Can You Look Up A Gucci Serial Number? (Explained)

Gucci is one of the world’s most in-demand luxury fashion brands, so you would expect the market to be flooded with fake Gucci items.

Of course, when you purchase directly from Gucci and authorized retailers, you will surely get an authentic item, but it’s a different story when purchasing from unauthorized resellers. This is where the serial numbers come in handy.

Serial numbers are an excellent way to tell whether a Gucci product is authentic:

How to use The Serial Number for Authenticating Gucci Products:

You can contact Gucci by email or phone to check the serial number authenticity for most products. If you have a newer product, Gucci products from late 2016 onwards have QR codes that you can scan to verify whether the product is authentic.

Can You Have A Gucci Serial Number Verified Anywhere?

The quickest way to verify the authenticity of Gucci products is by scanning the QR code that can be found on the product’s loop tag.

However, this applies only to products released in late 2016 onwards.

If you have a Gucci item released on the market before the QR system was initiated, you need to verify the serial number to check for authenticity.

You can only have a Gucci serial number verified by Gucci or by third-party luxury product experts.

Once you have the serial number of your Gucci product, you can contact Gucci by phone and provide the serial number to check for authenticity. Gucci offers customer service over the phone daily, but hours may vary depending on the day.

Customer service hours are typically shorter on Sundays.

Gucci also offers live chat support and WhatsApp SMS support. Additionally, you may contact them through email – which may take longer, but you’re guaranteed to get a response.

If you prefer a more personal approach to verifying the authenticity of your Gucci product, you may take it to a Gucci store near you. Or if there isn’t any, you may look for a third-party company that is an expert in luxury goods.

These companies can also verify the authenticity of Gucci products for a fee.

Here is a list of trusted companies that offer authentication services for Gucci products and other luxury fashion brands:

  • Entrupy
  • Zeko
  • Bagaholic 101

How Do You Tell If A Gucci Serial Number Is Real?

While serial numbers are a great way to check if a Gucci product is authentic, they can still be confusing. This is because some counterfeits also have serial numbers, which are, of course, fake.

So how can you tell if the serial number is real? It’s quite simple.

Gucci serial numbers follow a certain format, which usually varies depending on the product type.

Here is what Gucci serial numbers look like for each type of product:


The serial numbers of Gucci bags, purses, backpacks, and wallets follow the same format.

They are usually made up of 10 to 13 digits, with no numbers. They are also printed in 2 rows and can be found on the leather tag’s reverse side, stitched to the bag’s lining.

The top row of numbers corresponds to the product’s style code, while the bottom row is the supplier code. The top row is usually made up of 6 digits but can be 5 or 7. Meanwhile, the bottom row is made of 4 or 6 digits.

The product is fake if the serial number is printed in a different format or if it contains letters.

Also, real Gucci serial numbers are printed in a Serif font, which has a traditional look. The product is fake if the serial number is printed with a modern font.


The serial numbers of Gucci shoes come in an 8-digit format wherein the first six digits correspond to the style code, while the last two refer to the shoe size.

To know if the serial number is real, check the placement. Authentic Gucci shoes have serial numbers on the inside of the shoe.

For women’s shoes, the serial number can be found on the soles. Meanwhile, sneakers can be found on the heel of the lining.


Gucci belts also have serial numbers, normally containing 19 to 21 digits, which is a different format from the serial numbers of other product types.

The serial numbers of Gucci belts start with either “114” o4 “223”. If the number starts with “1212”, it is a fake; this sequence of numbers is commonly used on counterfeit Gucci belts.


The serial number of the Gucci watches can be found on the back of the case.

It is etched near the Gucci logo. Gucci watches also have a certificate of authenticity where the serial number is printed.

Fake Gucci watches usually do not come with a serial number, so if all you see on the back of the watch is the logo, it is most likely fake.

Do All Gucci Shoes Have Serial Numbers?

Serial numbers are essential for authenticating Gucci products, especially when there are a lot of fake items popping up on the market through unauthorized resellers.

All Gucci shoes have serial numbers, which is great because fake Gucci shoes are one of those items that are commonly reproduced.

Gucci shoes, particularly sneakers, have gained so much popularity in recent years that many sellers and manufacturers have made fake replicas to profit from them.

The placement of the serial number varies depending on the shoe type. For some Gucci shoes, you can find them on the soles. For others, you can find it on the heel of the lining.

When Did Gucci Start Using Serial Numbers?

Gucci sometimes had a serial number system in place. In the early decades of Gucci, bags only had the model numbers printed on the tags.

It was in the late 1990s when Gucci started putting serial numbers on their bags and other products.

This was because of the increasing number of counterfeit items sold on the market. Gucci had to place a system so customers could distinguish authentic products from fake ones.

This is especially helpful if you’re planning to buy a secondhand Gucci product.

Then in 2016, Gucci also began using QR codes in addition to serial number tags. A Gucci product’s QR code can be found on the black fabric tag attached to the inside of the product.

These QR codes can be scanned using any smartphone to authenticate the product, which is a faster and more convenient process.

Do Vintage Gucci Products Have Serial Numbers?

Since the company only started using serial numbers in the late 1990s, vintage Gucci products do not have serial numbers.

So the best way to authenticate a vintage Gucci product is by contacting Gucci directly or having it looked at by a trusted third-party company specializing in authenticating luxury products.

What Is The Best Way To Authenticate A Gucci Product?

There are many ways to authenticate a Gucci product, but the best way to do so varies on when the product was released.

As mentioned earlier, not all Gucci products have serial numbers.

So here are the best ways to authenticate a Gucci product based on its release year:

By QR Code

This is the easiest and fastest way, but it only applies to newer releases.

All Gucci products released from late 2016 onwards have a QR code printed on the black fabric tag.

You can authenticate the Gucci product by simply scanning the code using any smartphone.

By Serial Number

This method can be used for Gucci products released from the late 1990s onwards.

Just find the serial number on the product; placement may vary depending on the product type.

Once you have the serial number, you can contact Gucci by phone, live chat, or email to authenticate the product.

By Inspecting The Product

This is for vintage Gucci products. Since they don’t have serial numbers or QR codes, the best way to authenticate them is by checking each detail.

Check the logo, stitching, quality, and feel of the product’s material, hardware, and other components so you can verify if it’s authentic.

Or, if all else fails, you can bring the item to a Gucci retail store or third-party company specializing in luxury goods so they can authenticate it for you.


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