Is Prada Cheaper Outside The U.S.? (16 Places Checked)

Prada is a designer brand that was founded in Milan, Italy. Even though its origins are deeply rooted in Europe, specifically Italy, it has become a reputable brand in the luxury goods industry worldwide.

There are 635 Prada-owned stores in 26 franchise stores across 75 countries worldwide, including the U.S.

Let’s check if Prada products are cheaper in the U.S. or other countries:

1. Are Prada Products Cheaper In France & Paris?

France, specifically Paris, is a shopping haven for fashionistas. Paris is home to many luxury fashion brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Hermes, Chloe, and Yves Saint Laurent. It is also home to hundreds of smaller designer brands.

Prada products are cheaper in France and Paris. In general, luxury brands are cheaper in Paris.

If you are looking for designer clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories, then Paris is the best place to go.

When European luxury brands like Prada are shipped overseas, a lot of fees are added to the prices of the items, such as import tax, duty tax, and transportation costs.

Prada products are cheaper in France and Paris because they are made in Italy, which is very close to France, where taxes and transportation costs are very low.

2. Are Prada Products Cheaper In The U.K. & London?

Many places in Europe are great places to shop for luxury goods; one is the United Kingdom, including London, England.

Prada products are cheaper in the U.K. and London compared to the U.S.

What’s great about shopping in the U.K. is that if you do the right paperwork during the point of purchase and departure from the airport, you can get a refund for the purchase price.

The refund amounts to anywhere between 5% and 25%, which means huge savings on top of the low prices of Prada and other designer-brand items.

And this is not just in the U.K. Many other European countries also have VAT refunds for goods purchased there.

A VAT refund is the reimbursement of the VAT that you paid on goods purchased in Europe as a non-resident.

3. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Hawaii?

While Hawaii is not on the mainland U.S., it is still considered a U.S. state. However, shopping for luxury goods in Hawaii is a much better experience than in the continental U.S.

Prada products are cheaper in Hawaii compared to other U.S. states.

This is because Hawaii can be closer to Italy, which means it incurs lower taxes and transportation costs when importing products. If you live in the U.S., Hawaii is the best place to shop for Prada products and other luxury items.

4. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Portugal?

Just like in other European countries, Prada products are cheaper in Portugal.

Portugal is close to Italy, so it does not incur many added fees from import taxes, duty taxes, and transportation costs. This is why Prada products are cheaper here compared to the U.S.

However, many shoppers have said that the selection of Prada items in Portugal is not that great. The choices of items can be very limited.

5. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Canada?

Canada is located north of the U.S., so many products are priced almost similarly between these two countries. If there is a price difference, it is often not that high.

Compared to the U.S., Prada products are cheaper in Canada.

However, the price difference is very low. Between these two countries, the price difference of Prada products is roughly 5%, which is not a lot. So think about that before you hop on the next flight to Canada to buy Prada items.

6. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Italy & Milan?

Italy, specifically Milan, is home to Prada. It is where the brand was founded and originated. Italy is also home to other luxury designer brands like Valentino, Versace, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Marni, and Missoni.

Since Prada is based in Italy, its products are cheaper here compared to the U.S.

Prada products are cheaper in Italy and Milan due to VAT refunds and the absence of import and export fees, duty taxes, and high transportation costs.

On average, there is a difference of at least 10% in Prada products between Italy and the U.S. Plus, and there is a VAT refund of up to 22% if you spend at least 155 Euros at a single store.

When you depart from the airport, you can visit the customs kiosks and present the necessary paperwork to get it stamped. Then you can proceed to the tax refund counter and get the VAT refund for your purchases.

So if you are going to Italy and love designer items, make sure you travel with ample free space in your carry-on luggage to do lots of shopping.

7. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Spain?

As with other European countries, Prada products are cheaper in Spain compared to the U.S.

This is due to the lower fees incurred during export and import and significantly lower transportation costs of the items. Plus, the selection in Spain is quite good because of its proximity to the manufacturer.

8. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Holland & Amsterdam?

Compared to the U.S., Prada products are also cheaper in Holland and Amsterdam.

