Does IKEA Ever Have Sales? (We Checked)

Searching for deals and sales is important, especially during the holidays when everyone wants to get a little more bang for their buck.  When it comes to IKEA, finding the best deals can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate.

While you can spend hours walking through the giant structure that is IKEA looking for those infamous red-tag deals, there is a much easier way!

Updates on IKEA’s Sales:

Yes, IKEA does have sales and other money-saving programs for you to take advantage of. Their sales happen fairly regularly. Many sales are open only to IKEA family membership holders. You can sign up online through their website if you want a membership.

Does IKEA Ever Have Sales?

Yes, IKEA does have sales that happen fairly regularly!

However, these sales are not always open to everybody.  So, to take advantage of these money-saving events, you have to become a member of IKEA.  Luckily for you, signing up for an IKEA family membership is free!

Signing up is completely easy as well.  All you need to do is register with IKEA online.  To take it one step further, you can download your IKEA membership card right to your phone’s digital wallet so you can always have it on hand.

After you sign up, you will receive weekly emails showing special sales that IKEA will be held for members.

They have all sorts of deals, from food and grocery items to flash sales on popular furniture items.  Also, if you’re a member, you can take advantage of certain seasonal perks like free ice cream cone day!

While there are plenty of sales that are not exclusive to IKEA family members, you will be the first one to know about the sales so that you can easily plan your next shopping trip.

Does IKEA Ever Have Coupons?

If you love hunting around for the best coupon when shopping, you will love that IKEA often has coupons as well as digital deals for you to take advantage of.

Often, these are shopping deals where you can get a certain percentage off by spending a certain amount of money.

Getting the coupons easily is also part of the IKEA family membership plan.  You will get a list of digital coupons and codes to use at your next IKEA shopping trip in your weekly newsletter sent to you by the decor giant.

I especially love the coupons that offer something free or at a discounted price at IKEA’s famous cafeteria!  That way, I can stay fueled while shopping without blowing my budget.

How Often Does IKEA Have Sales?

IKEA has sales year-round.

You can consistently find marked-down merchandise as well as special deals throughout the year.  However, if you’re looking to score the BEST deal in town, you may have to be a little patient.  The best time to find a great sale at IKEA is during holiday weekends that are notorious for amazing deals and markdowns!

This includes holidays exclusive to The States like Labor Day, Memorial Day Weekend, and Independence Day weekend. 

However, since IKEA has thousands of locations worldwide, you can find special holiday deals no matter which country you live in.  Along with holiday deals, IKEA hosts special events throughout the year.

One of its most popular events is the “Semiannual Kitchen Sale,” which happens twice a calendar year.  Here you can find amazing deals on all kitchenware products and furnishings like dining room tables and countertops.

Since IKEA has one of the top regarded custom kitchen sections, this is one of their most popular weekends!

What Are The Best Ways To Save Money At IKEA?

There are plenty of ways to save BIG at IKEA!

First, you should register for the IKEA family membership we mentioned earlier.  This is the best way to keep up on all deals and flash sales.  IKEA loves putting up flash sales that seem random but are very well planned.

The best part about the family members is that if you purchase an item from IKEA that goes on sale up to 90 days after your purchase, you can be reimbursed the difference!  There is nothing better than saving on money that was already spent.

Shopping for certain IKEA events is a great way to save money.  I bought my farmhouse kitchen table from IKEA that even has an extra-large extender for large gatherings.

I purchased this during IKEA’s popular Kitchen Sale Event, saving me a ton of money on a piece I will have for years to come!  Try to plan out larger purchases like furniture around when IKEA is most likely to have a big event sale.

This will save you a great deal of money on products you will have for many years.

The “As-is” Section:

Another great way to save money at IKEA is to shop their “as-is” section.

Many people skip this area because, often, it is found at the very end of the warehouse near the checkout stations.

This is my favorite place to scan.  Here you will find items that were either damaged or returned. 

You can even find items that were once used on display.  These products are greatly reduced if you don’t mind a little bit of wear and tear.

You can find everything from couches to shelving and even electronics.  I’ve found countless items that I could repurpose of fix up saving me a ton of money on my home decorations.

Does IKEA Have A Student Discount Program?

Being a student is stressful, but it can also induce major financial anxiety.

