are.
  5. Visit your local FedEx store to see if they have posted their hours inside or near the door.

What Is the Process for Dropping a UPS Package at FEDEX?

The process for dropping off a UPS package at FedEx is not simple. You cannot simply drop off a UPS package at FedEx or call FedEx to request pick-up service.

If you want to drop off a UPS package, you must first find a UPS drop-off location.

The best way to find a UPS drop-off location is to go directly to the UPS website and search for “UPS Drop Off Location.” Once on the page, enter your zip code and click Search, which will bring up all locations within that zip code that can accept packages from UPS.

After finding an appropriate location, print out their address and directions from the website and take them with you when dropping off your package. Suppose no specific person working at this location has been assigned as their recipient for all packages coming in from UPS.

In that case, they must be brought inside and handed over the counter by whoever happens to be there at the time.

Do You Need to Have a FedEx Account to Drop UPS Packages at FedEx?

If you’re dropping a UPS package off at a FedEx location, you do not need to have a FedEx account.

FedEx will not accept or deliver UPS packages regardless of whether you have an account with them. This is because UPS and FedEx are competitors and do not work together.

However, there are several different scenarios in which you would benefit from having a FedEx account. When you ship with FedEx, you can use an account or pay. An account is the best option if you’re shipping many packages and need to track your costs.

If you only ship occasionally and don’t want to keep track of every little thing that goes out, then paying as you go is probably best.

Additionally, you’ll need one if you want to schedule a pick-up. This can be for anything from packages to pallets of goods. Scheduling your own pick-ups ensures that the package will be picked up on time and delivered on time and also helps reduce shipping costs.

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