Is Prada More Expensive Than Yves Saint Laurent? (9 Examples)

Yves Saint Lauren is another big name in the luxury fashion industry. It was founded by a French designer, and it was known for popularizing women’s trousers for all occasions.

While Yves Saint Lauren is more famous for creating clothing pieces for men and women, this brand also has a good collection of bags, shoes, and accessories that could rival Prada.

Prada vs. Yves Saint Laurent: Which Luxury Brand Is More Expensive

Of these two brands, Prada is more expensive. Prada specializes in luxury leather goods, making their bags, shoes, and other leather products significantly more expensive than those from Yves Saint Laurent. On the other hand, Yves Saint Laurent specializes more in clothing items.

1. Bags

Even though Yves Saint Laurent started by designing and selling clothes, it has a good collection of bags in different styles.

Comparing the prices between these two brands, Yves Saint Laurent bags are more affordable than Prada bags.

On the website and in stores, you can find a few styles for less than $1,000 with nothing over $3,000.

The Small Sac de Jour Bag in Red Crocodile Embossed Leather is the most expensive Yves Saint Laurent bag. This bag costs $2,990, which is still cheaper than many Prada bags. This bag is made from crocodile leather, has two handles, and comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

The most affordable Yves Saint Laurent bags you can get are the Panier bags made from Raffia. These bags have a woven texture which makes them great for summer. The small variant costs $895, while the medium one costs $995.

Meanwhile, the most affordable Prada bag you can get is the Gabardine Yoke which is technically a belt bag.

It costs less than $1,000 – a bit pricier than most bags but with less functionality as you could not fit many items. The Saffiano Leather Double Prada Bag is the most expensive handbag, which costs $4,400.

Prada bags are generally priced between $2,000 and $4,000 – depending on the style and the materials used.

So if you are looking for high-quality designer bags without spending too much, you may want to consider Yves Saint Laurent.

2. Women’s Clothing

As a clothing brand, Yves Saint Laurent has a bigger collection of women’s ready-to-wear items ranging from casual everyday pieces to more formal ones.

Yves Saint Laurents’ clothes are also more affordable than Prada clothes.

Since YSL is more known as a designer clothing brand, you would expect that its clothes are more expensive than Prada’s.

However, YSL has more affordable items because they manufacture clothes that are great for casual looks and larger quantities. Meanwhile, Prada clothes tend to be limited to more unique styles.

To put it simply, you would find more jeans, denim shorts, plain shirts, tank tops, and other basic pieces at Yves Saint Laurent than at Prada, and most of them are priced below $1,500.

At Prada stores, the cheapest women’s clothing item you can get is the Interlock T-Shirt which costs $750. Meanwhile, you can find several t-shirt options from Yves Saint Laurent for less than $500.

The cheapest bottoms you can get from Prada are the Gingham Check Shorts which cost $750, while the cheapest bottoms you can get from Yves Saint Laurent are the Slim-Fit Jeans in Worn Black Denim which only cost $550.

For less than $900, you have so many options at YSL, from different styles of denim pants and shorts.

The rest of Yves Saint Laurent’s clothes are competitively priced between $1,500 and $3,000.

Many women’s clothing items from Prada are priced at over $4,00. Prada leather jackets start from $5,700 and can go up to $10,500, while leather coats are priced between $11,000 and $13,000.

Only a few Yves Saint Laurent clothing items are extremely pricey, which are the fur coats. These fur coats are priced for as much as $19,000.

3. Men’s Clothing

Yves Saint Laurent also has a bigger collection of men’s clothing than Prada, and its items are generally more affordable.

Compared to Prada, Yves Saint Laurent offers more basic pieces such as plain and striped t-shirts, jeans, trousers, buttoned-down polo shirts, and sweatshirts. A lot of these basic pieces cost less than $1,000.

The products from Prada’s menswear collection start at $775 for a plain polo shirt. Meanwhile, you can purchase a plain polo shirt from Yves Saint Laurent for less than $500.

Most of the items from Prada’s menswear collection items are priced between $2,000 to $6,000, while you can find a good number of items from Yves Saint Laurent between $1,000 and $3,000.

So if you are looking for basic designer clothes without breaking the bank, Yves Saint Laurent is a good brand you would want to consider.

4. Shoes

Even though Yves Saint Laurent is known as a luxury designer brand, the prices of its products are generally lower compared to its competitors, like Prada, even when it comes to shoes.

