Is Prada A Female-Only Brand Today? (Checked)

When one mentions Prada, the first thing that comes to mind is women’s bags because this is what the brand is famous for. But is Prada only for women?

Prada started in 1913 as a shop that sold animal products and leather goods, specifically steamer trunks and handbags. While most of Prada’s products cater to women, it is not solely a female brand. Prada sells products for men too.

What You Need to Know About Prada’s Menswear Collection:

Prada has a big menswear collection, including leather, knitwear, shirts, suits, denim items, sleepwear, jackets, coats, and so much more. Prada also sells men’s shoes, bags, travel luggage, and other accessories for men.

Do Only Women Wear Prada Brand Clothes?

Prada is one of the world’s top designer brands for its bags, clothes, shoes, and accessories.

It is one of the most recognized luxury brand names in fashion, and when people mention it, women’s bags and clothes would immediately come to mind.

From dresses, shirts, skirts, knitwear, jumpsuits, trousers, jackets, and coats, Prada has always been a household designer brand name in women’s fashion. It even sells swimwear and sleepwear for women.

But Prada is not just for women. Men wear Prada brand clothes too.

While Prada is a big brand in women’s fashion, it also sells lots of items for men. Prada has a huge collection of clothing items for men.

This includes:

  • Outwear – The brand has different outerwear like suit coats, bomber jackets, parkas, leather jackets, and trench coats.
  • Tops – Prada also has different kinds of tops for men, like button-down shirts, polo shirts, knitted sweaters, men’s tank tops, sweatshirts, and simple t-shirts. Some of the tops are unisex so that women can wear them too.
  • Bottoms – The luxury brand has a good collection of bottoms, from trousers, suit pants, Bermuda shorts, jeans, and jogger pants.
  • Other Clothing Items – Prada has a small sleepwear collection for men and swimming trunks.

So if you are a man looking for designer clothing items, Prada is a good brand as it offers timeless and versatile pieces.

Many menswear items have a classic look that will never go out of style. If your personal clothing style is leaning towards classy and preppy, then you would definitely like Prada’s menswear collection.

What Prada Brand Clothes are Most Popular Among Women?

Here are some of the most popular Prada brand clothes among women:


Prada has been known for making and selling high-quality leather items since it started as a leather goods store.

From biker jackets, trench coats, skirts, shorts, pants, and trousers, Prada’s leather clothing items are of high quality, using only the finest leather materials, including suede and nappa.

Leather clothes, especially leather jackets, are classic and never go out of style. Everyone should have a leather jacket. Wearing one is the simplest way to dress up any outfit and give it an edgy vibe.


While knitwear is not what immediately comes to mind when you think about Prada, this designer brand has a good array of knitted pieces that can be a closet staple.

Prada’s knitwear features cardigans, sweaters, shirts, skirts, and dresses made from the finest knitted materials like cashmere, wool, silk, and high-quality cotton.

The brand’s knitwear includes many versatile pieces you can pair with almost anything for an effortlessly chic look.

Silk and Satin Dresses:

Prada is one of the brands you often see on the red carpet, as celebrities wear its beautiful pieces at events. A lot of these dresses are made from silk or satin.

Regarding delicate pieces of clothing, Prada uses refined crepe satin or high-quality silk to create these items.

Satin dresses by Prada are simple yet elegant, making them perfect for formal events. They come in a simple silhouette that is easy to wear and can be accessorized with anything.

Poplin Dresses:

Poplin is a type of cotton fabric with a plain weave. It is a strong and crisp fabric with a silky surface.

Prada has a good selection of poplin dresses in different varieties – from long-sleeved ones to sleeveless ones and from full-length dresses to midi lengths to short lengths.

Prada’s poplin dresses look dainty and classic, giving off a feminine vibe. Some are great for semi-formal events, while most are for casual everyday wear.


While so many other brands are known for making denim clothes, Prada’s denim items are also very popular.

From classic denim jeans to mini dresses to oversized shirts to skirts and shorts, Prada has a good selection of denim items in different washes.

Denim may come in different colors, but they are essentially considered neutrals, so they go well with pretty much anything. And Prada’s denim clothes are nice to have in your closet.

Do Men Wear Prada Outfits?

Many people mistake Prada as a women-only brand when there are many Prada items designed and made for men.

Men do wear Prada outfits.

Many male celebrities and media personalities have been seen wearing Prada outfits on the red carpet, at media events, and even during Men’s Fashion Week. Some have also appeared in the brand’s ads and print campaigns.

Some male celebrities who wear Prada include Ansel Elgort, Andrew Garfield, Eddie Redmayne, Ethan Hawke, Dane DeHaan, Gary Oldman, and Tahar Rahim.

Prada’s menswear collection features elegant and formal suits in classic silhouettes, crisp trousers, butt0n-down shirts, knitted sweatshirts, and polo shirts that can be staples in any man’s closet. Some of the clothing items are also unisex.

So to say that Prada is a women-only brand is incorrect. Prada caters to both women and men.

What Prada Brand Clothes are Most Popular Among Men?

Prada has many clothing items for men, but here are the most popular ones.


Prada suits are probably the most popular when it comes to their menswear. These suits are commonly seen as worn by male celebrities.

Suits by Prada are known for their sophisticated tailoring with a slim fit. The jackets usually come with a two-button or three-button closure with a classic lapel. The pants often feature slash pockets on the front, and some have welt pockets on the back.

Like other clothing items, Prada suits are made from the finest materials. Wool and mohair are the most commonly used materials for suits.

These suits are great for formal events. If you can afford them, you can also wear these suits for everyday corporate office wear.

Knitted Sweaters:

Knitted sweaters are good for a more casual yet preppy and classy look.

Prada’s selection of knitted sweaters features pieces made from silk, wool, or cashmere. They come in neutral colors like black, cream, brown, and gray, so they are easy to wear and can be paired with anything.

These sweaters are popular because they can instantly elevate a casual ensemble. They are best worn over button-down polo shirts for a mature yet preppy vibe – good for everyday wear or semi-formal events.

Leather Jackets:

Prada’s leather jackets are also quite popular among men. Its leather jackets for men have a different look and are cut from the ones for women.

The designer’s leather jackets are made from the finest materials, including suede, nappa, and sheepskin. They also come in different styles, from biker jackets to bomber jackets to coats and vests. Some of them are reversible for more versatility.

Leather jackets are closet staples for anyone. A leather jacket can instantly amp up a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit for men.

Button-Down Shirts:

Prada has a good selection of button-down shirts in varying colors, styles, prints, and sleeve lengths for an even more casual look.

Most Prada button-down shirts are made from cotton or polyester and have subtle branding on the front. These shirts are considered essential garments in any man’s wardrobe, with a straight cut and classic collar.

Some come in plain solid colors, some are striped, and some come in fun, colorful, whimsical prints.

These shirts are best worn with shorts for a summer look or jeans for casual everyday attire. But they can also go with trousers for a smart-casual or semi-formal look.

Prada is not just a brand for women. If you are a man looking for classic designer pieces of clothing that never go out of style and are made from high-quality materials, then check out Prada’s menswear collection.


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