How To Use Headbands to Keep Earbuds in Place (Explained)

Earbuds are a great invention that makes listening to music or podcasts on the go a breeze. Gone are the days of getting tangled in an earphone wire or figuring out the best pocket to put your phone so the headphone wire can reach.

However, if you’re wearing earbuds and have trouble with them falling out of your ears, you might want to consider an easy and stylish solution to help them stay in place.

Wearing headbands with earbuds is a great way of keeping them safe and secure on jogs or at school.

Keep Earbuds in Place Using Headbands:

Headbands made from a continuous piece of elasticated material are a great and easy way to keep your earbuds in. Place the earbuds in your ear and pop the headband down over the earbuds. If you’re wearing a thick wool headband designed for warmth, you can easily do the same thing.

Does Wearing a Headband with Earbuds Keep them In?

If you have an elastic headband, you can slip your earbuds in and then slide the headband down over your ears.

This will keep them in place, assuming your headband isn’t too loose. An elastic headband makes it easy to adjust your earbuds in and out of your ear under the elastic.

If you’re creating your headband out of a bandana or fabric, getting earbuds in and out may be a bit more difficult.

You’ll want to get them in place before leaving the house since you might have to tie a non-stretchy fabric more tightly once you have the earbuds in.

However, the best way to keep earbuds is to get a pair with appropriate-sized tips to fit your ear shape. You can also use silicon add-ons to create more friction in your ear so that your earbuds stay in place on their own.

However, if you’ve already got a pair of earbuds that you like, an elastic or wool headband is a great way to help them stay in place.

Can You Wear a Headband Over a Headset?

This isn’t generally advisable.

If the headset you’re wearing for work is too big, strapping it into place with an elasticated headband isn’t the most comfortable option, and you may also damage your headset.

If the headset is too big for your head, you could wear a headband and put the headset on top of it. That may help it fit more snugly.

It could also help if the headband fits okay but is too slick and constantly slides off. Use a headband to add friction or act as a speed bump to keep the headset in place.

Does Pairing Headbands with Earbuds Cause Headaches?

If your headband is too tight, it can cause a headache regardless of whether you wear earbuds.

However, if you pair a too-tight headband with your earbuds, it can push the tips of your earbuds deeper into your ear canal and cause additional discomfort.

This might not necessarily cause a headache, but if your headband isn’t the right size for your head, you’re likely in for a long day.

You may also want to decrease the sound of the music since it may push the earbuds closer to your eardrum.

This might not feel uncomfortable, but if you’re blasting music at the same volume, you may get a headache from exposure to the increased decibels.

Can Headbands Keep Earbuds Safe from Cold?

Cold weather is one of the best situations to use the headband/earbud combo.

If you’re going to be outside, you’ll probably wear a headband that goes over your ears to keep them warm. In that scenario, you won’t look out of place with ear coverings.

More than that, it can help lengthen the lifespan of your earbuds. The lithium-ion batteries in most earbuds today start to degrade in below-freezing temperatures, so keeping them warm will help prevent the internal parts from getting damaged.

Also, protecting them from the cold air will help protect them when you go back inside. As any glasses-wearer knows, when the temperatures inside to outside are vastly different, you can get some condensation buildup on your glasses.

That condensation can also build up in your earbuds, which will cause them to stop working. The drivers inside of earbuds are very sensitive to internal moisture.

Are Headbands with Earbuds Fashionable?

Headbands styled to go over your ears (and thus secure your earbuds) are more fashionable in winter than in summer.

It’s not unusual for those braving the low temperatures to protect themselves, and between chunky wool headbands and slouchy beanies, you’ll fit right in fashion-wise.

In the warmer months, most people style headbands behind their ears. However, sometimes folks use headbands to keep their long hair out of their face while it flows around their shoulders.

If that’s your use case, you can likely pull the headband down over your ears while you have your earbuds in and then cover the headband with your hair. No one will be any the wiser, your earbuds will stay firmly in place, and you’ll still look super cute.

In situations where you need your earbuds to stay in place and have your long hair up (or if you have short hair), we can’t say that having a headband over your ears is the most stylish look out there. However, “cuteness” might not be your number one priority if you’re on the run, at the gym, or listening to a podcast on public transport.

The beauty of headbands is that you can move them back and forth relatively easily.

Other Alternatives

If you find that you’re frequently using a headband to keep your earbuds in, you might want to look at purchasing an integrated earbud/headband combo.

Many manufacturers produce them, and you can easily find versions more suited to cold weather, sleeping, and working out.

This is a great solution and will ensure that your earbuds will stay in place and won’t get crushed into your ear, which could damage your eardrum and distort the sound quality.

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