Is Prada Considered High-End Luxury Today? (Explained)

When one hears the phrase “high-end luxury,” several famous brand names immediately appear.

What does the phrase “high-end luxury” really mean when it comes to fashion? Is Prada a brand that can be considered “high-end” luxury?

Do People Consider Prada A High-End Brand?

People do consider Prada a high-end brand. High-end brands showcase superb craftsmanship, sophistication, design aesthetics, exclusivity, and innovation – all of which are characteristics that Prada has exhibited through the years.

What Are The Criteria for Being A High-End Luxury Brand?

Price tags do not easily define luxury. Just because a brand sells expensive products doesn’t automatically mean that it is a high-end luxury brand. Many people believe that luxury is simply a mindset and a lifestyle, and while that can be true, it is not as simple.

In the fashion world, a brand must meet certain criteria to be considered a high-end luxury brand:

1. Price

While high-end luxury brands are known for the steep prices of their products, there is more to them than just the price.

Yes, a high-end luxury brand sells expensive products, but its value should be more than it costs. Remember that the price does not equate to value, but the value of a product can impact its price.

2. Quality

When you’re purchasing a high-end luxury item, one of the things that you are paying for is the quality.

Luxury products are manufactured using higher-grade materials that are guaranteed to make them last longer.

A lot of high-end luxury brands have production sites so that they can manufacture the materials themselves. If they don’t have the means to make their materials, they rely on third-party manufacturing companies leading in their respective industries.

Quality is what sets a high-end luxury brand apart from other regular brands.

3. Design Aesthetic

We know that high-end luxury products come with a hefty price tag paired with excellent quality; design comes next. A high-end luxury brand must also feature unique and beautiful designs that reflect its brand identity.

If you looked at the products of high-end luxury brands, you would see a certain design aesthetic in their products.

For example, Prada’s design aesthetic focuses on making the ugly beautiful and fashionable. So you would see a lot of eccentric pieces in their collection.

Meanwhile, Chanel’s design aesthetic is more chic, feminine, and classic. Dior tends to lean into clean lines and geometric shapes while maintaining a sexy vibe.

Apart from communicating to the market its brand identity and uniqueness, a brand’s design aesthetic also influences the type of customers they attract.

4. Meaning

Since high-end luxury products tend to be expensive, the quality of the products and their design are not enough to draw customers in. A high-end luxury brand should also give meaning to its products.

This could be through the company’s mission statement, their philanthropy, or a great backstory for their products.

Some luxury brands only use materials from ethically-sourced places, while others support social or environmental movements with large sums of their money.

Other brands will even donate a percentage of each dollar earned to certain causes.

The competition in the luxury fashion world can be pretty tight, so a customer should be able to find meaning through the brand that they cannot find in other brands.


Rarity is another thing that defines a luxury brand.

In economics, we’ve learned that higher prices would lead to lower demands, but that doesn’t seem to apply in the luxury fashion industry. In this sector, the more expensive and rare a product, the higher the demand.

For high-end luxury brands, their status depends on how accessible their products are. If they make their products limited and exclusive, many people would want them, and these products can be sold at a higher price.

In short, it is considered luxurious if something is difficult to find or own.

Customer Service

No brand would thrive on quality and design aesthetics alone.

When purchasing a high-end luxury product, people are also paying for the exceptional customer service that the brand provides. Paying for luxury means that you are also paying for customer service that goes above and beyond.

Customer service is a huge factor in how a brand performs in the market. Many high-end luxury brands get their high sales volume from loyal customers.

A customer would not be loyal to a brand if it does not provide excellent customer service.

Does Prada Meet The Criteria Of A High-End Luxury Brand?

Let’s find out if Prada ticks all the boxes:

  • Price – Prada’s items are quite expensive, but they’re known to retain their value even if you’ve had them for several years.
  • Quality – Prada is known to use high-quality materials to manufacture its products. Most of Prada’s materials are specially made for the brand, and the other materials are sourced from reputable manufacturers.
  • Design Aesthetics – Prada is known for certain design aesthetics that if you saw one of its products on the street, you’d know right off the bat that it’s Prada.
  • Meaning – Prada supports different causes that give meaning to their products while making a valuable impact in the world today. Some examples include its use of sustainable items in its products and its movement to ban the use of real fur and exotic animals.
  • Exclusivity – There’s no doubt that Prada can be very exclusive with its steep prices, especially on items that come in limited quantities.
  • Customer Service – Besides its well-made and beautifully designed products, Prada is also known for its exceptional customer service.

With everything discussed above, we can say that Prada meets the criteria of a high-end luxury brand.

Apart from this, other factors contributed to Prada’s success, including its global presence and rich history and heritage in the fashion world. Its continued success makes it one of the world’s most iconic and recognizable high-end luxury fashion brands.

What Are The Most Popular High-End Luxury Brands?

Once you know the criteria for a brand to be considered a high-end luxury, it is easy to tell which brands fit in this category.

So which high-end luxury fashion brands are the most popular nowadays?

  • Gucci – Italian brand based in Florence
  • Dior – French brand headquartered in Paris
  • Chanel – French brand headquartered in Paris
  • Louis Vuitton – French brand headquartered in Paris
  • Prada – Italian brand based in Milan
  • Versace – Italian brand based in Milan
  • Ralph Lauren – American brand, based in New York
  • Giorgio Armani – Italian brand based in Milan
  • Valentino – Italian brand headquartered in Rome
  • Balenciaga – Spanish brand that moved its headquarters to Paris
  • Yves Saint Laurent – French brand based in Paris
  • Hermès – French brand based in Paris
  • Dolce & Gabbana – Italian brand headquartered in Milan

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How Is Prada’s Quality Compared To Other High-End Luxury Brands?

Prada’s quality is similar to other high-end luxury brands. Regarding product quality, almost all high-end luxury brands are on par with each other, and there is no way to tell which one is the best in terms of quality.

This is because these brands use higher-grade materials to manufacture their products. When you purchase something from any of the luxury brands mentioned here, you would expect the item to be extremely durable and last longer than something purchased from fast-fashion brands.

While most of these brands manufacture materials used for their products, many also share supplies.

One good example is Luxottica, a world-leading manufacturer of sunglasses and eyewear. Luxottica is the manufacturer of all Prada eyewear, but it also makes products for Chanel, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, and Valentino.

So you would expect the eyewear from all of these brands to be of the same quality.

Another example is L’Oreal – a famous cosmetics, makeup, and skincare company. L’Oreal manufactures fragrances for luxury brands like Prada, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Yves Saint Lauren.

Other examples include YKK, Riri, and Lampo. These companies are world-renowned manufacturers supplying zippers to most of these high-end luxury brands.

How Does Prada Compare To Other Luxury Brands In Terms Of Prices?

While most luxury brands are on par with quality, the same cannot be said regarding prices.

Some brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, Dior, and Gucci are more expensive than Prada. While other brands like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent are more affordable than Prada.

With its success and reputation, there’s no doubt that Prada is one of the top high-end luxury brands in the world.

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