Is Gucci For Middle Class Or Rich People? (Explained)

High-end labels, like Gucci, have always been a little out of reach for the average person, but most luxury brands like it this way. It helps to make their designs more desirable and limited since only some can afford them.

When it comes to Gucci, are they a fashion house meant for everyone to wear or just the elite?

Here is everything we learned about Gucci’s marketing practices:

Here’s Why Gucci Is Made For Everyone:

Gucci mainly appeals to people with the money to spend on ultra-expensive clothing. However, Gucci isn’t just for one demographic. Fashion enthusiasts with a smaller disposable income still enjoy purchasing this lux Italian label. So, while Gucci is for everyone, not everyone can afford it.

What Demography Normally Wears Gucci?

Each brand will have a targeted demographic to make the company profitable. This includes large marketing campaigns – which we will explore a bit later.

Simply put, luxury brands like Gucci have a specific group in mind when they design clothing.

Gucci’s prime demographic is people with a lot of expendable income. This includes celebrities, billionaires, influencers, as well as socialites.

However, only some of these people purchase Gucci with their own money. Gucci often sends gifts to extremely wealthy people who have a bit of influence over the population in hopes of them promoting their designs. This is done mainly through social media.

This is a great way for brands like Gucci to market without spending much money on advertising.

Even though Gucci is designed for the ultra-wealthy, they want to be desired by everyone no matter how much money they have in their bank account. This includes the middle class.

After all, luxury clothing is considered to symbolize wealth as well as status. The idea is that what you wear shows how important you are. 

So, while Gucci’s main demographic is wealthy people, everyone wants to feel important, and one of the best ways to do this is to wear something everyone wants.

What Countries Buy The Most Gucci?

Gucci is notoriously a true Italian brand. The fashion giant started in Europe, and to this day, Gucci designs are heavily influenced by the regalness of Italy in the form of bright colors, gold leaf, and bold symbols.

Europe only makes up about 11% of total Gucci sales. So, what region purchases the most Gucci, and are these regions considered overly wealthy?

The region that buys the most Gucci is the Asia-Pacific region of the world. This region makes up almost 50% of Gucci’s overall sales.

This region includes large countries like Australia, Russia, East Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

Aside from the Asia-Pacific region, China is the second-highest buyer of Gucci. These areas have a more even distribution of wealth which means that more people can afford Gucci designs.

Since Gucci is a European brand, the clothing is far less expensive in Gucci’s homeland than in other places. So, even though people across Europe purchase Gucci proudly, it only makes up for some of Gucci’s profits when you consider import and export costs. 

Who does Gucci Market Themselves to?

Gucci’s target audience is rich people who also love to showcase their wealth by wearing bold and expensive clothing.

Gucci wants people who love to make a fashion statement while also spending a ton of money to be the main ones who wear their designs. Gucci has said several times that they don’t market to the middle class or the “non-wealthy.”

This is the age-old marketing scheme where being non-accessible to most people is actually a good thing for the brands. 

Many luxury brands ignore people who aren’t overly wealthy because they don’t want their clothing to be viewed as “cheap.” When people who can’t afford to wear luxury brands purchase something like Gucci, many brands feel like this makes their designs less desirable. 

This is why you don’t see Gucci being advertised in normal ways like you would see other brands advertise. This means you won’t be seeing a Gucci commercial play on a Thursday night between your favorite TV shows and won’t see any Gucci ads on your local commuter train.

Instead, Gucci takes advantage of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to reach the middle class by sending designs to influential people to showcase on their profiles.

Why Does Gucci Sell So Well To The Middle-Class?

Even though Gucci promotes its designs to the wealthy, the majority of its customer base is, in fact, the middle class. The main reason for this is that since luxury brands like Gucci are considered to be a “status symbol,” many people want to be seen as a part of the elite upper class.

Someone who is considered to be middle-class wearing Gucci could mean that they are trying to elevate their own personal status.

However, people who are middle-class and who are buying Gucci don’t take it for granted.

Since they don’t have disposable income, they must save and plan to make a big Gucci purchase. This not only forces them to respect it more but also means that they will take better care of their luxury items.

Do Rich People Actually Wear Gucci?

Most rich people don’t exclusively wear luxury brands.

People suspect that since Gucci has quickly become a favorite brand among people of lower status, it slightly cheapened the brand and made it seem less exclusive. It is thought that rich people try to separate themselves from the rest of the world, so they will always look for a brand that is unique, rare, and too expensive for everyone else.

Most of the time, when you see someone with popularity and a large social media presence prominently wearing a luxury brand like Gucci, it is done as a marketing ploy. This means that they didn’t actually purchase the designs on their own but sent them in order to promote them to ordinary people.

This is one of the reasons why Gucci sells so well among the middle class and why the rich stay away from clothes that are seen as gimmicky.

Do Gucci Products Make You Look Rich?

Gucci is one of those brands that most people think are unachievable for their budget. So, seeing someone wear a luxury brand like Gucci can make people think that they can afford such a high-priced brand.

However, it really depends on what type of Gucci product you purchase. A decade ago, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone wear one of Gucci’s signature white t-shirts. 

These basic t-shirts were fairly similar to regular shirts that you can find anywhere, with the only difference being the $60 price tag. Since this shirt was considered so “cheap” compared to other items in Gucci collections, more people were okay with spending a huge price for a t-shirt.

Other lower-cost items, like the signature Gucci leather belt, are also very popular among middle-class people. However, since these items are well-known for being on a lower price scale, they make you seem less rich.

The best way to appear like you have a higher financial status is to invest in a piece of Gucci fashion that is considered a little more exclusive.


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