Are Headbands Fashionable Or Out Of Style? (Checked)

One thing that never goes out of is a great headband. Headbands have been in style since their first swell of popularity in the 1950s and remain a staple piece to this day. 

However, headbands have come a long way from the thin plastic bands that kick-started their rise to popularity. With so many different styles and interpretations of headbands, how do you know if your favorite style is still considered in fashion? 

Here are all the different styles of headbands that are both in style and out of fashion so that you never have to be left behind when it comes to trends again:

Are Knotted Headbands in Style?

Knotted headbands are made from a plastic band base with fabric wrapped around them, tied together in a knot at the band’s top.

They are meant to be worn with the knot directly on the top of your crown, giving it an almost turban-like effect. These headbands were an homage to bandu-styled knots and came in many different colors and styles.

Knotted headbands hit their peak back in 2021 and since have started to fall off the trend map slowly. When knotted headbands were most popular, you could find them everywhere, from big box stores to fashion boutiques.

Like most trends, the overdesigning of knotted headbands got a little bit out of control as designers started to add too many embellishments.

You could find knotted headbands covered in rainbow gemstones, chains, and even floral designs. While avoiding the ever-changing style of knotted headbands was hard, they are far less desirable these days. While you can still spot a trendy girl wearing one of these headbands, they have slowly faded out.

So, are knotted headbands still in style?

They are, but they have just started to fade out of popularity. 

Are Padded Headbands Out Of Style?

Padded headbands first sprung into popularity in the 1960s.

These plastic-style bands featured a wide section of padding on the top, usually covered in fabric. While they haven’t been wildly popular this century, they are starting to make a serious comeback.

The best way to spot trends is to see what top designers do with their collections from a year ago. The mega fashion giant, Prada, started featuring padded headbands on the runway in 2019.

Since it takes a while for high fashion to evolve and find its way into the everyday home, the padded headband trend just started to pick up this year.

Our favorite interpretation of this hairstyle trend is padded headbands adorned with chunky pearls. This adds a bit of whimsical magic to the everyday look and lets other people know you are well aware of the trends of the hour.

Are Plastic Headbands in Style?

Plastic headbands range in size from a large width bands to ultra-thin ones. These headbands often feature a teeth-like comb on the inside to push your hair back for a sleek style.

Plain plastic headbands not wrapped in fabric or other design elements are not currently in style. The only people wearing these styles of headbands have to either do so for work or are children.

This is mainly because while headbands have an actual function and purpose, such as keeping your hair out of your face, we have moved past settling for age-old beauty products.

This is especially true for women who see their hair accessories as an extension of their overall style. Why wear a plain headband to keep your bangs aside when you can get the same results from a headband that offers a little something extra to stay on trend?

Are Thin Headbands in Style?

Thin headbands burst onto the scene in the early ’90s when everything was getting thinner and more subtle.

From thin eyebrows to tiny elastic bracelets that replaced the chunky plastic trend, the 90s was about making a small impact. Most of the time, these headbands were either plastic or the more popular wire-style headbands that often were made into a zig-zag pattern.

While some aspects of the 1990s have returned in full force, thin headbands still have not returned to the top trend list. While thin headbands have mainly stayed out of the public eye for decades, there have been a few exceptions.

Thin wire headbands with floral or animal elements grew in popularity in the early 2010s.

However, these days, people are not interested in the subtle or cute-girl style that had swelled back in the day. So, as of this writing, thin headbands are not considered in fashion. 

Are Thick Headbands in Style?

Long gone are the days of making everything smaller and smaller.

These days, the bolder and the bigger, the better. Thick headbands are not the exception to this ruling trend.

Women love their thick headbands, and they are not only meant to keep in your bathroom for washing your face anymore.

When styled the right way, a thick headband is exactly what is on-trend. For example, women right now are having a serious power suit moment.

Wearing a neutral-colored suit needs a little bit of femininity to stay on-trend. The best way to do this is to pair it with a thick headband.

Instead of adding a pop of color with a great bag or pair of heels, women these days are opting to showcase their bright personalities with a thick-colored headband. 

Are Bandana Headbands in Style?

While bandana headbands were considered “beach wear” in the 1960s, a different demographic of rock-loving ladies adopted them as their own. So, no matter that decade or the season, bandana headbands are one of those fashion staples that will never go out of style.

Perhaps it is a throwback to the “We Can Do It,” Rosie-the-Riveter poster and movement of the 1940s when women started to come into their power.

Sometimes a hair accessory isn’t just another way to showcase your style. It can have deeply personal meanings and can be a way for someone to pay homage to a time that was instrumental for many people worldwide.

Are Velvet Headbands in Style?

The last headband style we want to mention is velvet headbands. Like knotted headbands, velvet headbands are plastic half-moons wrapped in luscious velvet.

Velvet headbands are among some of the trendiest at this moment in time. You can thank all those shows set in the early 1800s.

That era showcased complete elegance through rich textiles and precious gemstones. One fabric that is heavily seen throughout the era of elegance is velvet.

Since the world is obsessed right now with the gilded age, it is no surprise that velvet hairbands have made their way into movies, runways, and even your home. 

The best part about a great velvet headband is that it adds that special touch of class to any outfit. Whether roaming the streets in an oversized pair of jeans or hitting the town in your favorite little black dress, a velvet hairband is the absolute must-have accessory of the season.

Final Thoughts

When talking about trends, it is important to remember that no trend can replace your sense of style.

Following trends does not have to be all-encompassing for you. Instead of seeing trends as a guide to how you should dress, take it as a little extra seasoning to what you are already working with.

The best way to use the headband trend is to allow it to elevate your current outfit game!

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