Do Prada Bags Hold Their Value? (We Checked)

Buying a luxury brand handbag is more than just a way to showcase your impeccable style.

Purchasing a Prada bag is a great investment. This is because many popular Prada bags resell nearly the same amount it initially purchased. 

For example, the popular Prada re-edition Nylon Bag sells for $1,800 directly from Prada, but the used bad resell for around $1,600 means you will get the majority of your money back.

However, there are many things to consider when determining if your Prada bag will hold its value:

Here’s How Prada Bags Hold Their Value:

Most Prada bags not only hold their value but increase in value the longer you hold on to them. This also depends on how sought-after that particular bag is. Most Prada bags increase in value by up to 8% in the first year. However, there is a fine line between vintage and just out-of-style.

What Prada Bags Hold Their Value Best?

While Prada is most well-known for its use of leather and nylon, the Prada shearing bag is among the best that holds value.

This is because this bag is a unique design for Prada and is unlike anything else in their collection.

Using lambswool with harder elements, like a leather strap protector, makes this bag unique. Best of all, it comes in various pastel colors, which helps appeal to a younger demographic.

The Prada Triangle Shearing Purse retailed for $1,600 when it first launched a couple of years ago.

These days, you can find this bag gently used for sale directly from consumers for $2,100. This means that this bag not only held its value, it actually increased in price over the past few years.

Along with Prada purses considered unique or rare, you have the classics. The biggest perk of purchasing a classic style of Prada purses is that they never go out of style. This helps to keep them valuable, especially when it comes to reselling.

No Prada bag is more classic than the Prada Galleria Tote Bag. This square tote bag is made from class Prada Saffiano Leather and comes in over a dozen colors. 

The Prada Galleria Tote bag is one of those Prada bags that will always be for sale and retails starting at $3,000. Depending on how popular the color of the tote bag is, it can be resold for around $4,000. 

Do Prada Bags Go Up In Value Over Time?

As of last year, Prada handbags have increased in value by over 9%. This means that if you were to sell your Prada bag today, you would have made over 9% more than you would have if you tried to sell your bag last year.

You should be able to market your Prada bag and see an increase in value because no matter what, Prada is a very sought-after brand, especially among the younger generation. However, some Prada bags increase more in value than others. 

It may surprise you that when it comes to Prada handbags, nylon bags hold their value much more than Prada leather bags.

The main reason is that the Prada nylon bags are much more fashionable and contemporary, while leather bags can sometimes be seen as “outdated” and “old fashion.”

Lastly, leather is a tough material to keep up with. You must care for a leather bag in a very specific way to avoid damage.

So, it is far easier to care for a nylon bag than a leather bag which is why the Prada nylon bags are much higher in resell value.

How Much Are Prada Bags Worth After a Few Years?

When talking about how long it takes for a Prada bag to be deemed valuable, most people don’t look to resell their handbags until after 5 years.

So, how much does the value of a Prada bag increase in 5 years?

A Prada bag that is well cared for and doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear will hold the total value up to 112%. This means that you can expect your Prada purse to be worth 12% more than you initially purchased it.

For example, if you purchased the Prada Saffiano tote bag for $3,000 five years ago, the current value could be as high as $3,360. 

One of the main reasons why Prada bags continue to be so valuable even after a couple of years is completely due to how well the bags are produced and made, along with the materials they are made from.

Because Prada only uses high-quality materials that are hand-stitched, their bags are extremely high-quality, which helps to make them extremely durable. The more durable the bag, the more it will increase in value. No one wants to spend much money on a designer bag that isn’t in top-notch shape.

How Much Are Vintage Prada Bags Sold For Today?

You may be disappointed to learn that vintage Prada bags are not as valuable as other luxury brands. Most vintage Prada bags only resell for around 70% of how much they were originally purchased for. 

So, when it comes to investing in Prada handbags, it is more valuable to invest in rare or unique styles as opposed to vintage ones.

If you do want to sell your vintage bag, check the tag located in the lining of the purse. This tag will not only let you know that the bag is authentic but will also show a serial and production number.

This number will tell you when the bag was produced and the production number. When reselling or insuring a vintage bag, this tag will tell you all the information you need to know when figuring out its value.

Do Prada Bags Hold Their Value As Well As Similar Brands?

Prada is not considered to be as valuable as other high-end brands.

Louis Vuitton bags, for example, have a resell value of 80%, which means you get most of your money back. However, Prada’s resell value is much smaller at only 70%.

The main reason why some luxury brands like Louis Vuitton are more valuable than Prada is that Louis Vuitton makes far fewer versions of their bags. This makes them specialty products that only come in a limited amount, so once they are gone, they’re gone forever.

However, it is important to remember the style when valuing your luxury brand items. Popular Louis Vuitton bags, like their classic LV patterned shoulder bag, can be found almost everywhere, so the value is not as high.

Prada re-edition bags, like the Prada Crossbody Nylon Bag, are made in a much smaller batch, making them much more valuable.

Are Prada Bags a Good Investment?

Prada bags are only a good investment if you know what you are shopping for, though they aren’t considered as good an investment as other luxury brands.

A great way to determine if buying a Prada bag is worth your investment is to check in to see what sells well on third-party retailer sites like Poshmark. Sites like these tend to be on trend regarding luxury items’ value. 

A good rule of thumb is to find a bag with a higher resell value than the typical Prada value of 70%. The higher the increased value of the Prada bag over time, the better the investment is.

So, for your Prada purchase to be an investment, you have to do the research to ensure that the value will actually increase.

Is The Prada Re-Edition Bag a Good Investment?

The Prada Re-Edition Bag is considered a better investment than their other products. The Prada Re-Edition Nylon Bag is a throwback to the bag that made Prada popular in the first place.

When this bag first hit the market in the early 1990s, it fit in perfectly with the grunge feeling of that era and quickly started flying off the shelves once the “it girls” of the 90s started to showcase them.

More recently, Prada tried to recapture this magic by releasing a re-edition version of their famous nylon bag. When it comes to being an investment, the Prada Re-Edition Nylon Bag continues to rise in market value and resale value, which helps make it a great investment. 

Even today, celebrities are pictured with the Prada Re-Edition Nylon Bag and the Prada Re-Edition Saffiano Leather Shoulder Bag, which helps to make them one of Prada’s best-selling items.

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