IKEA & Discounts: Seniors, Teachers, Military, Students Etc.

IKEA is known for its low pricing, from the smallest to the largest items.

Still, some shoppers may be looking to take advantage of other deals or low prices.

IKEA Discounts and Offers To Know:

The most bang for your buck is the free IKEA Family Program with many perks. Also, IKEA has seasonal sales, an “as-is” section for cheaper options than “brand new,” and customers can consider getting cash back through their IKEA Visa card.

Do You Save With the IKEA Family Program?

Becoming part of the IKEA family is the best way to save at the Swedish giant.

This rewards program is free to join, open to any IKEA customer, and comes with a long list of perks that IKEA is constantly updating.

Shoppers might already know that IKEA Family members get a free hot drink whenever they come through the doors, but this free card unlocks more.

Is There a Waiting Period?

You can take advantage of these deals when you sign up for your IKEA Family card.

There are kiosk stations at the front of the stores that will give you a physical card to keep in your wallet and one to keep your keys, or you can sign up online or through the IKEA app. This allows you to keep your card digitally.

The IKEA Family card works like a coupon card on certain items. Take a look at the website before seeing what deals are offered exclusively for IKEA Family members.

You may also notice signs on items throughout the store that state the Family price.

What Do You Get?

Whenever you come into the store, scan your card or barcode at one of these kiosks.

Doing this enters you for a chance to win a $100 IKEA gift card every time you go!

In addition to getting special discounts, you can also get access to programs that IKEA reserves for Family members. In the US, these programs include Oops! Transport Insurance.

If your item breaks during the ride home or while you’re putting it together, you can return it within 14 days and receive the exact thing again for free.

Don’t worry. You don’t need a receipt!

When you scan your Family card at checkout, it creates a record for all your receipts. This is critical for the 90-day price guarantee, where shoppers can request and receive a refund if their item goes on sale within that timeframe.

You can also access programs like Buy Back & Resell in participating IKEA stores. If you’ve got gently used IKEA pieces that you’re ready to move on from, IKEA will buy them from you for store credit.

This program is part of IKEA’s ongoing effort to be more sustainable and create less waste.

Instead of going into the landfill, these furniture items can continue to live on. Everyone benefits!

Paperless Perks and Moving Benefits

Since the IKEA Family card tracks your purchases, you can also see any relevant assembly instruction PDFs in your IKEA Family account.

This is especially helpful if you’re disassembling your IKEA pieces to move and don’t want to keep track of the paper instructions when you need to put them back together.

Regarding moving, IKEA offers a New Mover program, where those who are relocating can get a $25 discount on their pre-tax total of $250 or more.

Their website dedicated to this program also offers many tips for moving and some supplies to make your move easier.

Even More For the Family

IKEA also offers free workshops and events for their IKEA Family members.

Most require pre-registration, so keep an eye on your IKEA account and see which you’d like to attend.

Additionally, IKEA offers financing options to their Family members, so anyone interested in the IKEA Projekt Card or the IKEA Rewards Visa card will need to register first.

If it fits your schedule, IKEA Family members can get two free children’s meals with the purchase of an adult meal if you shop on a Tuesday. You also get an extra free half-hour of childcare at Smaland instead of the typical 1.5 hours, so drop the kids off, get your items, grab lunch, and check out!

Do IKEA Offer Cash Back Programs?

IKEA offers an IKEA Visa Card, which is a rewards credit card. Collect cashback towards IKEA purchases while you shop anywhere that accepts Visa cards.

Get 5% back on any IKEA, Traemand, or TaskRabbit purchases. Get 3% back on food (restaurant and grocery) and utility payments. Get 1% back on all other purchases.

Additionally, if you open the card and spend more than $25 on it the same day, you’ll receive a $25 discount. If you spend at least $500 (non-IKEA/Traemand/TaskRabbit) on the card within three months of opening it, you’ll receive $25 IKEA Rewards.

IKEA will also occasionally partner with other banks, such as Citi, to offer cashback rewards through their cards. Keep an eye out for offers that your bank or current cards send to you to see if you can redeem your rewards at IKEA.

Does IKEA Give BIRTHDAY Discounts?

When you register for an IKEA Family card, you have to enter your birthday.

When you do, the company will send you a birthday surprise. It’s usually a $10 off coupon and a free meal (with dessert)!

In the email, IKEA provides a date range for when the coupon is valid, so don’t worry if you can’t make it to IKEA on your actual birthday.

Since they’re only valid around your birthday, some customers were concerned about what would happen when the stores were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this time, IKEA suspended their birthday offering but sent out a “belated birthday” present when stores reopened in the area.

How Do I get an IKEA Birthday Coupon?

When you sign up for the IKEA Family Rewards program, you’ll need to enter your birthdate and an email address.

Keep an eye on your email as your special day comes closer, and follow the instructions in the email. What’s the Best Way To Save at IKEA?

IKEA shoppers get the best deal when signing up for the IKEA Family card. They can access Family member prices when shopping online and manage their card and rewards via the IKEA app.

Scan your card when you go into the kiosk store and check out to ensure you’re getting all the rewards you’re entitled to.

The process is as seamless as possible but offers big rewards for those who regularly shop at IKEA. h2How Often Do IKEA Go on Sale?

IKEA has some limited-time sales and some other sale options available year-round.

Year-round, shoppers can take advantage of the as-is section in the IKEA stores, including returned pieces, display pieces, and other items that the Swedish store can’t sell for full retail value anymore.

The best time to take advantage of this section is the first thing on Monday morning since many people make their returns on Saturdays and Sundays.

There are always IKEA Family discounts, but the products featured rotate throughout the year.

There are also weekly specials that last for five days, vary by location, and usually offer hefty discounts. Your store’s local website will let you know what they’ve got in the rotation, so you can know before you go.

IKEA also has seasonal sales, like the Kitchen Sale, which occurs two to four times a year. They also usually have Back to School sales and Black Friday sales.

They also offer discounts on their sustainability-focused products during Earth Month.

Does IKEA Offer Demographic Discounts?

Unlike some other stores, IKEA doesn’t offer a discount every time you walk in and show a military ID or join using a student email account.

However, they do offer some perks for those demographic groups:

1. Does IKEA give TEACHER discounts?

No, but many stores offer events and giveaways at different times.

2. Does IKEA give MILITARY discounts?

No, but participating stores offered a free meal around Veteran’s Day in the US.

3. Does IKEA give SENIOR discounts?

No. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, IKEA did open some stores early to accommodate elderly and high-risk guests only.

4. Does IKEA give STUDENT discounts?

No, but IKEA often runs specials on back-to-school items towards the end of the summer.


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