This is because earning a degree means that you won’t work as much as needed to afford things like furniture and decorations.  So, does IKEA have a student discount program that helps extended learners save some cash?

Unfortunately, IKEA currently does not have a program-specific design for students like other major stores do.  But, this doesn’t mean you still can’t save money!

Programs like the IKEA family membership are open to everyone.  So, even students can take advantage of it to save money.  Also, when talking about IKEA’s special savings events, there is one thing to keep in mind!

During the “back-to-school” time, IKEA has many items marked at a reduced price to help the transition to school less expensive.  This includes supplies as well as furniture like desks and office chairs.

I love to check out the school deals each year for new things to help keep my office organized.  From a large magnet board for loose notes to a giant filing cabinet to help keep important documents safe, IKEA has the financially struggling student in mind!

Can You Get Free Delivery From IKEA?

Have you ever filled your cart full of items only to get to the shipping and delivery page and learn that the shipping cost is almost as much as your cart total?

This is extremely common, especially for things like furniture.  You must remember that shipping out a couch is much different from knick-knacks.  Even though IKEA’s furniture comes in several boxes, it still is much harder to ship than you think.

This is one of the reasons why IKEA does not offer free delivery or shipping from their warehouse to your home.

But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t score a great deal on shipping.  IKEA has done something brilliant when it comes to saving this way.

You can often find a deal through the family membership or a digital deal that gives you one flat rate for shipping everything in your cart.  This deal is often something like “if you spend x amount of dollars, your items will ship for $5”.

This allows the customer to save a little bit of money without IKEA taking a huge hit on shipping costs.  You have to remember that IKEA is not like Amazon, where they can quickly ship out smaller items directly from the warehouse for very little money.  It takes a little more planning and strength to ship out larger items like furniture.

Does IKEA Have A Boxing Day Sale?

Boxing Day is very popular in European countries.

It takes place the day after Christmas and is when people venture out to exchange and return items and use any holiday money or gift cards they receive.  This is widely known as one of the most popular shopping days of the year.  It isn’t only Europe who celebrates either!

You can find Boxing Day worldwide, including Canada and Australia as well.  Since IKEA has such a large presence in Europe, it is natural to wonder if that have any special sales or events on Boxing Day.

If you like to take advantage of Boxing Day deals, you will love that IKEA has an amazing Boxing Day event every year!

But is the IKEA Boxing Day Event exclusive to only a few items?  Absolutely not!  Unlike the IKEA Kitchen Event, this sale is open to almost all of IKEA’s departments.

This year’s event is set to kick off on December 26th, 2021, and already has some amazing deals in store.  While the deals are kept pretty hush-hush, IKEA has given us a little take of what to expect this year.

From dining room sets to bookshelves, there are thousands of markdowns as discounts you can find.

What About Black Friday Sales?

Unfortunately for avid Black Friday shoppers, IKEA does not hold a special Black Friday event.  However, the furniture giant did try to do something slightly different for 2021!

IKEA has recently launched its “green initiative” to reduce its environmental impact.  Instead of offering deals for Black Friday, IKEA tried to stay true their image by hosting a green event.

For 2021, IKEA outlined a checklist to help its customers stay greener this holiday season.  This includes how we shop in excess and how we can combat that to reduce the stress we put on the environment.

Users who signed up for this program and followed the checklist were entered into sweepstakes to win green prizes.

While IKEA didn’t specifically have a Black Friday event, some sales were still to be found for those brave enough to venture out.

Final Thoughts!

Just because IKEA is one of the top retailers globally when it comes to home furnishings and decor doesn’t mean they too don’t love putting up a good deal.

However, you have to know when to find them.  IKEA has random sales year-round outside of their bigger and more popular events.  Becoming an IKEA family member is truly the best way to spot these trends and deals.

Every year IKEA sends out their annual catalog showing what is new to the store and new ways that you can use their older designs.  One of my favorite things to do is to mark all of the things that I would love to own one day in this giant book.

I am constantly checking my IKEA membership email to see if they have any deals on things that I have dogeared in my catalog.  This way, I know I am getting the best deal on stuff I was planning on buying anyway.

Also, if you are on the family membership, you can find that you can eat for free in the cafeteria when you buy certain items.  I like to look at this as an adventure.

The only thing better than a great meal with your shopping is a great free meal!


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