Are Prada Outlet Stores Authentic & Original? (Checked)

Outlet stores are stores where brands or manufacturers sell items directly to the public.

In most outlet stores, brands sell items that did not pass the quality check for minor flaws that are hardly noticeable. In some outlet stores, brands sell items from last season or old discontinued styles.

Prada has several outlet stores worldwide, including in the US and Europe. While they may be slightly lower quality or from old collections or discontinued styles, Prada outlet store products are authentic and original.

Here’s Where To Find Authentic Prada Products:

You can find authentic Prada products in outlet stores. You can also find these products in department stores authorized to sell luxury designer brands. Furthermore, you can find authentic Prada products in verified online third-party stores.

Can You Get Real Prada Products From Outlet Stores?

One of the upsides of shopping at outlet stores is that the prices are significantly lower than if you buy from designer-owned stores and boutiques.

Outlet stores are where designer brands sell their products directly to the product for lower prices than if you buy them from the official website or a boutique. Just because the prices at outlet stores are lower does not mean that the products are not authentic.

Prada products are cheaper in outlet stores because most of these products have lower quality due to minor flaws that you would not even notice, especially from afar. Some minor flaws include inconsistent stitching, a small stain inside the bag, or a tiny scratch on the hardware.

Of course, it would be too much of a waste if the designer brand throws products away because of these minor flaws, so what they do is send them to outlet stores to be sold for a much lower price.

Apart from authentic products that are slightly flawed, outlet stores also sell authentic Prada products from old collections or styles.

Designer brands like Prada tend to manufacture a lot of seasonal products, and when these products are not sold after a season, they are sent to outlet stores because boutiques would need to clear the stock room and make way for products for the new season.

So if you want to get authentic Prada items for less and do not mind getting old styles or are not nit-picky with the small details, going to an outlet store is a great option.

Can You Get Real Prada Products From Online Stores?

Shopping online is a convenient way to purchase products without leaving the comforts of your home. When purchasing online, you can compare prices easily and research before buying.

When it comes to online shopping, Prada has an official website where you can buy their items with just the touch of your fingertips instead of going to a physical store.

There are also third-party online stores where you can get Prada products.

You can get real Prada products from online stores, including those run by third-party companies. However, you have to exercise caution when you do so.

When buying online from other websites, there may be a risk of getting fake items while paying for the price of an authentic one.

So when buying from third-party websites, you must verify the authenticity of all the online products. For example, some websites have fake reviews, so check third-party review websites like TrustPilot and ScamAdviser.

Always ask for a seller’s guarantee when you buy online. Online stores that sell legitimate Prada products have a return guarantee that lets you ship the product back and get a refund if proven that the product is fake.

Places To Avoid Fake Prada Products:

Because of the high value of Prada products, they are in demand.

When there is a high demand for a product, it is doubtful that there are people who make fake replicas of these products to make a quick earning.

Here are the places to avoid so you would not get scammed into buying fake Prada products:


Some people may find great deals on Craigslist, but this is not a good place to shop for designer products.

This is because Craigslist does not have buyer’s protection, so if you get scammed into buying a fake Prada product, it may be hard for you to get your money back.

Facebook Marketplace

This is another place that is not recommended for purchasing Prada products.

Many deals from Facebook Marketplace are being done offline where Facebook cannot monitor it, so buyers are not protected if they get fake products.


If you go to a bazaar, you may find a Prada bag that is too cheap and too good to be true.

Chances are, it often is too good to be true. This is because bazaars do not really sell authentic Prada products.

The products may look authentic, but that is because expert manufacturers make them of designer replicas.

How to Tell if Prada Products are Authentic:

So how would you know if the Prada product is real or fake?

Check the “R” in the Prada Logo

This is the quickest way to spot a fake Prada product.

The right leg of the R is always angled outward. If the logo on the product has a straight-legged R, then it is fake.

The logo on real Prada products also has a curved space between the right leg and the rest of the letter R.

Check The Spacing Between the “R” and “A” In the Prada Logo

The authentic Prada logo has a small space between the letters R and A, caused by the angled right leg of the letter R.

Check the Letter “A” in the Logo

The letter A in the authentic Prada logo has a distinct appearance.

Its right leg extends past the top of the letter as it has an angled cap.

Check the Prada Logo in the Interior

Authentic Prada bags have metal logos on the interior.

If the logo is missing or made of fabric or any other material apart from metal, then it is fake.

Check the Authenticity Card

All real Prada bags have an authenticity card placed in a black envelope.

The envelope for real Prada bags is always embossed with the Prada word logo. If the word logo is printed on the card, then the bag is fake with a fake authenticity card.

Check the Hardware

The hardware of authentic Prada bags has the word logo engraved on them.

All Prada hardware is made of either silver or gold, not metal. It should not crack, chip, or discolor.

Places to Find Authentic Prada Products:

Apart from the Prada official website, Prada-owned stores, and boutiques, there are several other places where you can find authentic Prada products.

Outlet Stores

As discussed earlier, products at Prada outlet stores are authentic.

Some may have minor flaws or are from old styles, which explains why they are cheap, but these products are authentic.

Department Stores

There are several high-end department stores where you can buy authentic and brand-new Prada products.

Some of the items they have are from current styles, while some are old ones, which are guaranteed real. 

Here are some examples of department stores:

  • Neiman Marcus
  • Bergdorf Goodman
  • Saks
  • Nordstrom
  • Harrods
  • Fenwick
  • Marks & Spencer

Designer Online Stores

Several online stores are proven legitimate regarding the designer products they sell.

Some of these products are pre-owned but in good condition, and some are brand new from old styles. The upside to these online stores is that they offer great deals. 

Here are some examples of designer online stores:

  • Farfetch
  • Lyst
  • The Real Real
  • Couture USA
  • Mytheresa

If there is a Prada store near you and you are considering shopping Prada products there, then go for it. Prada outlet stores feature authentic items, and you can get a pretty sweet deal on them more often.


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