Prada is known for its high prices for most of its products, which some call overpriced.

For $525, you can get rubber slides from Prada, and these are the cheapest footwear in its collection. Meanwhile, you can get a pair of espadrille slides in canvas for the same price from Yves Saint Laurent.

The cheapest sneakers you can get from Prada cost $695, while the cheapest from Yves Saint Laurent cost $550. The most expensive Prada sneaker cost $1,895, while the most expensive Yves Saint Laurent sneakers cost $1,195 – a pair of mesh mid-top sneakers encrusted with rhinestones.

The most expensive shoes from Prada are the Monolith Leather and Nylon Boots, which cost $2,200 and are also the brand’s most expensive shoes.

Meanwhile, the most expensive pair of shoes from Yves Saint Laurent is the Opyum Booties in Suede and Rhinestones, which cost $3,950. Even though these boots are pricier than the ones from Prada, Yves Saint Laurent still has more affordable items.

5. Wallets

As primarily a luxury leather goods company, Prada wallets are more expensive than those from Yves Saint Laurent. 

The card holders from Yves Saint Laurent start at $275 and can cost as much as $395, depending on the style. Prada card holders start at $395 and can cost as much as $600.

The other wallets from Yves Saint Laurent are priced between $425 and $700 for the smaller ones and $750 to $900 for the bigger ones with more compartments.

The wallets from Prada are significantly more expensive as the small ones start at $700, while the bigger ones are priced between $800 and $1,500.

6. Hats

When it comes to hats, Prada has a bigger collection of hats than Yves Saint Laurent, and they are generally more expensive.

The hats from Yves Saint Laurent are mostly priced between $395 and $550. There is one item priced at $850. This is the Fedora Hat in Rabbit Felt which is only available for pre-order at the online store.

Meanwhile, the most affordable hat from Prada costs $525, while the most expensive Prada hat costs $1,070.

7. Belts

Prada belts are also more expensive than the ones from Yves Saint Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent belts start at $375, while the most expensive ones cost $1,250. Most of the belts from this designer are made from leather and feature the YSL logo on the belt buckle or right next to it.

Prada leather belts start at $625, nearly twice the price of the most affordable belts from Yves Saint Laurent. The most expensive Prada leather belt is priced at $3,000.

8. Sunglasses and Eyewear

Both brands have a good collection of eyewear, with Yves Saint Laurent offering more affordable items.

The most affordable Prada eyewear is the Symbole Glasses, which cost $490, while the most expensive is the Symbole Blue Light Glasses, which cost $630.

As for Yves Saint Laurent, the most affordable eyewear is the SL 318 Signature which costs $270, while the most expensive one is the Classic 11, which costs $640.

9. Jewelry

Prada and Yves Saint Laurent both sell jewelry, like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, but Yves Saint Laurent has more affordable items.

The cheapest Yves Saint Laurent jewelry is the ID bracelet in metal, which costs $270 and is available in three variants. Prada’s most affordable jewelry item is the Braided Nappa Leather Bracelet which is priced at $440.

The most expensive Yves Saint Laurent jewelry item is the Striated Bangle Bracelet in Wood which costs $2,690. Meanwhile, the most expensive Prada jewelry item is the Symbole Necklace which costs $2,200.

In general, Yves Saint Laurent jewelry offers cheaper items, with a few of them a bit pricier than Prada’s most expensive items. This is because these items are encrusted with rhinestones.

Why Are Prada Products More Expensive Than Those From Yves Saint Laurent?

Since Prada is more established, it is not surprising that Prada products are more expensive than Yves Saint Laurent products.

Yves Saint Laurent was only founded in 1961 as a designer clothing brand, while Prada was founded nearly five decades earlier as a luxury leather goods designer brand. This is why the bags from Prada are almost twice as expensive as the bags from Yves Saint Laurent.

Prada tends to be more exclusive and targets a wealthier demographic than Yves Saint Laurent, which also explains why its products are more expensive.

While Yves Saint Lauren is a luxury brand, Prada is more known for being extravagant. People consider owning a Prada product a status symbol, and customers are also paying for the brand name more than just the high quality of the products.

Does Prada Or Yves Saint Laurent Sell More Products?

Based on 2021 revenues, Prada sells more products than Yves Saint Laurent.

Last year, Prada ended with total revenue of $3,384 million, ranking 8th among all other luxury brands in terms of revenue.

Meanwhile, Yves Saint Laurent had total revenue of $2,563 million in the same year.


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