Prada, like other brands created in Europe, is cheaper because its fees are significantly lower. European-based luxury goods are generally cheaper in Europe than in any other country.

9. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Germany?

Another great place to buy luxury goods is in Germany.

Germany may not be home to the designed brands mentioned earlier, but it has one of the lowest prices when shopping for luxury items.

Given this fact, Prada products are significantly cheaper in Germany compared to the U.S.

Prada items are manufactured in Italy, which is close to Germany, so there are fewer added costs to the item’s selling price. Plus, you can get a VAT refund which means more savings.

10. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Aruba?

Aruba is a country off the coast of Venezuela. It is a small country with only 180 square meters of total land area. It is known for being a prime tourist destination in the Caribbean.

Prada products are more expensive in Aruba compared to the continental U.S.

While Aruba is often referred to as the shopping paradise of the Caribbean, it does not mean that the prices are lower. Aruba carries many luxury brands, including Prada, with a very good selection.

Prada products are pricier in Aruba because of a purchase’s sales tax. When shopping in Aruba, you would pay more than buying online or in the continental U.S.

Yes, shopping for Prada products is cheaper in Aruba compared to other countries in the Caribbean but not when compared to the U.S.

11. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Dubai?

Dubai is a popular shopping destination for luxury and designer goods in the Middle East. It is very saturated with lots of luxury brands from all over the world.

However, Prada products are not cheaper in Dubai compared to the U.S.

Even though Dubai sells imported items and VAT-free items, luxury products in Dubai, including Prada, tend to be more expensive if compared to prices in the U.S. This is because Dubai pays for a lot of fees like import duties and transportation costs.

The difference in prices of luxury goods between Dubai and the U.S. can be up to 25%, which is quite a lot.

12. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Japan?

Another country where it is not recommended to buy luxury goods in Japan, specifically Ginza, which is known as the ultimate shopping district in Tokyo.

Compared to the U.S., Prada products are significantly more expensive in Japan.

If you go to Ginza, you will notice that many designer brands, including Prada, are much more expensive than you would expect. The markups for these items are quite high.

One factor in these high prices is the export and import costs, plus transportation fees. Another possible cause is that land is very scarce in Japan, so rental costs are inherently more expensive. Luxury brands are paying higher rent for their stores in Japan, so they add that to the cost of the items.

So if you are traveling to Japan, it’s best not to buy Prada products there, and if you live in Japan, it will be cheaper for you to purchase online.

13. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Mexico?

Even though Mexico is generally a cheap country to live in, luxury goods are generally more expensive here compared to the U.S.

Prada products are not cheaper in Mexico if you compare them to U.S. prices.

On average, luxury goods are 30% more expensive if you buy them in Mexico than in the U.S. This is because the import taxes and transportation costs from Europe to Mexico are quite high.

14. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Singapore?

Singapore is generally an expensive country to travel to in Southeast Asia. The cost of living and basic commodities is higher in Singapore than in other Southeast Asian countries, but this does not apply to luxury goods.

Prada products are generally cheaper in Singapore compared to the U.S. They are even cheaper here than in other Asian countries.

While many would call it one of the most expensive cities to live in Asia, it is a good place to shop for luxury goods because of its significantly lower prices.

15. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Thailand?

In Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the countries where you can get access to lots of luxury brands. In Bangkok, the capital city, several shopping malls offer items from these luxury brands, including Prada.

However, luxury goods are not cheaper in Thailand. Prada products, specifically, are more expensive in Thailand.

Compared to other Asian countries, the prices of Prada products are even higher than in Dubai and Hong Kong. This means it is also pricier to shop Prada goods here than in the U.S.

16. Are Prada Products Cheaper In Turkey?

European luxury brands are generally cheap in Turkey. Prada products are cheaper in Turkey compared to the U.S.

There are fewer logistics-related costs when transporting the items from Turkey to Italy. So the prices are generally lower, especially if you buy at the duty-free shopping area in the departure terminal of Istanbul Airport.

The best place to shop for Prada products is anywhere in Europe, where the prices are inherently lower.

The best part about shopping for designer brands when traveling in Europe is that on top of the low prices, you get to save more money when you get the Value Added Tax refunded at the airport.


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