Does IKEA Do Pickup? (Curbside & In Store)

Shoppers who frequent IKEA know that sometimes it’s fun to spend a day wandering through the carefully designed maze, feasting on meatballs halfway through, and spending more than you meant to.

For those customers—which surged due to store shutdowns during COVID-19—IKEA offers a service called Click & Collect.

Here’s How IKEA Does Curbside:

IKEA does offer a curbside service that is called Click & Collect. Customers order online, select their pickup time, and receive two e-mails confirming their pickup time. After arriving at the store, park in a designated Click & Collect area and follow the instructions in the second e-mail.

What’s the Pickup Policy at IKEA?

The pickup policy at IKEA is named Click & Collect, and it allows customers to purchase items online, drive to an IKEA store, and have IKEA employees bring out the things to their vehicles.

Customers load the items into their vehicle and return the cart that the employees brought out.

For orders over $49, the service is free. Otherwise, it costs $5 as a service fee.

Currently, every IKEA store has the option for customers to pick up their items using the Click & Collect service.

Service Fee Exception:

On IKEA’s Click & Collect page, they state that customers in “Brooklyn, Queens, Elizabeth, Paramus, Long Island, Woodbridge, and College Park” will be subject to the $5 service fee regardless of the price of their order.

Can You Get IKEA To Do Curbside Pickup?

IKEA now exclusively offers Click & Collect as their curbside pickup option rather than parking and heading into the store to get the items yourself.

Customers need to have their confirmation number from their e-mail and a valid government ID.

If the person who placed the order can’t pick it up themselves, there is an option at checkout to designate another person to receive the order. They’ll need the confirmation number and their ID, as well.

It’s also suggested that customers streamline the process as much as possible by making sure their vehicle is empty enough and adequately configured (seats down, etc.) to accommodate their order.

Dual E-mail Confirmation

When customers check out online, they’ll get an initial e-mail confirmation that their items have been purchased and selected Click & Collect.

The customer shouldn’t arrive at the store until they receive the second e-mail stating that their order is ready for pickup.

However, since many people live quite a distance away from an IKEA store, they can select a timeframe that works well with their schedule to understand better when they should head to the store.

Can You Buy it at IKEA and Pick it Up Later?

After selecting the correct store, customers have an option to set their pick update. However, the selections are usually reasonably limited.

Customers should plan to pick up their purchases the same day or the next day. For example, it’s impossible to pre-schedule a pickup a week in advance.

Is IKEA Click & Collect Same Day?

Yes, ideally, a customer can select to pick up their purchase later on the day that they make their purchase.

However, IKEA stores are limited to many Click & Collect appointments per day. Therefore, customers may not have the option to pick up their purchase on the same day they place it.

Since the customer does get to select their slated pick update at checkout, it’s easy to see if there are spots available the same day or not.

Certain items in a customer’s cart may also determine if they can pick their times up on the same day or a different day.

How Long Does Click & Collect Normally Take?

The customer’s items should be ready within a few hours, and getting the things from the store generally takes only a few minutes.

When Click & Collect services were excessively taxed due to store shutdowns during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers were reporting longer wait times and issues with the system.

However, many of these issues have been ironed out, and most stores have reopened, so fewer customers rely on Click & Collect.

Stocking Issues

If a customer selects an item that has only a few pieces in stock at their selected store, it may get scooped up by an in-store shopper before the IKEA employee can add it to the Click & Collect order.

IKEA attempts to mitigate this by limiting the number of available items online, so customers may see their items listed as “out of stock.”

However, if there is a mix-up, IKEA will notify customers that their item isn’t in stock.

From there, the customer can choose one of two options:

  1. To receive a refund for the out-of-stock item and pick up the rest of their order
  2. Have the entire purchase refunded

Can You Pick it Up From IKEA Distribution Center?

Instead, they’re designed for shipping IKEA products to IKEA stores and for IKEA’s delivery programs.

Final Thoughts

Many businesses pivoted to offer services like curbside pickup when the pandemic shut down their stores.

However, IKEA offered this service before 2020, and despite some rough patches, the Click & Collect program works well for customers who don’t want to pay extra for delivery.

Food items like the Cider Paron drinks, the candy offerings, or the frozen Swedish meatballs aren’t available in a Click & Collect order.

But of course, there’s nothing to stop a hungry Click & Collect customer from popping into the grocery item section and picking up some treats for the drive home.

This option will likely remain for customers for a long time to come, and if a customer is close enough to an IKEA store to make self-pickup a viable option, Click & Collect is a free or low-cost way to shop at IKEA.


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