Will Gucci Authenticate Products For You? (Original Vs. Copy)

Since luxury brands are so well sought-after, many people look at this purchase as a way to grow their income and make some money back. But, with the increase in re-sellers, there is also an increase in reproduced luxury items, and sometimes it can take time to spot the difference.

Luckily, with Gucci, you have several options when it comes to authenticating your items:

Can You Have Gucci Authenticate a Product?

Gucci will be able to verify whether or not a Gucci item you own is authentic or not. This is done in a few different ways depending on how long it has been since the product was first available. Older products are harder to authenticate, and it may only sometimes able to be done by a Gucci store.

What Is the Process for Having a Gucci Product Authenticated?

Back in 2017, Gucci started to use QR codes so that they could have an easier time authenticating items as well as cataloging them.

If you have an item that was made after 2016, you will need to bring it into a verified Gucci store and have them scan the code on the inside of the tag. Along with this code, there will be a series of numbers, and the last 6 digits will indicate the serial number for that particular product.

While Gucci has plenty of popular items that are heavily produced, like their signature Gucci belt, certain items are only made in small batches each year.

This is done so that the item can be viewed as exclusive, but it serves a much bigger purpose. Since only a select number of that specific item is made each year, a Gucci representative can verify authenticity much easier.

However, if you have a Gucci product made before 2017, having it authenticated can be slightly trickier. Since QR codes are only installed in items made after this time, anything older will have to rely solely on the serial number to verify if it is an actual Gucci item.

In the case of vintage Gucci items, you will have to dig to get them authenticated. 

Find the Right Store

First, you want to make sure that the Gucci retailer you go to is trained in how to authenticate vintage items. The best way to do this is to call ahead before you visit, and depending on the location, and you may have to first make an appointment.

To verify vintage Gucci items, authenticators will have to look at the stamps on the product and the stitching. It takes a very trained eye to spot the difference; this is why it is important to find an employee who knows what they are doing.

It should also be noted that most Gucci stores might refuse to authenticate your product for you. This is why it is highly encouraged to call ahead to see if that is the case with your nearest store.

This is because Gucci doesn’t want to have any liability if they accidentally authenticate a product that turns out to be fake.

What Is the Fee for Having a Gucci Product Authenticated?

Generally, the fee for an authentication certificate will range anywhere from $15 to $100, depending on how fast you want the results and how talented the person is.

However, remember that most newer Gucci items can easily be authenticated by yourself right at home. This is especially true if you have a product made after 2016 because of the “Gucci Tag.”

A Gucci tag is the QR code that we previously mentioned that uses smart technology so that you can scan the tag right from your phone without having to even open the bag. You can verify your item’s serial number by locating the official Gucci tag and searching the Gucci database.

You can also bring your item to a vintage or pawn shop, as they usually are certified in authenticating luxury items. Whether or not there is a fee is totally up to the individual. 

The only time you should pay to have a Gucci item authenticated or verified is if you have a vintage item that did not have any certification papers or if you bought a Gucci item from a third-party seller on a user-based platform like eBay or Poshmark. These sites are breeding grounds for reproduced items because it is very hard to prove that the seller knew it was a fake before you bought it.

What Is the Turnaround Time for Having a Gucci Product Authenticated?

When you set out to authenticate a luxury item, for example, a Gucci bag, it can take weeks to get an answer.

If you use a third-party shop like a vintage store, you may have to wait until the person who verifies items is available. This is why it is highly recommended to call ahead to ensure that you can get your product looked at and results promptly.

The third option is to use an authentication website. These sites use the help of certified authenticators who work freelance as a side job. The turnaround for these websites is usually about 24 hours, but there is another option.

Since these websites are a “pay only” service, you can put your item on the fast track by paying extra for a 1-hour turnaround. 

If you are in a rush to verify your product and have a little extra money to spend, using one of these online platforms is your best option.

Just be sure to thoroughly check and see how other clients rate their services before handing over your product to ensure you are not getting scammed.

How Can I Submit a Gucci Product for Authentication?

If you want to use an online authenticator, you must first create a profile and submit a series of images to be looked at.

Since this is done online, the images you have to submit must be very clear and specific since they are looking at the serial number and the quality of how the bag was manufactured.

You will have to do a little more research to find a local authenticator. The best way to start this is to visit a local vintage or pawn shop.

These shops frequently have contracts with freelance authenticators, so they should be able to point you in the right direction, and they will often be able to get in touch with their contact to help you set up an appointment.

Lastly, there are authentication services available that will have you send your item to them for verification.

This service is often offered by luxury repair companies that not only fix broken high-end items but also are trained in the art of verification.

Will Other Stores Authenticate a Gucci Product for You?

As mentioned, it is highly unlikely that a Gucci store will authenticate a product for you, but Gucci stores are just some retailers to carry the popular luxury brand.

Other high-end stores, like Nordstorm, will often carry these luxury products.

Will they verify a Gucci product for you?

Most stores do not offer authentication services, but you can still get your products looked at. This is especially true for stores that employ specific luxury buyers.

However, while they may be able to tell if your Gucci product is real or not, they may need help to certify their response.

This is because the more time goes on, the easier it has become for reproducers to fake luxury items, and most retailers don’t want to take on the risk of liability. 


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