Do Prada Sizes Run Small Or Fit True-To-Size? (10 Items Checked)

There are many things to consider when shopping for fashion items, especially when buying from a luxury designer brand like Prada. Apart from the price, you also have to consider the material, style, design, and, more importantly, the sizing.

When shopping in-store, it is easy to get the right size because you can fit the items on the spot, but when you are buying online, you run the risk of getting one in the right size.

So do Prada sizes run small, or are they true-to-size?

1. Boots:

Prada has a good selection of boots made from different materials, but the most popular styles are made of leather.

In general, Prada boots run small. This goes for all types of boots, such as Monolith boots, brushed leather boots, nylon boots, and even rubber booties.

Many customers have commented that Prada boots are smaller than normal sizes. These boots also tend to be narrower, which means that if you have a wide foot, you also have to size up even if the length of the boots is the right fit.

Most people would recommend sizing up for Prada boots. So if you wear size 38 shoes, you have to get size 39 or size 40 Prada boots so that they would fit comfortably.

2. Loafers:

Prada’s leather loafers are one of the most popular and iconic in the world, especially the chunky ones, because they can make a statement. People tend to see these loafers worn by celebrities and fashion icons.

Prada loafers tend to run small, and many people would recommend getting half or one size up.

Since these loafers are made of leather, which is not a stretchable fabric, they can feel tight initially and may need some time to stretch for a more comfortable fit.

Prada loafers tend to be narrow, so most buyers got at least half or one size up. So if you wear size 36 shoes, you would be better off getting these loafers in size 36.5 or 37.

3. Pumps:

Prada’s leather pumps come in high-heeled and kitten-heeled versions. The brand’s leather pumps feature a pointed-toe silhouette and a sophisticated design. They are great for office wear or formal events and parties.

These pumps tend to run small. Because of the pointed-toe silhouette, these pumps can hurt as they squeeze your toes together. 

Most people would recommend sizing up when buying Prada pumps. Apart from being naturally smaller than usual, they tend to feel tighter in the rain or when there is a lot of moisture in the air because they are made of leather.

If you wear size 38 shoes, get one in 38.5 so that they would feel more comfortable to wear.

4. Ballerina Flats:

Unlike the pumps, Prada’s ballerina flats have a wide toe box, so they do not feel tight around the toes.

These flats are true-to-size. Even if you have wider feet, you would feel comfortable getting a pair in your size because of these shoes’ wide-toe box.

Since they are made of patent leather, they would feel tight when they are brand new, but these shoes would stretch for a more relaxed fit after quite some time.

5. Mules:

Just like the loafers, Prada mules are iconic because they have a unique look that is easily distinguishable with their chunky soles.

Prada mules also tend to run small. 

These shoes are narrow at the toes so that they can feel too tight. If you are planning to buy Prada mules, it is best to size up half a size so they would feel more comfortable.

6. Prada:

While Prada is not generally known as a sneaker brand, it actually has a good selection of sneakers with different designs. It is made from different materials, such as leather, nylon, and gabardine.

Prada sneakers fit true to size. These sneakers are some of the most comfortable in the luxury fashion industry. 

These sneakers are great for everyday wear because they are extremely comfortable and fashionable for long or short walks. The quality is also good; you cannot compare it to any other streetwear brand.

Prada sneakers are neither too big nor too small, so get a pair in your exact size when buying one.

7. Sandals:

Prada has several collections of sandals, from slim heels to chunky heels to flats to rubber slides and fabric slides. The brand also has thong sandals.

These sandals fit true to size.

Prada sandals generally have a good width size, so they do not feel tight around the feet. If you plan to buy one, get a pair in your exact size so that the sandals will fit you well.

8. Jackets and Outerwear:

The brand has a good selection of jackets – from leather biker jackets to trench coats to windbreakers. When shopping for jackets, your size can depend on how you plan to wear these items.

Prada jackets and outerwear generally run big, but remember that most of them are worn on top of other clothing items.

So if you want a tighter fit for your Prada jacket, then size down. But if you plan to layer it on top of a t-shirt, blouse, or sweatshirt, it is best to get one in your size.

9. Tops and Shirts:

Regarding men’s and women’s clothing, Prada has a few collections of tops and shirts, and the sizing rules may vary slightly.

For women’s blouses, Prada fits true to size. For men’s shirts and tops, Prada also fits true to size.

For some t-shirts, especially the unisex ones, they can be true to size for men, while women would have to size down. This is because some Prada t-shirts are for both men and women, and there are no separate sizes.

So if you are a man who’s buying a Prada unisex t-shirt, get one in your size. If you are a woman buying the same t-shirt, get one in a smaller size.

Prada has a reliable size guide with exact measurements for the waist and chest when shopping online for clothes.

10. Bottoms:

Suit pants, jeans, trousers, jogger pants, skirts, and shorts can be quite challenging to buy online since these items always have to fit you perfectly.

In general, Prada bottom pieces fit true to size.

You can also use their size chart that indicates the measurement of each size for the waist and hips to ensure that you get the item in the correct size.

What Happens if I Order a Prada Product and it Doesn’t Fit?

Sometimes, people order online and get the product in the wrong size. Or they get it in their size, but it does not fit them properly. This can happen to anyone.

If you order a Prada item online and find out that it does not fit you properly, you can return it to Prada for a replacement in the correct size.

If the correct size is unavailable, you can replace it with another item of the same value. Another option is to return it and get store credits, but you will not be refunded in cash.

When returning a product to Prada, it has to be returned within 30 days from the date of shipping. The product has to be in brand-new condition, and the receipt, tags, authenticity cards, and original packaging must be intact.

So, when buying Prada shoes and clothes online, always check the size guide carefully. If there is a Prada store near you, it is recommended that you try out the product first in the store before making the purchase.


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